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Fire,Serving Rescue & EMS Fire, Rescue & EMS Heroes & EMS Heroes Heroes Since 1973 Since 1996 1973 JUNE 2022

See story on page 6. - Fire News photo by Brian Grogan

West Sand Lake Celebrates 150 Years See Page 25

Fire News, June 2022, Page 3

In this issue... Bunting Ceremony Honors the Canarsie Kid Timothy Klein will be remembered as the ‘Canarsie Kid.’

See story on page 7

New Rochelle 5-Alarmer The New Rochelle Fire Department was dispatched for a reported structure fire.

See story on page 11

Flames KO’d in Glenmont Selkirk, Elsmere, Delmar EMS responded to Sudbury Road for a fire in the woods. See story on page 14

Labor Intensive Greece House Fire Firefighters from the Barnard Fire District were dispatched for a house fire.

See story on page 18

Roof Collapse in Cohoes Cohoes, Watervliet and Green Island were called to a structure fire. See story on page 24

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Garage Fire Kills Dogs Firefighters arrived to find active fire in the garage that was apparently being used to breed pit bulls. See story on page 32

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Page 4, Fire News, June 2022

From the Editor’s Desk Dennis Whittam, Editor

How Are Your New Recruits Doing? In New York, the Fireman’s Association of New York has been encouraging fire departments throughout the state to hold a RecruitNY weekend. I am always amazed at the number of people who stop by the firehouse for this event and had no idea that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, 70 percent of firefighters in the United States are volunteers. This number used to be higher. I joined the volunteer fire service almost 30 years ago. As a kid who grew up in New York City, my wife had no idea that the fire service in our community was 100 percent volunteer. When I decided to join my department — with my wife's blessing of course — we soon realized that being a volunteer firefighter involved a lot more that riding on a truck and fighting an occasional fire. Almost 30 years have passed, and I still find my love for my department is still going strong. Unfortunately, my health has gotten in the way of being first due. I am still active in other ways and try my best to support the members who have followed in my footsteps. Before you take on new members, it is imperative that the Chief of Department sits down with the perspective new member to explain what their obligation to the community entails. I know most

departments do this. Unfortunately, the new member doesn’t always realize that he or she may not have the time to volunteer. I joined at a time when my two children were active with school and community sports. I worked 50 miles away from my home. There were many nights that I arrived back home and found myself attending training classes at either my department or at the county fire academy. After I finished the basics, I realized that training never stopped. To maintain active status like most volunteer firefighters, you must participate and maintain your training, drills and response percentages throughout the year. This is where new recruits, no matter what their age, become a problem. I know I am speaking to the choir. If you are reading this, you are aware of the responsibilities of being a first responder. The problem I see is that when we take on new members they really do not understand how much time they need to fulfill their obligation to the fire service. In my early years I always had to work a second job to pay the bills. Volunteering in the fire service is that second job that pays no bills. If you take on this second occupation, you must be passionate about your decision to protect the com-

munity! As a recruiter for the fire service, what do you do to make the person fully understand what their obligation is to your department and to the community that you serve, before they sign on the dotted line? If you find that your new recruits are not living up to your expectations, do not let poor service go by without addressing it immediately. Recruiting volunteers takes time. Maintaining active, well-trained volunteers can be difficult. Volunteer recruitment is hard work! Volunteer retention is even harder work. Motivating and maintaining new recruits is the job of every member in your department. - Dennis

Page 6, Fire News, June 2022

Cover Story

LODD: FDNY’s Timothy Klein On April 24, 2022, Mayor Eric Adams and Acting Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh announced the death of Firefighter Timothy Klein of Ladder Company 170. FF Klein was a six-year veteran of the department. He responded to a threealarm fire on Avenue N in Brooklyn earlier that afternoon and was critically injured in a collapse inside the building while he was bravely fighting the fire. Firefighter Klein is the 1,157th member of the FDNY to die in the line-of-duty. Firefighter Klein was removed from the building by firefighters and rushed to Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, where he succumbed to his injuries. The hearts of the entire department are with the Klein family and with the members of Engine Company 257 and Ladder Company 170. May Firefighter Timothy Klein always be remembered as he guides us from the floor above. -Fire News photos by Lloyd Mitchell and Brian Grogan

Bunting Ceremony Honors the Canarsie Kid

Firefighters, friends and family stood strong as the FDNY placed ceremonial bunting at the quarters of Engine 257/Ladder 170/Battalion 58 to signify the loss of Timothy Klein. Known as ‘Timmy’ around the firehouse he will also be remembered as the ‘Canarsie Kid.’ Our thoughts and prayers are with Firefighter Klein’s parents, his three sisters and friends. - Fire News photos by Lloyd Mitchell

Fire News, June 2022, Page 7

Page 8, Fire News, June 2022

Rochester 3-Alarmer Just before 0530 on April 14, 2022, the Rochester Fire Department was dispatched to North Clinton Avenue and Sunshine Street for multiple cars on fire near a building. First arriving units found multiple cars well involved with heavy fire conditions extending to a large single-story commercial building. Firefighters stretched big lines and made an interior attack to try and stop the fire from taking over the building but the wind-swept flames moved rapidly forcing command to pull all members out of the building and go to a defensive operation. Two tower ladders and two aerial master streams were put into operation to knock down the fire and keep it from spreading further. - Fire News photos by Puck Stopper Photography

Fire News, June 2022, Page 9

3 FFs Injured, 1 LODD at Brooklyn Blaze

FDNY firefighter Timothy Klein of Ladder Company 170 was killed in the Line of Duty on April 24, 2022. Companies responded to a private dwelling on Avenue N in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn and found an attached dwelling with a heavy fire condition. A dead-

end street and heavy wind off the nearby water made for difficult fire operations. Four firefighters were injured and transported to area hospitals. Firefighter Klein passed away at the hospital. - Fire News photos by Lloyd Mitchell

Page 10, Fire News, June 2022

Looking Back Catskill - 2014

Pine Bush - 2014

Catskill firefighters responded to a fire in a two-family house on River Street in Catskill on November 22, 2014. - Fire News photo by John C. Miller

Brooklyn - 2014

FDNY firefighters battled a four-alarm fire in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn on November 22, 2014. One home was totally destroyed and three others suffered substantial damage. Five firefighters were injured. - Fire News photo by

On November 14, 2014, Pine Bush firefighters responded to a fully involved structure fire on Dubois Street. Mutual aid came from Wallkill, Walden, Montgomery, Bullville, Circleville and Walker Valley. The house was totally destroyed. - Fire News photo by Steve Lenz, WFD

New Rochelle 5-Alarm

On March 31, 2022, the New Rochelle Fire Department was dispatched to North Avenue at 5th Avenue for a reported structure fire. First arriving units found a two-story ordinary building with smoke and fire showing from the second floor and quickly transmitted an all-hands assignment. Shortly thereafter Car 2302 transmitted a second-alarm for heavy fire on the second floor. Shortly after a third alarm was transmitted as the fire reached into the cockloft and through the roof. Then Car 2031 transmitted a fourth alarm followed by a fifth alarm for manpower. Four master streams were in operation as were multiple handlines. - Fire News photos by Brandon Colon

Fire News, June 2022, Page 11

Page 12, Fire News, June 2022

Electrical Fire in Glenmont Staples

Early Morning Porch Fire in Delmar

On March 29, 2022, at around 1400, Delmar, Elsmere and Selkirk were dispatched to a possible electrical fire in the cash room in the back of the Glenmont Staples. With units arriving on the scene, the store was evacuated by 10-01 and crews attempted to locate the electrical fire. An aerial was set up out back for roof access. Additional tones were sent out 20 minutes later for additional manpower. Eventually, a small electrical fire was located in the back cash room. A UPS box was on fire underneath and around a lot of objects in the back corner of the room, which made it difficult for crews to find the fire. The fire was extinguished, no damage to the structure was done, and no injuries were reported on the scene. - Fire News photo by Lindmark Photography

On March 31, 2022, Delmar, Ellesmere and Slingerlands were dispatched to Equinox Court for a structure fire. The caller reported that the back porch had both smoke and flames visible. Bethlehem Police were the first to arrive, and extinguished the fire with two fire extinguishers. Fire crews then started removing floorboards from the deck to assure that the fire was completely out and no hotspots were left. - Fire News photo by Lindmark Photography

Fire News, June 2022, Page 13

Page 14, Fire News, June 2022

Rochester House Fire

In the late morning hours of April 4, 2022, Rochester firefighters were dispatched to Costello Park for the report of a house on fire. First arriving companies found heavy smoke showing from the second floor of a home and quickly went to work. Interior crews found heavy fire and smoke in multiple rooms on the top floor but were able to knock down the fire before it could spread further through the home. - Fire News photo by Puck Stopper Photography

Flames KO’d in Glenmont

Kitchen Fire in Coeymans

On April 3, 2022, Ravena and Coeymans were called to Schuyler Avenue and Layman Street for a reported structure fire. The caller reported the entire kitchen on fire. Soon after, a second 911 call came in for visible flames from the inside of the house. Upon arrival of Ravena Deputy Chief Philips, heavy smoke was coming from all four sides of the building. Phillips later saw the victim inside the house on the second-floor window trying to escape. A ladder was placed just below the window and the victim safely climbed down and out of the house. Crews then entered the home and noticed that the stove area was where a majority of the smoke was coming from. The fire that was once on the stove spread to the above cabinets. Homeowners put the fire out themselves with their fire extinguishers, leaving very little damage in the kitchen and no other damage to the rest of the home. It was later discovered that the stove hood had an electrical issue. - Fire News photo by Lindmark Photography

All Hands Operate in New Rochelle

On April 13, 2022, Selkirk Fire, Elsmere Fire, Delmar Fire and EMS responded to Sudbury Road for a reported fire in the woods. Upon arrival, firefighters found a fully involved structure fire that was extending into the woods. Firefighters quickly went to work to knock down the flames without incident. - Fire News photo by Tom Heffernan

On April 9, 2022, New Rochelle toned out companies reporting a building fire on Grammercy Place. Upon arrival, the first company reported smoke showing from a 2-1/2 story wood structure. Upon arrival of the I/C, a 10-75 was transmitted, bringing additional companies to the scene. The fire was contained to the upper floors of the structure and took about an hour to be brought under control. - Fire News photo by Ed Burke

Page 16, Fire News, June 2022

New Hackensack Garage Fire

Dogs Rescued at New Hackensack Fire

New Hackensack firefighters assisted by East Fishkill, Hughsonville, Village of Fishkill, Town of Wappinger/Empress Medics and the Dutchess County Sheriff’s office operated at a commercial garage fire on Route 376 recently. Firefighters encountered heavy fire conditions in a 30- x 50-foot garage, which contained at least several commercial vehicles and other equipment. Numerous explosions occurred as firefighters worked to bring the fire under control. The cause of the fire was being investigated by the Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response-Fire Investigation Division and the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office. The Village of Wappinger FD provided coverage during the incident. - Fire News photos by Bill Johnson

New Hackensack, assisted by Arlington, Hughsonville, East Fishkill, Wappingers, the Village of Fishkill, and Town of Wappinger/Empress Medics, recently operated at a structure fire on Elizabeth Terrace. Firefighters had heavy fire upon arrival and during their searches, located and safely removed three dogs from the structure. The dogs were reunited with their grateful owner by members of the New York State Police who assisted at the scene. - Fire News photos by Bill Johnson

Fire News, June 2022, Page 17

Rear-End MVA in Ravena

At around 1330, on March 29, 2022, Ravena Fire, Coeymans Fire, and Ravena Rescue were dispatched to an MVA on 9W and Wendell Street in Ravena. Two calls reported a rear-end crash with an 88-year-old male with back pain. The 88-year-old was evaluated on the scene by Albany County Sheriff’s Ambulance and later transported with minor injuries. No other injuries were reported and both vehicles were later driven off the scene as minor damage was done to both. - Fire News photo by Lindmark Photography

Bystanders Save Woman

On March 19, 2022, a house fire occurred in North Greenbush with reports of a woman trapped. This brought a response of many departments. A thousand feet of hose was laid to extinguish the fire. Two neighboring men went into the burning home, found the woman trapped in the kitchen and removed her. She was taken to the hospital. - Fire News photo by Martin E. Miller

Harrison 2-Car MVA

Car Flips in Niskayuna

On April 19, 2021, Niskayuna Fire District 2 firefighters placed the driver of this SUV onto a stretcher after she collided with a pickup on Rosendale Road and Mohawk Road in the Schenectady County town of Niskayuna. - Fire News photo by Peter Barber

On March 29, 2022, at around 1408, the Harrison Fire Department was dispatched to the area of Halstead Avenue and 2nd Street for a two-car MVA with injuries and the car into a building. All passengers were out of the vehicle on arrival. Also responding were Purchase, Harrison EMS, Mamaroneck Village and Port Chester (standby). - Fire News photo By Brandon Colon

Page 18, Fire News, June 2022

Labor Intensive Greece House Fire

Cronomer Valley Truck Fire

Around 1630 on April 4, 2022, firefighters from the Barnard Fire District were dispatched to Denise Road for the report of a fire. On arrival, companies found heavy smoke showing from all sides of the home with heavy fire blowing out the first floor in the rear. Barnard firefighters, along with mutual aid departments, quickly stretched lines and moved to knock down the fire which was rapidly spreading to the second floor. Crews were able to make good progress on the fire but the flames found voids in the roof line, which made for a very labor intensive fire. After making numerous roof cuts chasing pockets of fire, companies were able to get the fire under control. - Fire News photo by Puck Stopper Photography

The Cronomer Valley Fire Department responded to a truck fire that was fully involved in the driveway of a Tulip Lane home. Multiple lines were placed in service to knock down the fire. The fire was extinguished without incident. - Fire News photo by Vincent Dominick

Page 20, Fire News, June 2022

Brooklyn 5-Alarmer

Firefighters in Brooklyn battled a stubborn five-alarm blaze in a health club on Boerum Place on March 14, 2022. The blaze was mostly contained to the second floor and cockloft but flames spread quickly in the large commercial occupancy. Units from four boroughs were at the scene at the height of the incident. - Fire News photo by

Tractor Trailer Fire in Five Mile Point

On the evening of April 21, 2022, at 2250, Broome County Communications dispatched the Five Mile Point Fire Department to I-81 south on the Exit 3 off ramp to Colesville Road for a tractor trailer fire. Squad 59 was advised the driver had detached the trailer. Squad 59’s crew immediately went to work and stretched two lines to the cab. Engine 59-2 arrived and provided manpower and water to Squad 59. It was determined that the truck was hauling rolled steel which was not hazardous and did not pose any risk. The fire was contained to the tractor with no damage to the trailer or cargo. Broome County Fire Investigators responded to investigate. - Fire News photo by Nicholas Griswold

K9 Goes to Work in Ossining

Fire News, June 2022, Page 21

Quick Work by Firefighters Saves Home in Selkirk

On April 29, 2022, at approximately 1730, Selkirk and Delmar and Bethlehem FAST, were dispatched to a structure fire on Vista Lane. Upon the arrival of chiefs, the siding of the house was seen smoldering and smoking on the garage side. Before any fire apparatus arrived, neighbors were using garden hoses to attempt to keep the fire from spreading. With the arrival of more fire apparatus and personnel, crews started removing the exterior siding to get inside the wall to stop the further spread of the fire. Fire personnel also started taking personal belongings. out of the garage. The fire inside of the wall was stopped and only a partial side of the exterior wall was damaged. - Fire News photo by Lindmark Photography

In the late afternoon of April 20, 2022, the Ossining Fire Department was dispatched to an outside smoke investigation in the area of Garden Street. First arriving police officers reported fire showing from a private dwelling. Crews arrived to heavy fire on the A side on both floors. Two lines were put into place but, shortly after, fire had blown through the roof, forcing additional lines and a ladder pipe into operation. An additional alarm was struck bringing more personal to the scene. Crews remained on scene while Westchester County Police Arson K9 worked the scene to help determine the cause of the fire. - Fire News photo by Kempter’s Fire Wire

Page 22, Fire News, June 2022

Chimney Fire Snuffed

Brighton Car Fire… and Still Driving

In the early morning hours of March 12, 2022, Maplewood, Boght and Latham fire departments were called for a structure fire. The residents were asleep before being awakened by their fire alarm. The departments were able to remove all burning materials from the chimney’s fire box and cleared the chimney of any further materials. The home received minimal smoke damage and the residents were able to return to their home. - Fire News photo by Lori Washburn

On the afternoon of April 1, 2022, Rochester Fire Department Engine 1 was dispatched to East Avenue and Route 390 for the report of a car on fire. As they responded, more information came in that the car was on fire and still driving towards Brighton. The Brighton Fire Department was also dispatched and arrived with Rochester to find a pickup truck on fire with the driver nowhere to be found. Companies quickly extinguished the fire. - Fire News photo by Puck Stopper Photography

Training for Gas Emergencies in Warwick

Recently, the Warwick Fire Department hosted Rockland County Fire Instructor Jerry Knapp to teach 44 of firefighters the Tactical Response to Explosive Gas Emergencies for both Residential and Commercial Buildings. The class was a well-attended classroom and hands-on session that allowed firefighters to use gas detectors and meters and fire props to see the dangers for first responders to all gas emergency incidents and how to safely mitigate them. Thank you to Jerry Knapp, the Warwick Fire Department Training Committee and our firefighters who took the time to train. - Fire News photo provided by the Warwick FD

Injured Person in the Moat Area of Moynihan Train Hall

At 1357, on March 15, 2022, a male attempted to climb down the wall to the moat of the Moynihan Train Hall, the west side of the West 31st Street Mid-Block entrance, and fell into the moat, sustaining injuries. Amtrak Police received a walk-up notification for an injured person and responded along with the FDNY. FDNY Ladder Company 24 accessed the victim via a portable ladder. The patient was initially treated by Engine Company 1, packaged by Ladder 24 and removed from the moat with the assistance of Rescue Company 1 and Ladder 21 via a window through the interior of the building. The victim was treated by FDNY EMS Paramedics and transported to Bellevue Hospital. Battalion Chief Heuser, FDNY Battalion 7, was the Incident Commander. - Fire News photo by Chief Gary Hearn

Fire News, June 2022, Page 23

Page 24, Fire News, June 2022

Colonie Structure Fire Stopped

Colonie Village, Fuller Road and Stanford Heights were called to a structure fire on Rapple Road in Colonie on April 26, 2022. The fire, which began on an outside wall, quickly spread to the second floor. The quick response of the departments contained the fire, preventing complete destruction of the home. No one was injured at the scene. - Fire News photos by Lori Washburn

Fire News, June 2022, Page 25

West Sand Lake Celebrates 150 Years

On April 2, 2022, West Sand Lake Fire Department was honored to celebrate its 150th Installation of Officers. The department was joined by assemblymen, local dignitaries and senators who helped celebrate the monumental anniversary. Many awards were given out during the evening including one to resident who came to thank

the firefighters who helped bring him back to life after performing CPR. C. Michael Deutsch was honored by FASNY and NYS for his 50 years of service to the department. Congratulations to West Sand Lake. - Fire News photos by Lori Washburn

Page 26, Fire News, June 2022

Brush Fire in Boght

On April 16, 2022, Boght Fire Department responded to multiple calls for a brush fire on Schermerhorn Road. The original call came through because of an open burn situation. A few hours later the neighbors called stating that the woods that surrounded the original property were now on fire. The crews worked diligently to prevent the fire from expanding to the neighboring homes. Multiple trees needed to be cut down and embankments that surrounded a pond needed to be saturated. While working, the hydrant Boght’s engines were attached to, broke off. Maplewood and Shaker Road fire departments were called in to assist with laying hose lines from neighboring hydrants to the scene. - Fire News photos by Lori Washburn

Eggstravaganza Fundraiser

Midway Fire Department held an “Eggstravaganza” fundraising event on April 8, 2022. The department held multiple egg hunts with eggs filled with prizes, coins and candy. There was a craft fair and food vendors along with Homeland Security, Colonie Police Department and Colonie EMS who had the opportunity to teach Captain Marvel and Spiderman CPR. The fundraiser was able to raise much needed funds to help build a special needs playground. - Fire News photos by Lori Washburn

Fire News, June 2022, Page 27

Page 28, Fire News, June 2022


Sutphen Corporation, the largest familyowned fire apparatus manufacturer in the nation, officially unveiled its new tractor drawn aerial at FDIC. The Sutphen SLTDA 105, on display in Sutphen Booth 3324 at FDIC International, adds to Sutphen’s dynamic product lineup and is the company’s first TDA since the 1990s. “Every build is important to us,” said fourth-generation family member and Sutphen Vice-President, Julie Sutphen Phelps. “But the focus and dedication put into a new product is an unmatched process. This truck has been under a microscope since the idea first formulated.” The truck, destined for DeKalb County Fire and Rescue in DeKalb County, Georgia, is available for all FDIC attendees to see within Sutphen Booth #3324 in the Indiana Convention Center. “This is an opportunity for customers both new and old to see our dedication to the fire service and the innovative spirit that runs deeps in our family,” said fourth-generation family member and Sutphen president, Drew Sutphen. “This truck is the talk of the show,

and we hope that everyone gets the opportunity to visit our booth, see the TDA and learn about the Sutphen family.” The truck was built in close partnership with DeKalb County Fire and Rescue, a Sutphen customer since the 1980s. “Seeing DeKalb County Fire Rescue’s new Sutphen TDA on the FDIC show floor is a culmination of hard work and dedication from both Sutphen and DeKalb County Fire Rescue. The opportunity to showcase our new apparatus to fire departments from across the world is an honor and brings this entire project full circle,” said DeKalb County Fire Rescue Captain Bryan Dobson. “From hypothetical concept to the reality of a Sutphen TDA serving the citizens of DeKalb County, I cannot understate what a privilege it has been to work so closely with both Sutphen and our dealer, Williams Fire Apparatus.” Customers are encouraged to visit or contact their local Sutphen dealer for more information. View Sutphen SLTDA 105 Video Here: h t t p s : / / w w w. d r o p b o x . c o m / s / fmjkfrh5be5ytnu/Sutphen%20SLTDA%201

05.mp4?dl=0* Customers can find their Sutphen dealer by following the link here: Sutphen Corporation is an Ohio-based, privately held, family-owned business that has manufactured the highest-quality, heavyduty, custom-built emergency response vehicles since 1890. The company’s headquarters are located in Dublin, Ohio, a northwest suburb of Columbus.

Fire News, June 2022, Page 29

Thanks to Warwick The Warwick Fire Department is comprised of four firefighting companies including the Warwick Fire Police Unit in the Warwick Fire District area of the Township of Warwick. Thank you to the Town of Warwick Police and all Warwick Ambulance Service agencies who work tirelessly to ensure that our community stays safe. We thank you all for all you do including the Town and Village Department of Public Works Departments. - Fire News photo by the Warwick FD

Recruit New York in Town of Colonie Town of Colonie fire departments opened their doors for the 2022 FASNY Recruit New York event on April 23 and 24, 2022. In hopes of gaining new members, the departments offered entertainment, instruction and one-on-one information on how important and rewarding it is become a volunteer firefighter. Town Supervisor Peter Crummey made a point of visiting each of the departments to listen to concerns and show his support for the volunteers. Latham, Boght and Colonie Village were just a few of the departments who encouraged the community to come visit their stations. - Fire News photo by Lori Washburn

Page 30, Fire News, June 2022

Swift Water Rescue Jamboree On April 16, 2022, several agencies participated in the swift water/rope rescue training Jamboree in Gowanda. Teams were from Gowanda Fire (which consists of some members from District 1 fire departments Perrysburg, Dayton, Leon, Conewango, Versailles, South Dayton and Collins) that make up Gowanda’s Team, City of Batavia Fire Department, Buffalo Police Underwater Recovery Unit, Erie County Sheriff’s Office QRF, Erie County Fire Instructors, Erie County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, ALERT Region 1, the Hamburg Water Rescue Unit, Eden EMS, West Seneca Water Rescue Teams, NYS Forest Rangers, Allegany Fire Technical Rescue Team, Niagara Frontier Search and Rescue, MOOG Inc., Alden Hook and Ladder Co, CIRVFD (Seneca Fire) for the use of their UTV and the photographer from the Southwestern Association of Volunteer Firemen. - Fire News photos by Jim Lepard

Fire News, June 2022, Page 31

Buffalo Fire Threatens Exposures

White Powder in Tax Return

Latham and West Albany HazMat were called to the NYS Taxation and Finance building for a white powdery substance that was included in a tax return. Precautions were taken to remove the substance and clear the area of what turned out to be an inert substance. - Fire News photo by Lori Washburn

Nice Stop in Rochester On April 24, 2022, Buffalo firefighters battled a house fire AT 178 Myrtle Avenue that consumed the back of the house and threatened a neighboring house on the B side. An extra engine and truck were requested to the scene to help control the blaze. Paramedics from AMR ambulance successfully resuscitated a cat rescued from the building. No other injuries were reported. - Fire News photo by Peter R. Barber

Roof Collapse in Cohoes

Cohoes Fire Department, Watervliet and Green Island were called to a structure fire on April 14, 2022. The home, which was in the process of being renovated, had flames through the roof upon arrival of the first engines. The departments worked quickly to contain the fire but the roof collapsed. - Fire News photo by Lori Washburn

In the evening of April 5, 2022, Rochester firefighters were dispatched to Weld Street for the report of black smoke coming from a building. On arrival, companies found heavy smoke showing from the rear of a house and requested a full assignment. Firefighters entered the home to find heavy fire in the rear which extended into the second floor and attic of the home. The engine and truck companies worked together to make a strong push on the fire and stop it from spreading across the home. - Fire News photo by Puck Stopper Photography

Page 32, Fire News, June 2022

5 Alarms Needed in Flushing

A five-alarm fire sent a tremendous smoke condition throughout Flushing on March 17, 2022. The 46 Battalion transmitted a 10-75 for a fire in a single-story commercial building on Main Street. Units were withdrawn as a heavy smoke condition and fire consumed the building. In all, it took six tower ladders to bring the fire under control. - Fire News photo by Lloyd Mitchell

Garage Fire Kills Dogs

Arlington firefighters, along with the Town of Poughkeepsie Police operated at an unattached garage fire behind a residence on Lewis Avenue. Firefighters arrived to find active fire in the garage that was apparently being used to breed pit bulls. Firefighters were able to remove several of the dogs, however there were some dogs that unfortunately were not able to be saved. The Town of Poughkeepsie Police worked diligently to secure treatment for the injured dogs and the cause of the fire was being investigated by the Arlington Fire Department and police from the Town of Poughkeepsie. - Fire News photo by Bill Johnson

Fire News, June 2022, Page 33

Flames Show in Cambria Heights

Rochester Row House Burns

FDNY Firefighters went to work in the Cambria Heights section of Queens, to battle a fire on the second floor of a two-story private dwelling on 231st Street on February 9, 2022. Flames were visible from two windows on arrival, and units quickly went to work to extinguish the blaze. An extra truck company was required to complete overhaul operations. - Fire News photo by

In the evening of April 20, 2022, Rochester firefighters were dispatched to multiple calls reporting something on fire on Electric Avenue. First arriving companies found a large 2-1/2 story row home with heavy fire venting from a dormer on the top floor. Lines were quickly stretched to the top floor and the floor below to work on the fire. A second alarm was transmitted due to the large size of the building, bringing extra resources to the scene to make sure the fire did not spread further. Through hard work firefighters were able to keep the fire contained to the area of origin. - Fire News photo by Puck Stopper Photography

Page 34, Fire News, June 2022

Menands Installation 2022

Charity Chili Cookoff

On April 23, 2022, Menands Fire Department held its annual installation of officers banquet. This was the first time in two years they were able to celebrate in person due to the pandemic. The 2022 officers are: Chief David Ognan; 1st Assistant Chief Michael Steurer; 2nd Assistant Chief Harvey Bender; Captains Colin Schanz and Robert Griffith; Lieutenants Nicholas DeCirce, Sherri Archambault, and T.J. Robertson; Fire Police Captain Robert Schanz; and Fire Police Lieutenant Paul DeDominicis. Awards were also given to past Firefighters of the Year: 2020 Firefighter of the Year Nicholas DeCirce; Rookie of the Year Nicholas Kalogridis; and 2022 Firefighter of the Year T.J. Robertson. 2021 Firefighter of the Year Colin Schanz was unable to attend. Congratulations to the newly installed officers and thank you for your dedication firefighters of the year. - Fire News photo by Lori Washburn

Colonie High School held its annual ICARE Charity Chili CookOff competition on April 2, 2022. Midway, Stanford Heights and West Albany fire departments along with Albany County Sheriff, Colonie Police, Colonie EMS were just a few of the competitors in the event. This year’s People’s Choice Award was named after Dan Burnetter whose chili had won the last four years. Burnetter, who passed away last year, was a member of Stanford Heights and Midway departments. In keeping with tradition, Stanford Heights won the People’s Choice award. - Fire News photo by Lori Washburn

Fire News, June 2022, Page 35

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BETHPAGE ENGINE 905 "Pride of Plainedge" 1998 Seagrave 1500 GPM single stage pump , 500 Gallon Water Tank , 40 Gallon Foam Tank. Served the residents of Bethpage from 1998- 2019 . The rig now belongs to the Harwood Fire Company located in Hazel Township Pennsylvania.

2001 EMERGENCY ONE Former West Niles Fire Company purchased by Damascus Arkansas 2001 Emergency One 1250 gpm with 1000 gallon tank.

2000 KME 95' AERIAL TOWER 2000 KME 95' aerial tower from East Norwich NY sold to Waterbury VT.




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