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See story on page Story ?. on page 6 - Fire News photo by ?????????? - Fire News photo by Dave Hernandez

Looking Back: NJ Fire History Please see page 9.


Fire News, June 2021, Page 3

In this issue... Multi-Day 6-Alarm Building Fire Winslow Township crews and mutual aid battle a blaze in the Johns Manville plant. See story on page 8

Commercial Fire in Bogota Firefighters respond to a fire in an auto body shop. See story on page 12

Clifton 2-Alarm House Fire Crews knock down a fire in a large 2-1/2 story residence. See story on page 16

Collapse at Irvington Fire A Mayday, a partial collapse and a second alarm at a house fire. See story on page 25

Jersey City Junkyard Blaze One person was injured and several explosions were heard while firefighters battled water issues. See story on page 32

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Up Close and Personal A closer look at first responders from around the state. See story on page 34

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From the Editor’s Desk Dennis Whittam, Editor

Be Prepared for Change A few days before Mother’s Day, I was visited by a friend. As I saw him walking up my driveway, I realized he was carrying a box from a bakery. That's typical for a firefighter. I am sure you heard the expression, “knock with your elbows!” This is a saying that is a tradition among firefighters, especially when you visit a firehouse. If you were a firefighter during the War Years, you may know this gentleman. His nickname when he was a lieutenant at Engine 82 in the Bronx was Robin. Captain Bob Farrell of Ladder 31 was known as Batman, and Lou Andrade was known as Robin. I’ve been friends with Lou for many years and I see him regularly. Lou stopped by my home to say thank you for a deed I did to help him. My wife invited Lou into our home and within minutes, we were discussing the War Years and many of the changes that have occurred in the fire service, over the years. We talked about the discontinuation of pompier scaling ladders and safety nets. Many of our readers probably never heard of these devices. The pompier ladder was discontinued in 1996 and I think the safety net was

taken out of service in the 80s. I have no idea why Lou and I had this talk, but it was fun. The conversation brought back memories of a very busy time in the NY fire service. It is obvious that firefighters are excellent in adapting to conditions that suddenly arise in your era. As a young firefighter, I learned to adapt to the violent brush fires of August 1995. Looking back, if you were a firefighter during that time, you were rarely home and you were fighting brush fires all day and all night. Many responders came home from work and reported to the firehouse to relieve the day crews. Like my friends Batman and Robin, I know we would do it all over again if we could go back in time. Why am I reminiscing over the past? I believe history repeats itself, possibly in new forms. I just read that one of the main US fuel pipeline systems was shut down after a cyberattack. According to Politico, the infiltration of a major fuel pipeline is “the most significant, successful attack on energy infrastructure that we know of.” As a first responder, are you ready for the unexpected? I am certainly not an alarmist, but I

encourage all responders to watch out for new response trends in your area. When the Bronx burned, many asked how this transformation occurred so rapidly. Many blame direct budget cuts that affected fire service personnel and equipment. Rapid change can happen at the blink of an eye. Whether there is an increase in fires in your area or an increase in different types of calls in your area, simply be aware and amongst yourselves discuss what you are seeing. Our young members need to talk with the heroes of the past and if you realize there is a change going on, ask why. You probably cannot do anything about change, but you can be prepared for it. Stay safe, Dennis

Collapse, Explosions and More in Egg Harbor City Egg Harbor City and South Egg Harbor Volunteer firefighters were dispatched on April 110, 2021, to Forman’s Auto Body on White Horse Pike, for a report of a fire. Egg Harbor City Chief Walter ‘Butch’ Kienzle coincidentally had just arrived back at his station from Camden County on a mutual aid call when the call came in. Chief Kienzle arrived to find fire showing from a single-story building containing numerous types of vehicles. Chief Kienzle established command and requested his first-due engine’s crew to take a 2-½ inch line through the front door. Command then requested mutual aid from Elwood and Germania. Ladder 10, pulled into the alley alongside the fire building and put its aerial into service. Engine 10-1 began attacking the fire, which was now through the roof. Elwood firefighters

entered the building through a door and made their way inside. South Egg Harbor firefighters stretched lines while Germania firefighters took a position in the front of Engine 10-1 and deployed several handlines. Command requested a water pressure boost, gas to the building be shut off, and requested Pomona respond. Command then requested Laureldale and Mays Landing for manpower to relieve the initial companies. Upon the arrival of these firefighters they overhauled and extinguished numerous pockets of fire. Even though the fire made significant headway, firefighters were just as tenacious in efforts to bring it under control despite the roof collapsing and numerous explosions. It took several hours to bring the fire under control and the cause was under investigation. - Fire News photo by Dennis C. Sharpe


Fire News, June 2021, Page 5

Page 6, Fire News, June 2021


Cover Story

Nice Saves at Medford Village 3-Alarm

On April 29, 2021, Taskforce 25 units were alerted for a reported house fire with victims trapped in the historic Medford Village section of town. Chief Farnsworth reported a two-story single-family dwelling with fire showing from the bravo side and a victim on the wrap-around porch’s roof. Quint 2514’s crew laddered the porch and made the successful rescue of an injured male occupant. A female occupant made it out on her own with injuries. Engine 3712’s crew initiated the fire attack while the rescue was being made and were able to keep the fire to the side of origin. Balloon frame construction and Collyer’s Mansion conditions allowed the fire to travel quickly up the bravo wall from the basement to the second floor. Two kittens were located and given CPR and survived, several other cats were seen running out of the home during the fire attack, and one dog perished. The cause of the fire was under investigation. - Fire News photos by Dave Hernandez


Fire News, June 2021, Page 7

Commercial Fire on Fire Road

The volunteer fire companies of Farmington and Cardiff were dispatched to The Dance and Fitness Factory on Fire Road on March 15, 2021, at 1300, for a structure fire. Prior to receiving the first 911 call, Pleasantville Fire Chief Gene Wellington along with his Tower 7 and Engine 1 were on the road after seeing a heavy column of smoke. Cardiff Assistant Chief Wm. Danz, Jr., arrived, found the rear of the building fully involved and requested a second alarm, bringing in the remaining Egg Harbor Township fire companies and surrounding departments. A/C Danz, Bargaintown Engine 1527, Cardiff Tower 15, and the Pleasantville units arrived simultaneously. Command had Bargaintown and Cardiff firefighters take a line through the front door, while additional firefighters took a line around the rear to the

fire building. Engine 1527 and West Atlantic City Engine 1553 both had 500-foot lays to supply the Pleasantville and Cardiff apparatus. The fire in the back building had breached the rear wall of the front building and made its way to the second floor of the front building where all interior crews met simultaneously and knocked down the fire. The fire was brought under control within an hour. Responding were Cardiff, Farmington, Bargaintown, Scullville, West Atlantic City, Mays Landing, Atlantic City Airport Fire Department, Northfield, Pleasantville, New Jersey Forest Fire Service, EHT EMS, EHTPD, South Jersey Gas Company, Atlantic City Electric Company, Cardiff and Scullville Ladies Auxiliary. - Fire News photo by Ken Badger

Page 8, Fire News, June 2021


Multi-Day 6-Alarmer Building Fire On April 7, 2021, Winslow Township units were alerted to a fire at the Johns Manville plant in their firstdue area. Units arrived to find the warehouse section of the building on fire. The fire grew to six alarms in the first 24 hours and lasted for a total of 123 hours. Access to the burning material was difficult because the stability of the product in the warehouse was compromised. Also, the water supply for the property malfunctioned, requiring several tender strike teams to be dispatched. Units from as far away as Edison responded to assist. Local and State Fire Marshals were investigating. - Fire News photo by Dave Hernandez


Fire News, June 2021, Page 9

Looking Back Paterson - 2015

Sea Isle City - 2016

On November 9, 2015, Paterson firefighters were dispatched to a fire in an abandoned 1895-built, four-story, city-block-sized armory. Units were on scene for more than 36 hours and the fire went to seven alarms. - Fire News photo by Peter Danzo

Late on February 24, 2016, Sea Isle, Dennisville and Oceanview repsonded to the Minmar Marine for heavy fire with multiple boats involved. - Fire News photo by Robert Macom

Absecon City 1940s The City of Absecon City Volunteer Fire Department in the 1940s when the station was located on New Jersey Avenue. Absecon at one time had two stations. - Fire News photo from the Dennis C. Sharpe collection

Page 10, Fire News, June 2021


Passaic 2-Alarmer

On the afternoon on April 13, 2021, the Passaic Fire Department was dispatched to High Street for a house fire. A second alarm was struck on arrival as companies arrived to a large three-story structure with fire on all sides of divisions 1 and 2. A 2-1/2 inch line was stretched to knock down heavy fire on the exterior, as crews attempted to make an interior push. Fire quickly spread to Division 3 and heavy smoke pushed from all sides of the home. The heavy fire conditions severed

the electric service, which was actively arcing on the Charlie side. Crews were evacuated from the structure as heavy fire began to break through multiple spots of the roof. Multiple handlines and three ladder pipes were set up for the defensive operation and the fire was knocked down nearly three hours after arrival. Companies from Clifton, Wallington, East Rutherford and Paterson operated on the scene along with all Passaic companies. - Fire News photo by Mark Rosetti

Page 12, Fire News, June 2021


Commercial Fire in Bogota

At approximately 1445 on January 23, 2021, the Bogota Fire Department responded for an activated fire alarm on West Fort Lee Road. Police reported heavy smoke showing from the single-story auto body shop. Chief K. Kalman confirmed a heavy smoke condition and reported a working fire. Companies found fire in the ceiling, which was difficult to access due to it being above a spray booth. A second alarm was requested bringing mutual aid compa-

nies to the scene and for station coverage. As companies opened up the roof and the ceiling from below additional fire was discovered and additional companies were special called to the scene for manpower. The fire was placed under control in about 90 minutes. No injuries were reported and the fire was declared accidental. - Fire News photo by Peter Danzo

Page 14, Fire News, June 2021


Southampton Twp. All-Hands Barn Fire

On April 3, 2021, District 17 units were alerted to the Hampton Lakes section of the township for a barn fire. Chief Mitchell arrived and found a fully involved barn with exposure problems. The NJ Forest Fire Service responded with several units to assist with the exposures. With no hydrants in the area, a tender strike team was

dispatched and the fire was brought under control. No injuries were reported. The Burlington County Fire Marshal’s Office and NJ State Fire Investigators were investigating the cause. - Fire News photo by Dave Hernandez


Bergenfield Truck Fire

A little before 0100 on March 23, 2021, a Bergenfield police officer while on patrol noticed a smoke condition in Howard Drive Apartment Complex. Upon further investigation he came across a smoking commercial vehicle. The Bergenfield Fire Department was immediately dispatched and, upon arrival, companies went to work and quickly extinguished the fire. - Fire News photo by Chris ‘Doc’ Denton

Oceanville Structure Fire

The volunteer fire companies of Oceanville and Bayview, along with the City of Absecon Fire Department, responded to Club Place in the Clubs of Galloway in Atlantic County on April 9, 2021, at 1414, for a structure fire. Oceanville Chief John Mooney arrived to heavy fire coming from the first and second floors at the A/D corner of a two-story, wood framed, multi-family dwelling. Chief Mooney had his first-due apparatus lead off with a line and begin attacking the fire and had his aerial set up on the A side. Firefighters were aided by a hydrant being located across the street which Bayview firefighters hooked into and fed the Quint. Command requested a response from Pomona for RIT and to have Port Republic and Germania cover empty stations. The South Egg Harbor Volunteer Company was dispatched with their air trailer to fill empty bottles and Decon 5 for decontaminating firefighters. The fire was contained to the structure of origin and was investigated by the Galloway Township Fire Investigations Unit. - Fire News photo by Ken Badger

Fire News, June 2021, Page 15

Page 16, Fire News, June 2021


Clifton 2-Alarmer On April 7, 2021, the Clifton Fire Department responded to Dawson Avenue for a structure fire. Truck 2 was first to arrive to a large 2-1/2 story structure with heavy smoke showing from the top floor. Engine 4 established a water supply and advanced a handline to the top floor. Initial reports stated the fire was caused by workers conducting work on the roof; solar panels on the roof hampered firefighting efforts. As heavy smoke began to push on all sides, a second alarm was struck bringing all Clifton companies to the scene and bringing Passaic, Elmwood Park, Bloomfield and Nutley to cover. The fire was knocked down 20 minutes after arrival as crews continued to open up. - Fire News photos by Mark Rosetti


Fire News, June 2021, Page 17

Page 18, Fire News, June 2021


Brush Fire and Then Some

The Bargaintown Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched to Seapine Drive at 1916 on April 5, 2021, for a report of a brush fire. Bargaintown Chief Eugene Sharpe advised EHT Dispatch the fire was actually located in the rear of a Mill Road address. New Jersey Forest Fire Service Unit C-37 and Car 44 arrived to find several commercial vehicles on fire with extension into the urban interface. Chief Sharpe established command and had Water Tender 1528 pull two lines; one to the fire and the second to fill C-37 which had two lines off and working on the fire, part of which was a ½ acre of

woodlands. Then command requested assistance from the Scullville and had them protect the rear of the properties that were backed up to where the fire was travelling. Bargaintown Engine 1522 supplied their tank water to 1528 along with Rescue 1527 who shuttled water to the scene. The fire was contained to three box trucks that were full of “stuff,” a camper that was almost burnt to the ground upon arrival, and a bulldozer. Also responding were the Bargaintown Ladies Auxilary. - Fire News photos by Ken Badger

Page 20, Fire News, June 2021


House Fire Held On April 24, 2021, around 0500, the Hammonton Fire Department was dispatched for a structure fire. On arrival the rear of a two-story multi-family dwelling was found well involved. An interior attack was attempted but, due to hydrant issues, was unable to be accomplished. Additional units were requested to assist at the scene from Elwood, Egg Harbor City, Laureldale, Mays Landing, Indian Mills, Winslow Township and Collings Lakes. Units were able to contain the fire to the fire building with minor extension to the B exposure. The fire is currently under investigation. - Fire News photos by Eric ‘Doc’ Moran

Page 22, Fire News, June 2021


Collingswood Apartment House Fire

Fire and smoke billowed from a fifth-floor apartment in the C building of Parkview Apartments in Collingswood, on April 6, 2021. Three alarms were struck as, in addition to fire suppression, numerous residents were unable to exit the building due to smoke in the upper floors. Numerous area companies responded. The fire was brought under control in about 45 minutes and there were no significant injuries. - Fire News photos by Curt Hudson

New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Conference

Break After 4-Alarmer

The New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Association held its first Virtual Conference May 3 to 7. We have many lessons learned, but feel it was a success overall. Our goal was to provide training that was not available because of Covid-19. Approximately 150 people participated in this virtual conference taking advantage of the dozen training sessions that were offered. We look forward to seeing them and the balance of our registrants in September when we hold our in-person conference September 19 to 22 at Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center in Atlantic City. There is still time to register at www.njepa.org. We anticipate approximately 12 partial and multi-day training classes and 30-35 breakout sessions which are 75 minutes in length, covering such topics as: • Community Mass Care. • Just the (Medical) Facts, Ma’am. A Day in the Life of a Disease Detective. • Question, Persuade, Response for Suicide Prevention. Exhibit and Sponsor opportunities are still available and this year we are offering an outside vendor area for those interested in bringing larger displays and vehicles.

Members of Prospect Fire Company 1 of the Bergenfield Fire Department taking a much-needed break after battling a fouralarm fire on April 10, 2021. - Fire News photo by Chris ‘Doc’ Denton


Fire News, June 2021, Page 23


By Jason Porter, President, Public Sector and FirstNet, AT&T • And, more recently, we’ve added more health and wellness apps Four years ago, the federal government selected AT&T to enter into a public-private partnership to build and manage public safety’s net- to the FirstNet App Catalog and supported conferences and seminars work. And when we set out on this historic and critical initiative, we with 1st Responder Conferences. Moving forward, the FNHWC will serve as the backbone to everycommitted to Be There for America’s first responders. Now, as the FirstNet network turns three, we’re going beyond our commitment to thing we do to support the health and wellbeing of first responders. Coalition priorities were developed from the input of over 350 first the federal government and have established the FirstNet Health and Wellness Coalition (FNHWC) to coordinate how we support holistic responders in professions including law enforcement, fire, emergency communications, emergency management, and emergency medical health and wellness of first responders. Nothing is more important than the lives of first responders and the personnel. Priorities include Post Traumatic Stress, Suicide Prevention, people they serve day in, and day out. These are the men and women Physical Fitness, Stress Management, Resiliency, leadership engagethat run toward emergencies. And we understand the service public ment and others. The coalition will be developing integrated approachsafety provides to our communities does not come without personal es to raising awareness, identifying technical solutions and applications, and local targeted areas to support these priorities. sacrifice and burdens. We believe FirstNet is the most important wireless network in the With more than two dozen members representing more than 1.3 million first responders — including organizations like the country because it’s serving our first responders and the extended pubInternational Association of Fire Chiefs, International Association of lic safety community. And we have a responsibility unlike any other Chiefs of Police, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement wireless carrier to deliver for America’s first responders. Shaped by the Executives and National Emergency Management Association, to vision of the first responder community and Congress following the name a few — the mission of the FNHWC is to integrate responder, 9/11 terrorist attacks, FirstNet stands above commercial offerings. It is community, industry and academic capabilities to support the health, built with AT&T in public-private partnership with the First Responder wellness and readiness of first responders. We’re focused on collabo- Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) — an independent agency rating with our members to support healthy, well and resilient first within the federal government. The FirstNet network is providing pubresponders that are ready to support public safety at a moment’s notice. lic safety with truly dedicated coverage and capacity when they need Our support of first responder health and wellness began long it, unique benefits like always-on priority and preemption for first before the formation of the FNHWC through dedicated financial and responders, and high-quality Band 14 spectrum. These advanced capabilities help fire, EMS, healthcare workers and law enforcement save resource support to public safety associations and related programs. • For the past two years, we’ve sponsored the IACP Officer Safety lives and protect their communities. Just as FirstNet is built for and by first responders, we want to be and Wellness Symposiums which focus on improving officer safety and wellness to enhance the health and effectiveness of officers, as there to support the health and well-being of those who serve their communities every day. well as the safety of the community. For more information on FirstNet, go to FirstNet.com. • Just last fall we launched a collaboration with All Clear Foundation to help increase the accessibility of education, resources FirstNet and the FirstNet logo are registered trademarks of the and support that will aid first responders who may be struggling with health wellness challenges brought on by the unique stressors of their First Responder Network Authority. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. jobs.

Page 24, Fire News, June 2021


MVA in River Edge On April 11, 2021, the River Edge Police Department received multiple 911 calls for a two-car MVA with rollover and entrapment. River Edge Fire Department and River Edge EMS were dispatched to the intersection of Bogard Road and Voorhis Avenue. River Edge Engine 3 arrived and stretched a precautionary hoseline, while members of Oradell Squad 23 and River Edge Rescue 1 went to work. The party was extricated from the vehicle and was transported by River Ridge Ambulance 57 to Hackensack University Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. - Fire News photo by Chris ‘Doc’ Denton

Delilah Road MVA The Farmington and Cardiff Volunteer Fire Companies along with EHT EMS and police responded to Delilah Road on March 8, 2021, at 0958 for a report of an MVA with entrapment. While en route EHT Dispatch notified responding units the victim was out of the vehicle. Upon the arrival of firefighters, the absorbents were applied and the vehicle’s battery cables cut with firefighters standing by until the vehicle was removed. The cause of the crash was under investigation by EHT Police. - Fire News photo by Ken Badger

Big Response, But All Clear

On April 8, 2021, the Rutherford Fire Department was dispatched to the Union Avenue Bridge for reports of a civilian who had jumped into the Passaic River. After speaking with the caller, Rutherford Command requested dive teams from Wallington, Lyndhurst, Oradell and Wycoff with additional boats to search the river from East Rutherford, Passaic and North Arlington. As boats began to search and divers prepared to enter the water, police found the subject out of the water on the Passaic side of the river uninjured. The caller confirmed it was the person they saw and the search was terminated and all mutual aid was returned. - Fire News photos by Mark Rosetti


Fire News, June 2021, Page 25

Collapse at Irvington 2-Alarmer

On April 5, 2021, the Irvington Fire Department was dispatched to Mill Road for a house fire. Companies arrived to heavy fire showing from a large multi-family dwelling and Maplewood Engine 32 was requested directly to the scene. An interior attack was attempted but a Mayday was quickly transmitted as there was a partial collapse of the second floor on the A/D side and the building was evacuated; all members were okay. A second alarm was transmitted and crews went defensive as heavy winds blew thick, turbulent, black

smoke towards the Delta exposure. Fire had been found in the bravo exposure cockloft but crews were able to set up exposure lines and spare the Delta exposure which was an occupied apartment building. The majority of the second floor had collapsed as companies committed to a surround-and-drown attack. Mutual aid came from West Orange, Orange, East Orange, Newark, Maplewood and Union. - Fire News photos by Mark Rosetti

Page 26, Fire News, June 2021


Down Wire Causes House Fire On March 18, 2021, the East Rutherford Fire Department responded to Paterson Avenue at Bobbink Terrace for a reported wire down due to a passing storm. Crews arrived to find an arcing wire in the street, and soon after were notified of smoke in a residence on Paterson Avenue. The wire down sparked a fire in the rear of the residence and fire was found on the interior between the basement and first division. A second alarm was transmitted bringing companies from Wallington, Rutherford, Passaic and Carlstadt to the scene. A water supply was established as crews made entry to locate the seat of the fire as exterior crews opened up the siding to check for any further extension. PSE&G responded to secure the power and make repairs to the downed wire. - Fire News photo by Mark Rosetti

Roselle 3-Alarmer Roselle firefighters respond to a midday threealarm fire on West 2nd Street on March 1, 2021. They were assisted by several out-of-town companies in extinguishing the fire. Crews remained on the scene for most of the afternoon. - Fire News photos by Jim Peruta


Fire News, June 2021, Page 27

Garage Fire in Scullville The volunteer fire companies of Scullville and Bargaintown responded to Virginia Avenue at 0619 hours on February 5, 2021, for a report of smoke in the garage with smoke detectors activated. Bargaintown Safety Officer Ken Badger reported smoke showing on arrival. Scullville Chief Steve Prisament established command and reported a working fire bringing a FAST from the City of Somers Point. Bargaintown Engine 1528’s crew stretched a line to the garage door while Bargaintown Lieutenant Josh Treat used a saw to open the garage door. The fire was then brought under control quickly with ventilation performed by other arriving firefighters. - Fire News photo by Ken Badger

Bargaintown Kitchen Fire The volunteer fire companies of Bargaintown and Cardiff responded to Crystal Lake Drive at 1829 on February 2, 2021, for a report of a structure fire. Bargaintown Assistant Chief Wil Hancock arrived and reported smoke showing from a two-story, single-family, wood frame dwelling. He had first arriving Bargaintown Rescue 1527’s crew stretch a line in the front door where the crew found a fire in the kitchen with the cabinets on fire and a fire on top of the stove. Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire and did extensive overhaul that included removing the cabinets and the stove. Firefighters also ventilated the structure. - Fire News photo by Ken Badger

Page 28, Fire News, June 2021


Not a Simple Dryer Fire The volunteer fire companies of Dorothy, Milmay and Mays Landing responded to Blake Drive in Belcoville at 1413 on February 10, 2021, for a dwelling fire. While en route units were advised it was reported to be a dryer fire with flames showing. Mays Landing Assistant Chief, Ken Badger, Jr., arrived and established command and reported a working fire. Command had heavy smoke showing from a two-story middle-ofthe-row townhome complex. Mays Landing Tender 1819, stretched a 1-3/4 inch line to the second floor where the crew found a mattress on fire with fire extending into the attic. Additional companies arrived and the fire was contained to its origin but the complex suffered smoke damage to all levels. - Fire News photo by Ken Badger

And Another Brush Fire On March 14, 2021, District 22 units were dispatched for a rapidly growing brush fire in Evesham Township. Crews arrived to find an area of fire off the side of the road. Deputy Chief Zane held the call with two brush trucks, an engine company and the NJ Forest Fire Service. The fire was contained to approximately a 20- x 30foot area. - Fire News photos by Dave Hernandez


Quick Stop in Nutley On March 15, 2021, the Nutley Fire Department responded to Gless Avenue for a fire. Crews arrived to find a small fire in the Alpha/Bravo corner of the home and determined the address to be in Nutley and requested a full assignment from Belleville to the scene. Nutley Engine 1 Stretched a line to the interior of the home as the fire was quickly knocked down. Companies opened the exterior wall of the home to check for any further extension and the fire was placed under control 15 minutes after arrival. The cause of the fire was under investigation. - Fire News photos by Mark Rosetti

Fire News, June 2021, Page 29

Page 30, Fire News, June 2021


LONG ISLAND’S FIRST FIRE, RESCUE & EMS SUMMER EXPO Welcome to Long Island’s First FIRE, RESCUE, & EMS SUMMER EXPO. This monumental event will be held on Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13, 1000 to 1600. The event will be held at Hofstra University, in the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex, located at 100 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550. The event will feature hundreds of exhibitors, offering all the latest and most innovative products, services and equipment needed to be more in alignment with today’s needs. On display will be trucks, ambulances, turnout gear, all the best and up-to-date equipment, and vehicles, to make this EXPO a huge success. Be a part of this new and exciting event. Tickets will be on sale at the door or check with your department for preregistration information.


Super Vac, one of the leading manufacturers in fire ventilation equipment, has redesigned its website, supervac.com, to better promote its full lineup of ventilation equipment for firefighting and industrial applications. With dual product lines and the largest breadth of ventilation equipment in both industries, this website makes it easier to navigate Super Vac’s offerings. The website is divided into “Firefighting” and “Industrial” ventilation equipment and offers a number of resources, like fan comparison guide, ventilation duration calculator and fan placement guidance to help departments and companies select the best ventilation equipment for their needs. The site also includes a number of tools for existing customers, including product manuals, technical videos and a new replacement parts store. The new website also puts special emphasis on Super Vac’s popular battery fan lineup, touted in the fire industry for its compatibility with other battery-operated tools. (Super Vac will soon be expanding this lineup, so watch for more news to come.) Super Vac is the world’s leading manufacturer in the emergency ventilation products. A one-stop shop for all things ventilation, Super Vac equips crews with a versatile array of only the toughest solu-

tions, including the industry’s largest lineup of PPV fans, spanning from eight- to 80-inch blades, as well as smoke ejectors, available in 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-inch blades. Super Vac also manufactures rescue saws, rehab misters and other necessities, including the patented Smoke BlockAid for smoke mitigation.


Fire News, June 2021, Page 31

Medford Township Shed Fire On March 14, 2021, District 25 units were alerted to respond for a reported rubbish fire near a shed in the Village of Medford. En route, Deputy Chief Webb reported a column of smoke visible. Deputy Chief Watson arrived to find a 10- x 10-foot shed fully involved. NJ Forest Fire Service unit B-1 arrived before the engine company and kept the fire from spreading. - Fire News photo by Dave Hernandez

Quick Stop in Millville The City of Millville Fire Department responded to Third Street on March 15, 2021, for a report of a structure fire. Firefighters were advised en route there was a fire in the attic and alarms were sounding. Upon arrival firefighters located and made quick work of the fire and ventilated the structure. - Fire News photo by Dennis C. Sharpe

Page 32, Fire News, June 2021


1 Injured at Jersey City Junkyard Blaze Just before noon on March 12, 2021, Jersey City Fire transmitted a box for a fire in the area of Tonnele Avenue and County Road. Units could see heavy smoke in the area while en route. Units arrived to a working fire in a junkyard involving a large pile of scrap metal and junk cars. Several explosions were heard as lines were put into place. Due to water supply issues a second alarm was requested. Four aerial streams and numerous 21/2 inch handlines were put into service and the fire was brought under control in approximately 90 minutes. At least one civilian was injured and transported by EMS. The cause of the fire was under investigation; the same scrap yard was the scene of another working fire several months ago. - Fire News photo by Peter Danzo

Delran All-Hands on a Busy Day

While operating at a mutual-aid fire in Maple Shade on March 7, 2021, Delran Fire units were alerted for a house fire in their district. Delran and mutual aid units were released from Maple Shade and responded. Units operated at a two-story single-family dwelling with fire through the roof on arrival. The fire was brought under control within 25 minutes. No injuries were reported. The Delran FM’s office was investigating the cause of the fire. - Fire News photos by Dave Hernandez


Ready to Go in Bergenfield Members of Demarest Fire Department Ladder 1 Crew getting their assignment from Bergen County Fire Coordinator 12 at a fourth-alarm structure fire in Bergenfield on April 10, 2021. (Left to right): Firefighter Tim Slattery, Bergen County Fire Coordinator 12 John McLaughlin (also chief of the Demarest Fire Department), Travis Morrison, Assistant Chief Carl Pavlik, Captain Johnny Young and Lieutenant Matthew Carry. - Fire News photo by Chris ‘Doc’ Denton

Holmdel Township Doings In Holmdel Township, a new station is underway and the First Aid Squad has put into service two new command vehicles. - Fire News photo by Dennis C. Sharpe

Fire News, June 2021, Page 33

Page 34, Fire News, June 2021


Up Close & Personal

Atlantic County Fire School Instructor Bob Van Duke (Atlantic City FD, ret.) instructs a student on the proper operation and use of standpipe risers. - Fire News photo by Dennis C. Sharpe

Tenafly Assistant Chief Mark Friedrich along with his son pose for a quick picture before returning to Tenafly after fire in Bergenfield on April 10, 2021. - Fire News photo by Chris ‘Doc’ Denton

Farmington Firefighters Charles Corbin, Jr., and Bill Sorshek filling bottles at a second-alarm fire on March 15, 2021. - Fire News photo by Ken Badger

Oceanville Firefighter Rich (‘Deacon’) Maxwell who is an ordained minister in the Catholic Church. - Fire News photo by Ken Badger

Margate Firefighter Natalie Carlucci at the Castaway Cove fire on January 30, 2021, in Ocean City. - Fire News photo by Ken Badger

Dumont Rescue Company 3 Captain Terrence Baierwalter at a four-alarm fire in Bergenfield talking to his crew. - Fire News photo by Chris ‘Doc’ Denton

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Fire News New Jersey, June 2021 edition  

A publication serving New Jersey's Fire, Rescue and EMS Heroes.

Fire News New Jersey, June 2021 edition  

A publication serving New Jersey's Fire, Rescue and EMS Heroes.

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