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If Charlotte Salomon went on vacation, could this be a painting of her destination? Expressionist artist had a short life, a victim of Nazis, such terrible strife! Her paintings were full of color and feeling, like this Thai temple that is so revealing. This is the Sanctuary of Truth, a place of worship for elders and youth. If you go to Thailand to visit one day, learn a few words so you can say, “chai” is for yes, and “mai” is for no, “sà wàt dee” is how they say hello.*

K.Lee Mock, Charlotte Salomon Style Sanctuary of Truth of Thailand, gouache on paper, 20 x 20 in.


If Picasso Went On Vacation  

By Eric Gibbons & 40 Art Teachers (Available March 10, 2017) This book combines art, history, geography, cul...

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