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March 2012

Volume 2, Issue 3

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Astrology Insights for March Aum Mani Peme Hung The Energy of Colour The Power of Light Meditation New Beginnings & Renewal Our Healing Practitioners Spirituality in the Workplace


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March 2012

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Labradorite helps to reveal one's Carnelian calms the fear of death and destiny and brings forth strengths to rebirth. It brings serenity and share with the world and others. acceptance of the great cycle of life.

2 March Mercury enters Aries

NEW BEGINNINGS & RENEWAL Spring has sprung and with it the hope of new life and new beginnings. The

8 March Vernal Equinox was long ago associated with the Sumero-Babylonian Full Moon in Virgo Great Goddess Astarte, known in the bible as Astoresh or Asherah. She was 12 March Mercury goes Retrograde

considered the “true sovereign of the world,” tirelessly creating and destroying, eliminating the old and generating the new. As the Sun moves into the sign of Aries, it is critical that we all consider how much our lives are controlled by our instinctual animal nature, housed within the oldest part of the human brain, called the reptilian brain. The tiny amygdala controls our desire for territorial acquisition and defence, our need for dominance, our fight or flight response, and antagonistic threat displays. Interestingly, we now know from brain scans that the more traumas (cont on page 9)


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Astrology Insights : March 2012 A resourceful Jupiter Pluto trine in earth signs Taurus and Capricorn lights up the  heavens the first three weeks of March. This  is the third and final beneficial alignment in this  series between these two powerful planets that will be exact on Mar 12.  Jupiter encourages you to grow/expand in  some way; Pluto’s gift is a healing touch with the power to completely transform some matter in your life. Breakthroughs  in medicine and science also follow this  pair around and it’s often when miracles  happen. Moreover, Venus and Mars join Jupiter and Pluto to form an Earth Grand  Trine in the heavens from Mar 11–14. This  is an exceptionally positive configuration  that rewards taking action. The rub is Mercury Retrograde which also begins on Mar 12. This one will be  the most difficult of the year due to Mars also Rx now in the sign of Virgo, ruled by  Mercury. This is going to be a double dose  of trouble through April 4, when Trickster  Mercury finally resumes direct motion.  Both of  these Rx cycles suggest not taking  action in March, and not finalising matters. I wonder myself how all of these aspects   will play out in our lives. Earth signs have  a lot of patience  and that seems to be the  key to this combination of stop/go energies.  First-time events are the most likely to be compromised or unsatisfying with Mars Rx. But even tried and true  people and situations  can skip a beat and forget to take out the  trash with Mercury also Rx at the same time. Complicating this picture even more is   that Mercury leaps into Spring sign Aries in  early March, way ahead of schedule. Some will think Spring has sprung. Nope. Mercury  then  turns Rx and backs up into Winter sign  Pisces and the cold winds return for a late  freeze in some areas. Mercury will then be  delayed returning to Aries until April 16!  That’s three  weeks late which suggests a  very cold Spring up north. This also means   people may change their minds completely during this Rx cycle—you, too.  Source : On February 25th  and 26th, we are treated to an amazing display in the heavens as Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon all romp through the sky together. On  Saturday, the Moon rides high just above Venus’ head looking for a while like a crescent balloon holding the divine beauty aloft, with Jupiter looking on  from above. And on Sunday, it’s Jupiter’s turn with Venus looking on benevolently from below. Conjunctions like this are not particularly rare. They occur any year in which Venus sails ahead of the Sun as both approach Jupiter. Eventually, the Moon catches up with them both and puts on this display. Next month, the triple conjunction will be even tighter, after Venus overtakes Jupiter in the  evening sky in mid-March in early Taurus. Next month’s alignment is particularly impressive astrologically, as the Venus/ Jupiter/Moon conjunction forms a  grand trine with Mars and Pluto. The period from March 8th-15th  will be a highly critical time in the Middle East as different powers feel their oats and believe their physical strength matches the might of their emotions. Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon are known as the benefics in astrology, shining down their bounty on a grateful Earth below like celestial manna. Jupiter  bestowing his abundance with luck and greater good fortune, Venus providing the a somewhat less powerful fortune, and the Moon sweeping up from behind strewing flowers on our path when she is in the right phase, and mood. When all three are in conjunction, it’s a bit like having all your eggs in one basket. Whatever you have in a late fire sign/early earth sign is likely to get a free spin at the wheel of fortune: Aries/Taurus, Sagittarius/Capricorn, and Leo/ Virgo in that order of magnitude. On the unfortunate side, all this goodness in one spot has its down side. Especially with Jupiter in the earth (wealth) sign of Taurus, it is likely that the period from now until the next triple conjunction, this time next month, could see a spike in inflation and be the high-water mark for the price of fuel. As  Venus chugs off and gives Jupiter the old cheerio, that inflationary energy should slowly decrease so that by early summer, our economy should be back  on track for growth. (cont on page 4) March 2012 page 3

Astrology Insights : March 2012 It is also interesting that the stock markets continue to inch higher as this aspect gains strength, since stock is essentially a Taurean enterprise. As the Moon stresses (squares and opposes) Taurus on March 5-7th, 9th, 16th and 19th the market could similarly struggle. The time of highest tension in that  area could be around the 9th  as the Moon approaches Saturn. Most interesting is the fact that the times when the market would be under the highest  astrological stress is the  weekends,  perhaps helping us dodge a financial 6-shooter of bullets. Time will tell. Source : Mercury enters Aries on Friday, 2 March, a shift that usually encourages us to go forward with plans for new projects. But, we only have to flip forward a few days on the calendar to see that Mercury is going to go retrograde (backward) on March 12.   By April 4, when Mercury ends its retrograde phase and starts moving forward again, the planet will be back to where it is right now (February 26-27). This means that any projects or plans we initiate this week, and for the next four weeks, may need to be revised or go through another review phase before they can be fully implemented. Source : Meditation points for this full moon: Daily actions and small routines, do those still serve me? Am I really following my own advice to myself, or am I just criticising and doing nothing about it? What do I believe will make me healthy? Do I really do something about it? Full moons are the time for pondering, not for doing. This is the point in the cycle when emotions run high, and feelings on all levels are heightened. In this full moon, you will get a good chance to see the relationship between preaching for a better world, and the gap between what is being said to what  is being done about it. This Full moon is just a few days after the Mid Mars Retro Phase, Mars is in Retro in Virgo Since January 24, and will stay in retrograde in Virgo until Apr.  14. On March 3, Mars was in an exact opposition to the Sun, starting a new phase. This Mars in retrograde motion forces all of us to take a look at our daily actions. Mars represents action, Virgo is the energy of detail, of routine, and of doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. This Full Moon will highlight all those imbalances in our daily routines, do we spend too much time and effort on being healthy, eating right, exercising, and criticising every bite we take, fighting against diseases real and imagined – and all the while driving ourselves and everyone around us crazy with too  much emphasis on every little detail? On the other hand, some of us eat too much, do not exercise at all, and are hoping that their habits will not cost  them too much (they usually do). There are very few people in the world right now who are in the middle: yes, they do care about what they eat, but it  does not become such a central issue filled with anxieties and criticism, they do take care of their health, and again, give it due proportion.   This full moon will highlight this conflict between pure faith and human control. Next on the list is a small issue of criticism. Its there, always, sometimes we notice it more, most of the time we take it for granted as part of life. In Pisces  we imagine the perfect world, in Virgo we take actual steps into materialising that vision, and as we all know, its not easy. The frustrations of the imagined  ideal against its actual manifestation cause us all to criticise mostly ourselves but also other people. This horoscope, with Mercury in Aries conjunct  Uranus and square Pluto will cause all of us to lose patience, and say thing we might regret later – it’s worthwhile to attempt to think before telling other  people what is wrong with them, and If possible, make an effort to see what is good and valuable in them. Source : http:// Overall, this is not such a dramatic full moon, just more of what we usually deal with, frustrations,  criticism, the need to take care of ourselves and others in this world, while all the while aspiring towards  some sense of peace and happiness.  The best way to go around this time is to do what you say. If you promise yourself something – do it. If you don’t want to do anything, it’s OK, just don’t make the commitment. March 2012 page 4

The following is quoted directly from the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


It is very good to recite the mantra Aum mani peme hum, but while you are doing it, you should be thinking on its meaning,   for the meaning of the six syllables is great and vast. The first, Aum

is composed of three letters, A, U, and M. These symbolise the   practitioner's impure body, speech, and mind; they also symbolise  the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha. Can impure body, speech, and mind be transformed into  pure body, speech, and mind, or are they entirely separate? All Buddhas are cases of beings who were like ourselves and then in dependence on  the path became enlightened; Buddhism does  not assert that there is anyone who from the beginning is free from  faults and possesses all good qualities. The development of pure body, speech, and mind  comes from gradually leaving the impure  states arid their being transformed into the pure. How is this done? The path is indicated by the next four  syllables. Mani, meaning jewel, symbolises the factors of method – the altruistic intention to become enlightened, compassion, and love. Just as a jewel  is capable of removing poverty, so the   altruistic mind of enlightenment is capable of removing the   poverty, or difficulties, of cyclic existence and of solitary peace.   Similarly, just as a jewel fulfils the wishes of   sentient beings, so  the altruistic intention to become enlightened fulfils the wishes of  sentient beings. The two syllables, peme, meaning lotus, symbolise wisdom. Just as a lotus grows forth from mud but is not sullied by  the faults of mud, so wisdom is capable of putting you in a situation  of non-contradiction whereas there would be contradiction if you  did not have wisdom. There is wisdom realising impermanence,  wisdom realising that persons are empty, of being selfsufficient or substantially existent, wisdom   that realises the emptiness of  duality – that is to say, of difference of entity between subject and  object – and wisdom that realises the emptiness of inherent existence. Though there are many different types of  wisdom, the main of all these is the wisdom realising emptiness. Purity must be achieved by an indivisible unity of method and wisdom, symbolised by the final syllable hum, which indicates indivisibility. According to the sutra system, this indivisibility of method and wisdom refers to wisdom affected by method and method affected by wisdom. In the mantra, or tantric, vehicle, it refers to one consciousness in which there is the full form of both  wisdom and method as one  undifferentiable entity. In terms of the  seed syllables of the five Conqueror Buddhas, hung is the seed  syllable of Akshobhya – the immovable, the unfluctuating, that  which cannot be disturbed by anything. Thus the six syllables, aum mani peme hum, mean that in  dependence on the practice of a path which is an indivisible  union of method and wisdom, you can transform your impure body, speech, and mind into the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha. It is said that you should not seek for  Buddhahood outside of yourself; the substances for the  achievement of Buddhahood are within. As Maitreya  says in his  Sublime Continuum of the Great Vehicle (Uttaratantra), all beings  naturally have the Buddha nature in their own continuum. We  have within us the seed of purity, the essence of a One Gone  Thus (Tathagatagarbha), that is to be transformed and fully  developed into Buddhahood. 

March 2012

A U M M A N I P E M E H U M page 5

The Power of Light by Christopher Penczak

RED ~ Red is the colour of fire, bringing the properties of warmth, energy, and passion. The energy is very physical, but not grounding. For  some, red is too intense and brings feelings of aggression or is  associated with anger. Red is powerful for honouring and releasing anger,  rather than suppressing it. RED/ORANGE ~ Red-orange combines the best of the colours of red and  orange, like the spark of life in the ember of a fire. I was taught to use  red-orange in critical healing. ORANGE ~ Orange is another high energy colour, used to bolster energy  and the immune system. Orange also clears the mind and strengthens the will. Orange is associated with the planet Mercury, and  the  powers of the mind, memory and communication. GOLD ~ Gold is the divine masculine colour, associated with the Sun. Like  the Sun, it indicates good health, success, prosperity, and internal  power. Gold can be used to overcome fear, and to contact divine  will  and unconditional love. YELLOW ~ Yellow is associated with both fire and air. In some, it is associated with fear, but it also helps clear the mind and aids in spiritual communication. LIME ~ Lime is very cleansing, particularly for emotional problems or re-  pressed issues. It brings issues to the surface to be cleared. GREEN ~ Green is the colour of life, growth, and healing. I associate it  with the love of the Goddess, and the Earth, and I use it for healing on  both the physical and emotional levels. It is also the colour of  money,  and can be used for prosperity. Green is also the colour of the heart,  used for love. TURQUOISE ~ Turquoise is a great all-purpose colour, used for unconditional love and balance, communication, protection, and healing. When in doubt, use turquoise. BLUE ~ Blue is for peace, prosperity, spiritual healing and dream work. Try  visualising blue around you on restless nights. Blue and purple are  colours of Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion and  abundance, so  it is a strong colour when you want your resources to expand. INDIGO ~ Indigo is the colour of psychic energy, usually associated with  the third eye chakra, or psychic-seeing chakra. Indigo helps develop  visualisation skills and trust in psychic ability. PURPLE ~ Purple is the colour of spiritual peace and balance, bringing  tranquility not only for the mind, but also for the soul. Shades of purple are great colours when you are feeling spiritually unbalanced or out of control. March 2012

VIOLET ~ Violet is one of the highest vibrational colours and is used to  cleanse lower vibrations from an area. Like purifying incense, the  colour can remove unwanted energies by raising the vibration of an  area. it mixes the properties of red and purple. Some visualise it as a  violet flame burning away harm. I visualise violet light before and after  all my meditations and rituals. Violet is another colour used to in- crease psychic and magickal abilities. BLACK   ~ Black is a highly charged colour. People either love it or hate it.  Some fear black because of cultural associations with evil, but psycho-  logically black is the most relaxing colour. When you close  your eyes  and your optic nerve is relaxed, all you see is black. When the nerve  is agitated, you see all sorts of colour flashes. Black is a very healing, soothing colour. Black is the colour of the dark goddesses and the Underworld. Physically, black and all dark colours are very grounding. BROWN ~ Earthen tones are for physical healing and alignment. They are  particularly good for healing animals. Like black, brown is grounding  and does not have some of the negative cultural associations  that  black does. The brown earth is the provider and sustainer of life. RUST ~ Rust is another purification colour, helping release and shed un-  wanted energy and thoughts, like rust. The next time you need to  release something, visualise a symbol of what you want to  release. If  you want to quit smoking, picture the pack of cigarettes. Then imagine  it filling with rust light, breaking apart. PINK ~ Pink is the colour of happiness and self-esteem. Use pink light when feeling down and out. It centres, calms, and brings uplifting  thoughts and feelings. Pink is another colour of the heart chakra and love. Pink is used to express love to yourself and to others. SILVER  ~ As gold matches the divine masculine, silver, like the Moon, connects with the divine feminine. Silver is a for intuition, psychic ability,  and going with the flow. Silver is great for realigning your  internal  cycles, particularly for women, but in general it helps you adapt to  changes. WHITE  ~ White is the spiritual colour used by most traditions. Some associate witchcraft with black, but the White Goddess tradition is strong in  our European roots. The Druids were said to wear robes of  white,  although that’s under debate. White is the all-purpose colour, contain  ing all colours. Many use white light for protection and healing. When in doubt, use prismatic white light, what I call crystal-white  light, since it will contain the energy you need. page 6

The Power of Light by Christopher Penczak

In Greek myth, the Titan Prometheus stole fire from the gods to bring it to humanity. Our benefactor was later punished by the gods of O l y m p u s , s e n t  t o t h e Underworld and continuously tortured for this   transgression. The  light he gave to us mythically is an important symbol. On the physical level,  it represents the ability to cook our food and light our homes in the dark – a  technological advancement. On the  spiritual level, this light is the potential  for enlightenment, not only knowledge, but wisdom and understanding. In  many cultures and religions, the quest for light in times of darkness is a  central mythological  theme, showing us the importance and power of light. In our modern metaphysical sense, light is information. Light is  energy. Everything is affected by the power of light because everything is  light. Everything is a vibration. Light is the energy of vibration.  Ultimately, everything, including matter, is a form of energy. As living energy, we are constantly interacting with all forms of vibration, taking them in, releasing them, and processing them much like we  process food and air. However, our minds do not understand  subtle energy  as easily as they do physical sustenance. We can see visible light, but as  we stray from the visible spectrum, recognition becomes more difficult. We  can feel energy, but our human minds use  symbols, sensations, and feel ings to describe the energy we experience. We do not recognise energy by  a frequency or a wavelength. Instead, we feel warmth, coolness, tingling,  heaviness, or peace.  Those are all subjective experiences. Two energy-  sensitive people can walk into a room and describe two different sensations, but come to the same conclusion about the energy. In training the psychic mind, most people focus on the visual be-  cause we are used to working with visible light and colour. As in a dream,  we manifest our own source of light in meditation, creating images  and  symbols with our inner vision. And again, like the dream world, we can  receive information from our other senses while in meditation. Voices,  sounds, smells, tastes, and textures all give symbolic  information, and such  information comes from the same source as the visual input. March 2012

We use symbols to interpret, direct, and send our intentions with energy. Coloured light is one such symbol. The vibration of light can carry  an intention. In the next exercise, we will be visualising “spiritual  light.”  Although the experience can be quite vivid for some, we are not generating  light from the visible spectrum. We are using the visible light spectrum as a  symbol for activating our spiritual light and  psychic intentions. Count Down to a Meditative State 1. Get into your meditative position. 2. Visualise a giant screen before you, like a blackboard or a movie  screen. This is the screen of your mind, or what is called your mind’s  eye. Whenever you visualise or recall anything, or remember a person’s face or anything else, you project it on to this screen. You have always had it, but now we are gong to give it some attention. Anything  you desire will appear on the screen. 3. On the screen of your mind, visualise a series of numbers, counting  down from twelve to one. With each number, you get into a deeper  meditative state. The numbers can be any colour you desire,  drawn  as if writing them, or appearing whole. Visualise 12...11...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... 4. You are in your meditative state. Everything done in your meditative  state is for your highest good, harming none. You are now counting  down to a deeper, more focused meditative state. Count  backward  from thirteen to one, but do not visualise the numbers this time. Let  the numbers gently take you down : 13...12...11...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...and 1. 5. You are now at your deepest meditative state,  your magickal  mindset, in complete control of your magickal abilities. Showers of Light 6. Visualise a cloud floating several feet above your head. The cloud can  be white and fluffy, or dark and grey. It hovers a few feet over your crown. 7. The cloud will rain down drops of light. At any time, if you feel uncomfortable, experience the discomfort for a moment and, if you desire,  change it to a more comfortable colour. If drops of light are  causing  the discomfort, you can change their form to snow, mist bubbles, or a beam of light descending down upon you. 8. The cloud rains down drops of red light. Feel the ruby red drops descend upon you, and flow from your crown all over your body. They  cover you inside and out. Feel the energy of red light. 9. After a few minutes, change the colour of the drops, spending some  time on each colour in the spectrum. Use page 7

The Power of Light by Christopher Penczak

the following order of colours at first, but when you repeat the meditation, change the order as  you see fit. Red,  like a ruby Red-orange,  like the embers of a fire  Orange,  like the fruit Gold,  like the metal Yellow,  like a lemon Lime,  like the fruit Green,  like the grass or an emerald  Turquoise,  like the stone or warm seawaters  Blue,  like the sky Indigo,  the colour of a clear, midnight sky  Purple,  like a grape Violet,  like the flower Black,  like a windowless room Brown,  like the earth Rust,  like metal Pink,  like a flower Silver,  like the metal White,  crystal white like a prism or opal 10. After you spend some time with each colour, end on a crystal-clear white light to clear out any remaining energies that you do not want to carry with you. Clear, Balance, Ground 11. Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up from one to  thirteen and then from one to twelve. Gently start to wiggle your fin  gers and toes and slowly move to bring your awareness back to the physical. 12. Take both hands and raise them up over your head, palms facing your  crown. Slowly bring them down over your forehead, face, throat, chest, abdomen, and then groin, and “push out” with your palms  facing  away from you. This gives you clearance and balance, releasing any  harmful or unwanted energies you might pick up during your experi-  ence. Tell yourself :  I give myself clearance and balance. I  am in  balance with myself. I am in balance with the universe. I release all that does not serve. 13.  Ground yourself as needed.  Write down your impressions. By going through the spectrum of colours,  you cleanse your own body and protection field, and help to re-balance yourself. Sometimes I just use the seven colours of the  rainbow for a quick  and fun re-balancing exercise. Psychologically, colours can have a personal effect on us. Some  colours feel empowering, and others peaceful. Everybody has a colour they absolutely love. most of us have a colour that makes us   uncomfort  able. If we were attacked by someone who wore green clothing, green  might kindle those March 2012

feelings in us. If our mother always wore yellow, that colour would generate whatever feelings we  strongly associate with our mother. Other times, colours seem to induce physiological responses, due  to their energetic vibration. Generally, yellow is said to provide energy or  induce agitation. My family used to have a kitchen painted yellow,  and  more fights took place there than anywhere else, so I’m inclined to agree.  People will react differently to colour due to their own psychological and  physiological makeup. Magickally, each colour has certain correspondences, relating to  different elements, planets, and deities. The following are some generally  accepted magickal meanings of the colours, but I think it is always  important to get your first impression through the previous exercise. Release  your expectations about each colour’s energy. Try to qualify the feeling or  sensation of each colour in your body, mind, and  heart. As you grow spiritually, your likes an dislikes of particular colours will change, and you will  see the value in colours. The ultimate goal is to be comfortable with all colours of the spectrum, because like  a painter, they are all tools in your  magickal palate. If you want to bring the qualities and intentions of a colour into your life, do  another light shower meditation, but only focus on that particular colour or  imagine the light surrounding you, filling your aura.  Many people use col  our to effect healing on all levels, and prevent illness in the first place. Dur  ing the winter months I fill myself with green light every chance I get, and   usually cold and flu season passes   me by. Use your instant magick trigger  to access any colour magick any time. You don’t have to be in a deep  trance to feel its effects.

This article excerpted from The Inner Temple of Witchcraft  by Christopher  Penczak. This book, as well as others such as  The Outer Temple of  Witchcraft and  The Magick of Reiki  plus many more are available from Firefly Willows.  page 8

New Beginnings & Renewal

by Lisa Dale Miller (cont from page 1) of our so-called secure lives. Though few of us like to admit it, a person is  exposed to, the more active is this part of the the truth is that security is an illusion because everything is in brain, creating pervasive feelings of fear and paranoia. Though a constant state of change. This is the time of year to relearn humans still think we need these deeply  ingrained instinctual how to go with the flow. We are so busy controlling our lives behaviours for survival, our species has been endowed with that we forget to recognise and value synchronicity three other more highly evolved brains—the paleo-mammalian and  serendipity. Seeds fall where they will and things grow brain,  neo-mammalian brain and human brain—which together according to plan, though maybe not our own plan. Learning give us the ability to form love and attachment bonds, to to let go and trust that everything is as it should be makes for communicate with each other, to  cognise and process a more peaceful and contented life. complicated information, to intuit feelings, and relate with Taurus rules abundance and our relationship to money others. Combining these skills with logic and rational thinking and possessions. The spring is the time of year to revision our creates a   human being who can make decisions based less on ideas about abundance by  cultivating financial preparedness and instinct and more on ethical, moral and spiritual considerations. responsibility. There are some people for whom financial Meditation is the best vehicle for  increasing higher brain success seems effortless, and some who engage in an  endless functioning and quieting automatic amygdalic responses. struggle with their finances. Money is not a fixed entity, it is Most of you know that the Ares was the Greek god energetic and always in flux; sometimes we have more of it, of war. Aries, not only rules war, but also is the youngest of sometimes we have less.  A healthy relationship to money the signs, and by extension, the reflects a sense of rhythm and child of  the zodiac. Aries play. That Taurus, a fixed sign, represents the inner child; that rules the ever- changing world amazingly trusting, innocent soul of monetary matters that lives within each of us. If really  comes down to the fact you are feeling beaten down that it’s temperate and modest. and  physically or emotionally Frugality breeds an evenwounded to the core, this is the tempered relationship to money. time of year for renewal. A time It is true that Taurus loves to to start building back some selfbe  surrounded by luxury, but trust. I realise innocence is hard  there is a great difference to conjure up in the face of between insisting on good hopelessness, but this is the quality and indulging excessively best time of year to gather in materiality. your energy and turn over a Taurus also rules our new leaf or start new phase. If commitment to providing for your life is  in upheaval and you our families, our communities need to make changes, this is the best time to set your and our Mother Earth.  Connect your self-worth with your role intention and make change happen your way. as caretaker.   Taurus walks the path of beauty and gives away With the return of warm weather the desire to get its  time and talent for many causes. Don’t just gripe about the out and play is powerful. Aries also rules sports and exercise. environment: get out there and pick up  trash in your local park Spring has arrived and if you have been  couch-potatoing all or beach. Don’t just gripe   about the price of gas: go buy a winter long, it's time to get out and start moving your body! more fuel-efficient or   hybrid vehicle, or walk/bike to This is the ideal time to  start a new exercise program and work.  Don’t whine about  homelessness: get yourself to a make it a  natural part of your daily routine. A daily 30-minute shelter, food bank or aid program and volunteer your time. brisk walk can dramatically increase your health! For those of Don’t scream  about the trashing of  education funding: get to a  you who are already active, you may want to take on a special school and offer your services to the kids and get on the antichallenge, like doing your first marathon or triathlon. One war protest lines to demand your tax dollars  go to education thing Aries knows, life is what you make it! So make it not bombs. Enlist your brain, brawn, talent and time in shattering exciting and full  of joy! the illusion of separation.  We each can make a better world a Taurus brings a maturing of the child. Now faced with reality. getting its needs met, Taurus must learn to feed, clothe, and As the spring progresses the Sun moves into the  house itself. Of course this can bring  up feelings of insecurity varied and ever-interesting sign of Gemini; the  information and a need for safety. It seems no matter how old we get, life gatherer and dispenser. Gemini rules the mind and our thought still manages to throw us curve balls that rock the foundations (cont on page 10) March 2012 page 9


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March 2012

650.283.4939 HiC has been working with the Tarot for over 12 years.   His readings have been described as “a tarot reading, therapy  session & life coaching session all in one.” He uses the Tarot as a catalyst for the intuitive process to help bring information, insight, enlightenment & empowerment to  his clients. You leave a reading feeling empowered with the information needed to create the future you want for yourself.


415.314.8761 Michael Asa Da is the founder of Waveform Healing™, a method for deep & lasting change on physical, mental, & emotional levels. Many people find Waveform Healing to be the missing piece to their healing puzzle. He keeps a blog about the meeting of science, spirituality, consciousness, & healing. He leads discussions on his work, & how it fits into the overall picture of consciousness & healing. Michael is available for Waveform Healing work in person, via phone, Skype or Google Voice. page 2

Quote of the Month

When someone threatens your peace, move to restore theirs. We can either allow a person or situation to anger and frustrate us, or we can be a light and salve to the darkness and pain in their lives. Whose peace will you restore today? ~ Andrew Bowen, "Project Conversion"

New Beginnings & Renewal by Lisa Dale Miller

(cont from page 9) processes. This is the time to reclaim our mental space, to set limits on what gets  our attention, and to carefully examine how our current diet of information is affecting our lives. As you  may have noticed, our world is suffering from a bad  case of close-mindedness fuelled by fear.  Concurrently, we are also suffering from information  overload. Our lives have become a roller coaster of  good news one day, bad news the next and a constant need to deal with the ensuing manic  reactions  that follow both extremes. This is an  invitation to work toward opening the mind to a diverse range of ideas, while maintaining a self, rooted in a  calm centre. Gemini is best symbolised by flexibility, changeability,  and adaptation, and this is the time to cultivate these  qualities and incorporate them into our daily lives.  When  strong winds and hard rains come, the supple trees bend and sway with the each gust. It is only the  hardened, stiff trees that break and fall. When we  harden our  hearts and minds, plant our feet and  become immovable, we set ourselves up for failure. To  survive the gusts of hatred and fear, we must open our minds and create useful dialogue. Fear makes us  stiffen up and go rigid. The natural curiosity of Gemini,  with its love of communication, should be used to wo rk  o n op e n i n g u p around  areas of co nflict and misunderstanding. We can talk about it. We can find the right words. We  can  be inspired to open up to  others without fear of reprisal. We  can  relax  and let  our words be a force for healing. By following the natural energetic flow of the cosmos—best represented by the constellations—we  can plant the seeds of evolution and change. Blessings for a beautiful and bountiful spring!  Lisa Dale Miller, MFT, is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist in private practice in Los Gatos, CA. Lisa presents at conferences on the  clinical applications of mindfulness and offers trainings for psychotherapeutic professionals on mindfulness interventions. She teaches  MBCT, MBRP, and MBSR. Lisa is an internationally exhibited visual artist, the creator of, and has been a yogic and  vipassana meditation practitioner for more than 30 years. Find out more at March 2012

Spirituality in the Workplace

by The Daily Om We do not need to deny our spiritual selves while focusing on being at the office, even though working while walking the path of ascension can be e x t r e m e l y c h a l l e n g i n g . Commitment to a career can coexist peacefully with commitment to the development of the soul when we approach each with balance & determination.  Careers can tend to take up a great deal of time you might otherwise devote to your own awakening, so make the most of the free hours at your disposal by using your breaks to walk in nature or write in your journal. If you schedule healings, bodywork, and other therapeutic activities on Friday, you give yourself the gift of an   unhurried & restful weekend of rejuvenation. You can create a spiritually aware workspace by adorning your desk or office with sacred objects such as a Buddha or a candle that have meaning to you. If decoration is not permitted in your workplace, your supervisor may allow you to display a small item associated with your life path if  you explain its significance. Your workplace may not always meet your best expectations, but living with imperfection can also be a wonderful spiritual exercise.  Remember that you can strive for excellence in your own existence without asking your coworkers to exemplify perfection. They, too, are human beings doing all they  can to grow in spite of that humanity, & they can support you when your path becomes difficult.  In many companies, there is a spiritual reality tied in closely into the corporate culture. It is your choice whether you want to integrate the spirit of your workplace into your own divine practices or participate in this reality on a superficial level. However you proceed, realise that the spiritual values you hold dear need not be at odds with the energy of your place of employment. As an employee, your spiritual self is one of the diverse strengths you bring to the table. Simply by approaching projects,  goals, & interpersonal relations in the workplace with intention, you can pursue individual fulfilment while also doing your part to gently promote a healthy &  harmonious working environment. page 10

FFW March 2012 Magasine  

Firefly Willows March 2012 Magasine

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