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For wholesale pricing or to order email or call 314.776.7271 Mon-Fri, 10AM-6PM; Sat 11AM-5PM CST.

Welcome to The Firecracker Press, a letterpress design studio in St. Louis, Missouri. We are thinkers and makers, those of contemplation and action. We combine modern means with tried-and-true techniques to make things that people love seeing and feeling.

Since 2002 we’ve been inspired by simple precision, high quality, and a hybrid of the new and old. This collection of stationery, posters, and paper goods bubbled up from the in-between moments. Given a little time, a few conversations, and the desire to see what’s around the corner, we found ourselves moved by childhood memories, favorite foods, and cosmic connections. These ephemeral notions come with vivid color, humor, and a fine dose of Midwest élan. Please enjoy!

Eric S. Woods, Owner

Comfy cotton or petite polka dot, everyone has their preferences. Nothing shows better on the outside, than that which we keep on the inside. Pick a pair of undies or put on a Boobie Button and don’t look back!

NS01 - TIGHTY WHITIES (Poster) - 12.5” x 12.5”

NS02 - POLKA DOT PANTIES (Poster) - 12.5” x 12.5”

NS03 - BAG of BOOBIES (Buttons) - 1” Pack of 25

There’s no better way to say, “you’re out-of-this-world” than with our Solar System Cards. Each is letterpress printed using hand carved woodcuts and comes with a contrasting envelope.


SS16 - JUPITER (Card) - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

SS17 - SPACE JUNK (Card) - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

SS18 - COLONIZING (Card) - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

SS19 - SATURN (Card) - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

SS20 - BIG T.O.E. (Card) - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

SS21 - MOON (Card) - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

Things don’t always go according to plan. Our Body Positive gross-out novelties are guilded with metallic gold and jammed with good humor!

BP01 - TOE JAM (Card) - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

BP03 - EARWAX (Card) - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

BP02 - DIAPER (Card) - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

BP04 - BOOGERS (Card) - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

BV05 - LOBSTER (Card) - A7 SIZE Long Tide, No Sea!

BV04 - TACO (Card) - A7 SIZE You’re My Hottest Sauce

Our Bon Vivant Series celebrates favorite foods and those with which we love to share. On 100% recycled paper. Love, life!

BV06 - OYSTER (Card) - A7 SIZE Aw, Shucks!

BV03 - DONUT (Card) - A7 SIZE I’m Donuts About You!

BV07 - CORNDOG (Card) - A7 SIZE Wieners Never Quit

BV02 - CHOCOLATE (Card) - A7 SIZE You’re So Yummy!

BV08 - MACARON (Card) - A7 SIZE Treat Yourself!

BV01 - SUSHI (Card) - A7 SIZE We’re on a Roll!


ST01 - DUTCH OVEN (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

ST07 - HERS + HERS (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

ST08 - HIS + HIS (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

ST09 - SECRET (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

ST10 - BAG O’ HUGS (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

ST11 - SILENT NIGHT (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

Exploring the ins and outs of cohabitation, the Social Studies Series is made for those we most love. Share life’s awkward moments and make the best out of any sticky situation. It’s human nature!

ST04 - MORNING DEW (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

ST02 - KNOTTY PINE (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

ST03 - THE LEONARDO (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

ST12 - FOOTSIE (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

ST05 - SUMMER BREEZE (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

ST06 - CHÉZ SAMMY (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside





In a dream we followed a long line, not knowing where it would go. We found the same line the following day, while shopping, and after the weekend, at the studio. It brought you and me to the Black Stripe.

XX02 - BLACK STRIPE JOURNAL (S) - 5”x7” Blank Red Interior

XX01 - BLACK STRIPE JOURNAL (L) - 8”x10” Blank White Interior

XX04 - BLACK BUTTONS - 1” Set of 4




SQ01 - HAPPY NEW YEAR (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

SQ02 - STAG (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

SQ03 - YIN YANG (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

SQ07 - SORRY (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

SQ08 - BIRTHDAY (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

SQ09 - CONGRATS (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

This card series, one dozen in all, covers all the major occasions throughout the year. Anniversary, Mother’s Day, a word of encouragement? Letterpress printed on 100% recycled cover stock.

SQ04 - BIRD (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

SQ05 - MAN (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

SQ06 - FREEDOM (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

SQ10 - THANK YOU (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

SQ11 - KITTENS (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

SQ12 - SANTA (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside


These patterns come from our past and find their way into our future. Letterpress printed on vintage stocks, full of charm.

PF01 - KATIE (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

PF02 - NAOMI (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

PF03 - BEATRIX (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

QU01 - QUAD LOVE (Card) - 5.25” x 5.25” Blank Inside

PF04 - MICHAEL (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

NS04 - HEADS I WIN (Poster) - 13” x 19”

AZ01 - BIRTHDAY NOTE (Card) - A1 SIZE Blank Inside

AZ02 - MY FAVORITE NOTE (Card) - A1 SIZE Blank Inside

AZ03 - THANK YOU NOTE (Card) - A1 SIZE Blank Inside

Inspired by tin-glazed Portuguese tile patterns, these petite notes (4.75”x 3.5”) are the perfect way to reach out to friends AZ04 - CONGRATS NOTE (Card) - A1 SIZE Blank Inside

around the globe. Pair them with a poster or other paper goods for the perfect gift!

These brightly colored gems are great for a quick note... a brief case perhaps? Use them for everything to simply say “HI”.

BC01 - HELLO (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

BC02 - HEY (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

BC03 - HOWDY (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

BC04 - HI (Card) - A2 SIZE Blank Inside

QU02 - QUAD LIKE (Card) - 5.25” x 5.25” Blank Inside

RC01 - FLEUR DE LIS JOURNAL - 5” x7” Blank White Interior

RC02 - RIVER CITY POSTER - 13” x 19”

RC03 - WAVE (Card) - A1 SIZE Blank Inside w/Sticker

RC04 - RIVER CITY CARD - A6 SIZE Blank Inside

Our Travel Series fits easily into anyone’s luggage. Postcard home? Keep track of every adventure with a handmade journal.

TR01 - THE SUN (Postcard) - A6 SIZE w/Envelope

TR02 - THE RACE (Postcard) - A6 SIZE w/Envelope

TR03 - THE DIVE (Postcard) - A6 SIZE w/Envelope

TR04 - THE BEACH (Postcard) - A6 SIZE w/Envelope

TR05 - TRAVEL JOURNAL - 4” x 5” Blank White Interior

MT01 - COFFEE (Poster) - 8” x 10”

MT02 - CHOCOLATE BAR (Poster) - 8” x 10”

MT03 - RADISHES (Poster) - 8” x 10”

MT04 - BEET (Poster) - 8” x 10”

For wholesale pricing or to order email or call 314.776.7271 Mon-Fri, 10AM-6PM; Sat 11AM-5PM CST.

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For wholesale pricing or to order email or call 314.776.7271 Mon-Fri, 10AM-6PM CST

The Firecracker Press- Look Book 2  

For wholesale pricing or to order email or call 314.776.7271 Mon-Fri, 10AM-6PM CST