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The Differences Between Leadership and Management, and Leadership Coaching What Is Leadership? Leader is not born to be a leader; Leadership is learned during working process. There are many famous business leaders in the world; They were not born to be leaders. Famous business people usually had hardly way to become better leaders. Such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Henry Ford and Jeff Bezos, they are all very great business leaders, but they were growing from the basic management level. All of these people were young and lack of experience, but they still became excellent leaders during their long career life. Leadership is a word that we heard a lot during study or work. There are many definitions about leadership in different areas. However, I am talking about what is leadership in business. Leadership is the power of leading teams to reach goals by high level management skills, and create ideas. Sometimes, we do not understand what the differences between management and leadership are. Even there are many differences; however, I believe the biggest difference is leadership can motivate people.

What Is Management? "Manager" is a word that we can hear all time; maybe someone around you is a manager. The manger is an organizer of a group of people. Managers use the management skills to organize people to finish job. Management is the act of getting people together to accomplish goals and objectives. Management includes planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Manager leader "Manager Manager" VS "leader leader"

Manager The manager is the head of a team, a manager has subordinates. Manager focuses on how to finish work to get paid from companies. Manger keeps team stable and follows tasks. In a word, managers are the employees who would be able to manage team work.

You's Leadership Styles Blog Leader The leader is a heart of a team, a leader has followers. A good leader has personal charm; other people would like to follow him or her. Leader focuses on how to create new ideas and make changes. Leader has a long vision about the future. In a word, Leaders are the managers who would be about to create new ideas, focusing on long term goals. Totally, a good leader must also be a good manager, but a good manager needs to learn about how to become a leader.

How to make development a top priority 1. Do not waste your time. Your time is valuable, you will not like to waste time on anything. However, your time is wasted when your people fail to carefully think through their development Priorities. Your time is also wasted if your team members have not gained any skill and expenses during a long period.

2. Your people are a reflection of your leadership ability. A good leader should know how to grow his people's talent. A good leader should teach more knowledge to his people, let them learn how to solve projects. A good leader should be able to understand and speak knowledgeably about the development needs and leadership potential. If you would like to teach your people during work, tell them how to solve problems, and how to face on different accidents.

3. Top priority pays to use the white space. Traditional leadership development places most all of the responsibility for development on individual managers. However, the true is many opportunities for professional development actually occur within organization's white space, the functional areas and projects that span organizational silos.

What good managers do about coaching people? 1. You can encourage people to get out from comfort zones and experiment with new challenges, let them join in new work with their special skill sets. I think manager can motivate and stimulant employees to find out new and better ways to accomplish work.

You's Leadership Styles Blog 2. You can also encourage people to promote critical self- reflection. It means you can help them take frank and honest look at how they perform within different work situations and how they professionally present themselves to get benefits in different situations. I think manager can help employees to analysis their career life and future position. 3. You can help people to encouraging big picture thinking. Compared idea and find out what it takes to advance in your organization. Manger can help employees to build their blue print about their jobs, and help them find out better way to accomplish work. 4. You can take on are those of impartial positive arguments and negative arguments. A good coach would like to encourage individuals to more critically explore their career decisions. A coach also can help people understand the transactions that need to be taken into consideration when choosing different options. 5. Good coaches also help their people think carefully about the long-term effects of different development actions. Good coach should help people think about different possible ways for her or his career life. 6. A manager fulfills another coaching role in providing employees with feedback on their skills and development needs also Manager has the responsibilities to give feedback to employees. Employees should know how their works were, and they may find out how to make better work. 7. Also, coaches support career planning by requiring their candid reports to treat their development and career plans Coach can getting plans in writing, translating, time-limited actions, establishing metrics for periodically assessing their own progress on their plans, and giving people's best when presented with development opportunities. 8. Coaches know that they can't possibly be all things to all people. Coach can help people get helps from other ways. Such as other resources, other organizations and other people who would like to provide help. 9. Last, managers have responsibilities to people whenever they model continual development for their team members. Coach can keep connect with people and share goals; show them you will take on new work challenges. I believe that management and leadership both are very important for companies. Moreover, leadership coaching is very helpful for people who want to become a leader. Right now, I did not finish the book“Accelerating Your Development as A Leader” yet, I will write more about my reading in future. I hope I can learn more knowledge about leadership and management.

I am a Business Management student, here is my personal view. This essay is my personal reading note after read “Accelerating Your Development as A Leader” by Robert Barner PHD. This essay is talking about what I thought about leadership and management, if there are any misunderstanding, please let me know, thanks.

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The Differences Between Leadership and Management, and Leadership Coaching  

Leadership is a word that we heard a lot during study or work. There are many definitions about leadership in different areas. However, I am...

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