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APRIL 2011

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Welcome to Firat Educational Journal (FEJ), April issue.

Our team has prepared a masterful piece of Educational news for your family. This publication is written towards parents and children who want to pursue upscale education in college. In this edition you are going to read about how to get rid of “toxic company” and also have access to amazing hints of Spanish and Math. Don‟t think twice! Flip our electronic pages and get into information and great opportunities to get free special offers on page 4 and 9! Enjoy it!

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APRIL 2011

Dealing with a “Toxic Company”

By Roberto Noce* Do you know a toxic person? Often, when we have toxic people in our lives, we can't put our finger on it. We just know that "something's not right" with the way this person interacts with us and the world. Therefore, instead of giving you a definition of a toxic person, I think it would be more helpful to include examples. Here are some common traits of toxic people, as I have experienced them and others have shared with me: 

Someone who invariably has a better

idea than yours ("Yes, but..."). 

Someone who whines constantly

about everything 

Someone who makes you feel sad,

angry or just plain tired. 

Someone who seems happier when

things go wrong ("I knew it" or "Told you so"). 

Someone who constantly finds fault

with you or others (what you said,

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what you're wearing, who you're with, the decisions you make, etc.). 

Someone who will rant and rave and

then act like nothing happened. Someone who is never satisfied, even when they get what they want. 

Someone who is consistently late,

breaks promises, and always has excuses even though their "excuses" never really explain anything that would make a person late or unable to meet a commitment. During a recent conversation on the topic of the importance of support systems , someone brought to my attention how his dealings with some negative and


APRIL 2011


obnoxious people at the office stifled

selves, and drive our reactions and daily

his ability to work effectively. Similarly,

behavior. How we deal with both external

a father explained how the "bad com-

and internal company affects how we

pany" his son kept caused him to stray

deal with those around us. This, in turn, af-

from being otherwise a diligent student

fects their perception of us. Thus, creates

to getting involved with drugs and sub-

the cycle of interaction that defines our

sequently being suspended from his

relationships - to ourselves and others.

high school.

Toxic Company

In this newsletter, I decided to write about the "company we keep". We all

If you have been wise or lucky enough to eliminate all the toxic people from your

live in society and are part of

life, congratulations! However,

multiple communities. As so-

most of us, either in our personal

cial beings

or professional lives, must deal

we are af-

“I view not only the people

with at least one toxic person: a

fected by

around us but our thoughts

family member, a friend, a col-

the behavior, ac-

and feelings as the „company we keep‟ ”

league, a boss, other profession-

Roberto Noce

als, etc. They show up, and sud-

tions, and

denly the day takes a turn for

thoughts of those around us -

the worst. They zap us with their

family, friends, co-workers.

Negativity Rays, draining us of

Additionally, we are in the

precious physical and emotional

company of our thoughts and feelings,

energy. And then you find yourself spend-

which are in constant development.

ing time, energy, and emotional strength

Exterior company is always changing;

trying to deal with them or recovering from

interior company is ever-present.

the encounter.

For this reason, I view not only the

Similarly, have you ever woken up in the

people around us but our thoughts

best of moods, stretched your arms way up in

and feelings as the "company we

the air, enjoyed a nutritious breakfast, basked

keep". They continuously transform

in the smiles of your spouse and/or children,

the essence of who we are, our true

only to suddenly find yourself bored and up-

. Educating our future with solutions for life. ™



APRIL 2011

set just a few hours later? The same as an

it's possible for us to keep bad exterior or

obnoxious boss, these feelings pass

interior company that pulls us down, so

through us and drag us into their dark cir-

is it possible to choose to keep positive

cle of influence.

company that works to raise us up in

So how do we deal with Toxic Com-

any moment. In other words, we can

pany? First, we need to recognize these

choose not to get dragged down when

rascals and be prepared to deal with

we find ourselves in the presence of

them all:

negative people, and we can choose not to get dragged down when we are

1. Those who drag up old painful events

alone as well. When we don't buy in to

and then revel in the anger, resentment,

the toxic people around us and the tox-

or bitterness that such unhappy memo-

ic thoughts and feelings inside of us, we

ries hold.

leave them bankrupt.

2. Those who pull themselves up by drag-

Good riddance.

ging others through the mud. These are the gossipers, the backstabbers, and the ones who begin conversations with phrases like, "Normally I don't talk about these kinds of things..." Those who resist the beauty of life. They trick us into "helping" them by trying to get them to see the good in life. They never do. Their currency is gossip, anger, unhappiness, criticism, judgment, and complaints. No one can afford to spend time with them. Therefore, we must remember that keeping the company of negative exterior or interior company is a choice, NOT an obligation. In both cases, just as

*Roberto Noce holds a Bachelor of Science

degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and two masters degree. He is also the founder of Pivotal Changes ~ Life and Business Coaching. Noce chose coaching as a means to share his insight and expertise and help others live their passions. He has also completed extensive continuing education on coaching and executive development. Noce writes monthly for Firat Educational Journal. Contact: or 713-505-5576

Educating our future with solutions for life. ™



APRIL 2011

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Educating our future with solutions for life. ™



APRIL 2011

Quick Tips For Spanish Learners

By Deyanira Balboa* In our last Quick Tips for Spanish we talked about how important is to develop an “ear” for Spanish and also avoid to look for perfection in the learning process. For this month we are going to see tips 3, 4 and 5. With those, you will soon become a great Spanish speaker! Image courtesy of

3) Do SPEAKING! The only way to learn to speak Spanish or any other language is by actually SPEAKING it. You can study for many years, and try your best at mastering the grammar rules, but unless you actually practice speaking, the language will not become fluent. It is very important that when you practice speaking you do it out loud and don‟t be afraid of messing up; because sometimes only by making a mistake, we make a correction.

4) Be CONSISTENT Commitment is the key to be not only good but successful at anything we do therefore consistency is far and away the most important factor. If you can at least commit a solid 15-20 minutes a day, mostly every day, you will be way more victorious than if you “hit the books” for an hour or two, but only periodically. 5) Be TOLERANT Advance in language learning does not always follow a straight-line graph. You cannot expect to get the same amount of proContinues on next page

Educating our future with solutions for life. ™


Wisd in om-

m/wsj/ 0e5-

APRIL 2011


gress or results, every day, week or

Spanish Curiosities!

month. You may find yourself battling at

Why are so many Hispanic surnames hyphenated?*

times, and at the end it might seem to make no progress so that‟s when you have to be tolerant with yourself and remember that first day on the bike and how you tried and tried until you finally got on the road. It is normal to reach

The two surnames are ancestral, with the father's family name followed by the mother's family name. In Colombia, for example, "Ernesto Escobar Vega" uses two surnames ("Escobar Vega") as his legal name, with "Escobar" coming

plateaus in your learning progress and

from his father and "Vega" coming from his

what I‟ve realized and what might help


you to get out of the bump is to go back reviewing the basics of the area you are struggling in, and many times this will help you to be even more ready for the next level.

This naming convention is the rule in Spanish-speaking countries, says Jeff Kirsch, a faculty associate in the Division of Continuing Studies at UW-Madison, "but it's subject to confusion when people come to the United States. Many Hispanics in the U.S. hyphenate „Escobar-Vega' as their surname so that people know that „Escobar' is not a middle name. The concept of a middle name is foreign to most Hispanic cultures." Given names can also cause confusion, Kirsch adds. "The given name of „Juan Carlos Vargas Blanco ' is not „Juan,' but „Juan Carlos.'" Some first names are simple, such as Ana, while

*Deyanira Balboa was born in Salamanca, Great Mexico. She graduated from Texas Southern University with a Bachelors Degree in Science. Deya has been tutoring Spanish with FES for almost 2 years now. Besides that, she works for

others are compound, such as Ana Teresa, he adds. What does this tradition say about culture in Spanish-speaking countries? "It recognizes the family heritage of the mother, gives her greater importance than in some other cultures," says Kirsch.

an Engineering Company and teaches Tennis when she is not in the office.

* This text was a courtesy of Wisconsin State Journal ( Produced in cooperation with University Communications) http://

Educating our future with solutions for life. ™



APRIL 2011


Hints Of Math

tax added to every purchase. Sally decides to buy two pairs anyways at $15

By Edward Garcia Jr* Today we will talk about input, output. When you out a value into a function you will get another value.

each. How much did Sally pay for them? So now we have the same expression but; x = cost of pants and y = total cost total cost = 2(cost of pants) + $3

First, let‟s talk about a function. A

x = $15

function is an expression like: y = 2(x) + 3

total cost = 2($15) + $3 total cost = $30 + $3

When you look at this expression, you see an x and a y. Well x is your input and you y is your output. Think about a soda machine, when you put the correct change in, you get a beverage of your choice. Well the expression is your soda machine, the x

total cost = $33 Sally ended up paying $33 for her two pairs of pants. Next month we will continue about the same topic but introducing coordinate points. See you then!

is your change and y is your beverage. Let‟s use the same expression for an example: Take x = 4, substitute 4 for x y = 2(4) + 3 y=8+3 y = 11 So your input was 4 and your output was 11. Now let‟s add a word problem using the same expression: There is a pair of pants Sally really

*Edward Garcia Jr. is a graduate from the University of HoustonDowntown with Bachelor’s in Science for Applied Mathematics and a Minor in Statistics. He is also one of FES Math tutors.

likes, but the store has a $3 dollar sales

Educating our future with solutions for life. ™



APRIL 2011

"Educating our future with solutions for life" ™

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APRIL 2011


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As Student Absenteeism Rises, a Chater School Fights back by The New York Times Can Universities Keep the Minority Students They Woo? by Education News

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