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The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine Vol. 36, No. 1, 2012

ISSN 1609-5693

The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine Volume 36, Number 1 2012

Scientific Journal Publication by College of Veterinary Medicine University of Baghdad IRAQ

Republic of Iraq Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Baghdad University - College of Veterinary Medicine Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine Editor – in – Chief: Dr. Mohammed Jawad Eesa Editorial Manager: Dr. Ali Fathel Alwan Editorial secretary: Dr. Firas Rashad Abdulateef

Executive Editorial Board: Dr. Alia Yousif Yaqob Dr. Shakir Mahmood Mirhish Dr. Saleem Amin Hasso Dr. Khalisa Kadim Khudair

Consultative Board:Dr. Hassan Ali Abdul-Ratha Dr. Anton Sabri Anton Al-Banna Dr. Nouman Salman Al-Samarrea. Dr. Fouad Kaism Mohammad Dr. Mudhaffar Nafie Raho Al-Saigh Dr. Faisal Ghazi Habasha Dr. Mohammed Jawed Alwan Dr. Alaa Abdul Khaleq Sauuad Dr. Abdul Bari Abbas Alfaris Dr. Saad Salih Al-Dujaily Dr. Emad Gauad Khammas Dr. Baraa Najim Al-Okaily The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine is printed and organized by: Dr. Hassan Falah Kashif Alkitaa Dr. Falah Muosa Kadhim Amira Kamil Mohammed Hayder Abdul-Kareem Hasan

Staff of the editorial office : Abid Fathil Ali Mona Hamid Mosa

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The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine(IJVM) ISSN:1609-5693 Instructions to authors First: The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine, published by the College of Veterinary Medicine - University of Baghdad, Iraq. Concerned with the publishing original research and the value of the relationship in various fields of Veterinary Medicine, animal production, life sciences, the report cases of disease and small articles in both Arabic and English languages. Second: A research submitted for publication that not has been published or accepted for publication in any other journal and the former is research evaluation of specialists before acceptance for publication and become a king, nor the right of the researcher withdraw primitive in the case of refusal to publish the research. Third: Provide the researcher a request to the editorial in chief of Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - University of Baghdad purports to which the viability of publishing his research in the Journal accompanied by three copies of the research with the amount of twenty five thousand dinars for the costs of evaluation of research are not refundable, or submitted by e-mail to the Journal (, and after evaluation of affirmative researcher offers two versions of the Search rate after the assessment with a CD-ROM (CD)accompanied by the rest of the publication fee referred to in paragraph six. Fourth: Type written, according to the system(Microsoft Word 2007) and individual spaces, including tables, forms and sources used paper size (A4) and prints the line type(Time New Roman) of research and all songs are copyright the dimensions 15 cm distance (width) x24 cm (length) and pagination center bottom of the page. Title researcher writes in both Arabic and English and the name of the researcher or researchers and the workplace together with the means of communication (mobile number, E-mail and the final certification ), and after evaluating the research by scientific reviewers are correct research by the researcher and prints according to the instructions below: Address line Arabic and English bold (16) beneath the name of the researcher or researchers, the size of (14) bold underneath the title work of each researcher size (12) regular, and the mobile phone number and e-mail, and the line of secondary addresses bold (14) center of the page messages and a line aboard the research plain (12) and send your search in the case of a color image is original. Fifth: Regulating search a paragraph interval distance of one line between subheadings as follows: Title: The first page contains the address of the research in the middle interval followed by a one line researchers or researcher name, address and e-mail address of the researcher and the first mobile phone number. Summary: No more than 200 words and show a clear and concise way of work and results, conclusions and only mentioning the rise or fall significantly without mentioning values, comes the summary in English after the summary of Arabic research written in Arabic and vice versa for papers written in English and stamped summary in English and Arabic key words. Introduction: Includes brief scientific background of the research topic and include

new information and the purpose for which the research was conducted. Materials and methods: Remember adequate information and support sources, and also modern sources and use metric units of measurement and global in the search. The statistical program and the statistical method used in the analysis of data and know the symbols and abbreviations and marks adopted for statistical comparison. Results and Discussion: Exposure together accurately, referred to the practical significance of the results and discuss them with new sources of support. Remember, the conclusions briefly at the end of the discussion. Tables and Figures: You should submit forms, tables, graphs, adequate information with the failure to the information in the text, and numbered as given in the text, and not more than the table size or shape measurements of the paper and put the tables, forms, chart safter the end of the results and discussion and by sequencing.. Thanks and appreciation: Remember those that have provided support and financial assistance, scientific, and people who have contributed in the research but did not include them as researchers. References: A –Are referred to sources in the text by numbers and sequence according to the source and when more than one source to arrange the numbers according to the chronology of the sources and applied S is raised. Remember, summaries of scientific journals and addresses of each journal. B -The order of the sources in the end of the research, according to the sequence of numbers appearing in the text regardless of the proportion of books that did not exceed 10% of the sources and bases depends the following when writing. If the source journal: Written by researcher last name (surname), and the initials of the name I and II, and year in parentheses, title, journal name and acronym commonly used scientifically, the Vol., No. and page number, such as: Williams, JC. (1997). Antiparasitic treatment, current status and future. Vet. Parasitol., 127:61-77. If the sources book: The author's last name (surname), and the initials of the name I and II, and year in parentheses, title of the book, edition and place of publication, publisher and page number example: Ingrkam, JL. and lngrahan, CA . (2000). Introduction. In: Text of Microbiology. 2nd ed. Anstratia, Brooks, Co. Thompson Learning, P: 55. If the source is a chapter from the book, the author's name or names of authors and year in parentheses, the title of chapter, title of the book , the name or names of editors, place or point of publishing and page number, example: Andersen, RM. (1998). Epidemiology of parasitic infections. In: Topley and Wilsons Lnfections. Collire, L. ; Balows, A. and Jassman, M. (Eds.), Vol, 5,9th ed. Arnold a Member of the Hodder Group, London, Pp: 39-55. If the source is master or doctoral thesis written as follows: Last name of the author's thesis and then the first name and the second, year in parentheses. The title of the thesis, College, University, the page number example: Kashifalkitaa, HF. (2008). Effect of bromocriptine and dexamethasone administration on semen characteristics and certain hormones in local male goats. PH.D Thesis, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, Pp: 87-105. Sixth: Accept the research after evaluated and accepted by the affirmative researcher ,after the payment of wages for publishing the amount of 100,000 dinars if the researcher degree professor and 75,000 dinars, if a researcher degree of Assistant Professor and 50,000 dinars, if a researcher degree instructor or instructor assistant by the researcher who received their names in find. And ten thousand dinars to increased

research (12 pages) and add 10,000 dinars for each page containing the form of one or more colored. Secretarial editor of the Iraqi veterinary medicinal Iraq - Baghdad - Amiriya - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Daoudi Post Office \ r Karkh.To 28061 Or the University of Baghdad - College of Veterinary MedicineWWW.COVM.UOBAGHDAD.EDU.IQ Or mail your magazine IRAQIJM@YAHOO.COM Tel: (+964) -07400187917

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