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Fifteen years ago, it was definitely impossible to watch TV on computer, because there was no such thing as receiver hardware that you can install on your computer. Today, that hardware can hardly be found on the market, why? Because people can use the power of internet to watch TV on computer. Today, if you know how to use search engine, you should be able to find websites that allow you to watch TV channels on your browser. You can even watch NFL football online, for example you type "watch NFL online streaming" into the search engine, you will find a bunch of website that gives you information on how to do it. It is not necessary a pleasure to watch television on those websites because the channels are not updated, which means they only replay the TV programs that they recorded before. Video and audio quality is bad and you have to tolerate the slow streaming. After searching for answers long enough, people found a better way to watch TV on computer. This time they can watch live television programs with better audio and video quality but not a better streaming ability. There are several software available on the net for free that allow people to access to several Television channels. However it is not very fascination because most of the channels are unpopular and unknown, you might get few popular channels like sky sport, ESPN, CNN (sometimes), and so on. Again, people are curious and searching for the answers to meet their expectation. Finally three years ago a new kind of software was developed. And it is considered the perfect answer to those, who are seeking today. Unfortunately it is not available for free, which is a very good sign that the company is focusing to make the software better. Even though the PC satellite TV software requires you to pay before downloading, it is not as expensive as you imagine in your wildest dream. The most interesting part is that it does not require you to pay monthly like what you do for your conventional satellite TV software. Considering the fact that the PC satellite TV software is installed on millions of computer in the US alone, many people consider it as a new modern way of watching television, some even consider it as a way to save money.

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