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TRU: The T Riders Union The T Riders' Union (TRU), a program of ACE,organizes public transit riders to build a unified voice and movement for better public transportation in Greater Boston. Together, we develop and implement strategies to improve the quality of public transit. Our focus is on transit dependent communities – neighborhoods that are predominantly people of color and/or lower-income, where residents are likely to not own cars and therefore depend on public transit to get to work, school, recreation, and shopping. We have joined together to demand our fair share of service becausethe MBTA and the state have failed to meet the needs of riders in lower- income neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color . Busesare unreliable, crowded, and slow, and continue to pollute the air we breathe with dirty diesel exhaust, causing asthma and other health problems. Better public transit will alleviate these health problems and help combat climate change by cutting down on waste and pollution. TRU members are currently demanding three things from the MBTA: more buses on the most crowded routes, reliable on-time bus service, and more bus service on nights and weekends . Richard Davey, general manager of the MBTA, attended one of our recent member meetings, and we are working with him to make these demands a reality. Every rider has a place in our monthly meetings. We ask that you share your experiences on the T, your concerns, and your ideas with TRU so that we can build our own power to win improvements and the first-classservice we all deserve. Ways you can help fight for transit justice! Tell Your Story Have an MBTA horror story? If you think you’re alone, you’re not. Share your story by coming to a meeting, calling or writing our TRU organizers, or posting it on our Bus Marathon web page. We need the voices and experiences of riders like you to document what is actually happening and to demand improvements. Interested in TRU? Contact Lee Matsueda for more information.

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