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Sec$on six  in  your  pink  packet,  PAR   Project  Overview,  talks  about   crea$ng  a  Strategy  Map.  

Real &   meaningful  

Today, through  group  discussion  &  reflec5on,   you  will  create  a  detailed  rough  dra-.     Follow  my  steps,  and  specific  instruc3ons,   and  you  will  be  done  with  one  component  of   your  project  and  receive  30  PROJECT  POINTS   today!  

Tape a  BLANK  map  on  195.  Now  that  you’ve  done  all  your  research,   use  these  annota$ons  to  help  fill  out  a  clearer  strategy  map.   1.  Write  down   the  problem  you   have  been  trying   to  address  or   solve.  

2.ACer determining  the  problem  or   issue  -­‐  come  up  with  a  vision.  For   example,  “All  people  deserve  a   safe/affordable  place  to  live.”  

3. Outline  exactly  what  you   want.  Demands  should  be    a   solu$on  to  the  problem.  For   example,  We  want  eco-­‐friendly   housing  built  where  BartleD   Bus  Depot  used  to  be.    

Con5nue Annota5ng     4.  How  will  you  get  your   demands  met?  Will  you:   try  to  raise  awareness,   flyer,  start  a  pe33on,   6.  Your  desired   start  a  campaign,  etc.   accomplishments     5.  Individual   maneuvers/ moves  used  to   carry  out  your   strategy.  For   example,  flyering   tacIcs:  determine   message,  image,   where  to  flyer,   etc.  

Short term  =   your  demand  &   is  easiest  to   obtain.  Mid-­‐term   =  more  complex.   Long-­‐term  =   systemic  changes   or  desired  social   change.  

REFLECTION –  BoZom  ½  194   •  How  can  you  con5nue  the  paragraph  started   below  to  introduce  your  strategy  map   narra3ve  for  sec3on  V  in  your  paper?                                                            (5  lines)   When  we  first  started  to  think  about  a  problem  we  wanted   to  address  we  started  to  map  out  our  ideas  on  a  strategy   map.  The  problem  we  decided  to  tackle  was…  



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