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Start Up – Page 52 – Type 1 • Watch 6 min of video from Occupy Boston from the night of 10/10/11 (the night of mass arrests). • Answer: 1.Record 3+ posters you see and/or organizations. 2.Describe how the occupiers organized themselves this night & two messages chanted. 3.Do you think their right to be assembled and camped out in this park is guaranteed by the Constitution?

Page 53 - Use the attached handout to organize 12 of the 27 amendments into six categories. • FOR EACH ONE ON YOUR CHART DECIDE – – Is this change (amendment) super important, important, kinda’ important, or not important (your opinion). – (NOTE: In class we split up the work and each group presented two amendments, of their choice, to the class to record and discuss.)

REFLECTION – Page 52 – Type 2 1. Which amendments did you seem to find the most important: amendments defining the powers of government, amendments defining the election or tenure of officeholders, amendments reflecting our societies values, amendments expanding our voting rights, amendments protecting our civil liberties, or amendments protecting our rights in the legal system. Explain why using specific amendments to back your opinion. 2. (6 lines/1+ cited amendment)

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