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Start Up  –  Top  ½  92   RECORD  WHAT  YOU  THINK!   •  List  the  order  of  stages  in  the  criminal  process.   •  Which  two  stages  could  be  reversed?   •  Complete  this  sentence:          The  ___________  stage  may  never  occur  if…   (ex.  The  arrest  stage  may  never  occur  if  there  is  not  enough   evidence  gathered  or  there  is  not  a  suspect.  


You must  be  here  today  and  tomorrow  to  receive  full  project  credit.  

STEP 1:  Select  a  leader,  reader(s),  writer,  two  presenters   -­‐  LEADER:  Ensure  everyone  parWcipates  and  doesn’t  talk   to  any  other  group.   -­‐  READER(s):  Read  loud  enough  for  everyone  to  hear.   -­‐  Writer:  Everyone  records  rough  draZ  notes  on  page   93.  However,  ONE  of  you  will  hand  in  a  final  copy  of   your  notes  on  the  page  provided.   -­‐  Presenters:  Tomorrow  you  will  present  the   informaWon  supporWng  each  other  and  providing   background  stories  to  the  notes.  

Step 2:  Read  &  Re-­‐Read  for  Understanding   •  Read  the  secWon  carefully  focusing  on  the  guiding   quesWons.   •  Help  each  other  understand  vocabulary.  (what  words  do  you   not  need  to  know  the  exact  meaning  of  to  sWll  understand  the  paragraph?)  

•  Also pay  a]enWon  to  any  court  cases  menWoned  in   your  reading.   •  Note  any  words  in  bold  or  italics   •  Tie  what  you’re  reading  today  with  what  you  learned   last  week  or  in  other  aspects  of  your  life.  Use  your   prior  knowledge!   Don’t  forget…you  are  all  taking  brief  notes  on  page  93.  

ReflecWon –  Bo]om  ½  92   •  What  are  two  details/clarifying  info  you  will   share  with  your  classmates  tomorrow  that  are   NOT  wri]en  in  your  presentaWon  notes?        (HINT:  Think  about  how  I  provided  other   details,  clarificaWons,  or  stories  during  today’s   PowerPoint  presentaWon)  

EXTRA CREDIT   Place  your  notes  on  ONE  POWERPOINT  SLIDE   and  share  it  with  your  group-­‐mates  and  me  on   Google  Docs.  Must  be  shared  by  10  PM   tonight.                                  BONUS  20  –  on  Homework!!!  

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