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Judicial System  /Civil  Rights  &  Liberties  Vocabulary   WORD   DEFINITION   USED  CORRECTLY  IN  A   SENTENCE  (your  own,   unique  sentence!)     Actions/laws  that    

unconstitutional     petitioner/   appellant       court  of  appeals/   appellate  court     U.S.  Supreme   Court       majority  opinion         dissenting   opinion       civil  liberties       civil  rights      

violate the   commands  or   guarantees  by  the   Constitution     Party  (person(s))   who  appeals  a   lower  court’s   decision  in  a   case/trial.     A  court  that  hears     appeals  from   lower  courts.   The  highest  court   in  the  U.S.  with  9   justices;  their   decision  is  final.   Opinion  written   by  a  justice/   judge  offering  an   explanation  for   their  supreme   court  ruling.   Opinion  written   by  a  judge/  justice   who  disagrees   with  the  Supreme   Court’s  decision.   Basic  freedoms   guaranteed  under   the  U.S.   Constitution   Guarantees  of   equal  rights/   treatment  under   the  law  

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jud vocab  

jud vocab