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Create your  own  notes  today  on  PAGE  75  about  the  State  and  Federal  Judiciary  System.   Your  notes  must  include:  


10 points  


A Title  for  your  notes  and  the  following  headings/subheadings     I. Dual  Court  Systems,     II. Jurisdiction  in  State  and  Federal  Courts,     III. The  Checking  Powers  of  the  Federal  Judiciary,  &   IV. United  States  Court  of  Appeals.  


Your brief,  neat  notes  do  all  of  the  following:   o Describe  our  Duel  Court  System.   o Explain  which  type  of  court  cases  are  heard  in  state  courts.   o Explain  which  type  of  court  cases  are  heard  in  federal  courts   o How  does  the  Judicial  Branch  check  the  power  of  the   president  and  the  power  of  the  legislative  branch?   o How  many  U.S.  Courts  of  Appeals  are  there?   o Which  FIVE  districts  are  in  the  First  Circuit?   o In  which  city  is  the  First  Circuit  Court  located?  


No misspelled  headings/subheadings      


28 points                


12 points  



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