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- Ms. Fiorini

2011-2012 TARDY POLICY 1. You must make up every minute you are tardy. This means that you must arrange a time to do so with Ms. Fiorini before school or during lunch, or after school. You may not make up time during another class. I will not go out of my way or nag you; it is your responsibility to schedule this time. This time will be spent doing work, helping around the room, or sitting quietly. It will not be spent on your phone or being disruptive. 2. Every ten-minute increment of time that is not made up by the end of the term will result in one full grade point off your average. I ROUND UP. This means that if, by the end of the term, you have not made up 47 minutes worth of tardies, 5 full points will be taken off your grade – for example, if you had a 92%(an A-), your grade will become an 87%(B+). 3. You must make up all your tardy minutes by FRIDAY of each week. Friday tardies count towards the following week’s tally. If you do not make up your tardies for the week by Friday, you cannot make them up and they remain a deduction from your grade. Each Monday, your tardy minutes will restart at zero. 4. YOU CANNOT MAKE UP CUTTING CLASS. UNEXCUSED ABSENCES ARE EXCUSED WITH NOTES, NOT MAKING UP THE TIME. NO EXCEPTIONS. 5. As stated in the handbook, more than seven unexcused absences in a term results in an automatic F.

2011-2012 BATHROOM/PASS POLICY 1. You will still be allowed three passesto leave the class for legitimate reasons (i.e. water, nurse, bathroom). If you go over this limit, you will need to make up time missed during class. If this time is not made up, the same policy for tardies applies. Remember…makeother arrangements so you do not have to leave my class. 2. I will sign the front page of your notebook, as before, and it is your responsibility to take this notebook with you to the bathroom, as it is your pass. If you do not take the notebook and are picked up for being in the hallway without a pass, you will need to stay for a 30-minute detention.

I have read these amendments and understand the consequences of tardiness and bathroom passes in Ms. Fiorini’s class.

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