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Integrate virtually eliminates client’s customer acquisition costs and brings natural organic SEO lead generator 10 new campaigns per week.

INSIGHT is a leading Internet Marketing Agency and has been a provider in the lead generation space since 2006. The company has always had to focus heavily on outbound sales in order to find new campaigns. They have worked with several affiliate networks and within the brokerage community in their efforts to connect with new business and increase revenue. They have experienced all the drawbacks of blind networks and the constraints of working with other systems. Company dollars have consistently been invested in sales and marketing. In the rapidly evolving landscape of lead generation, they have had to independently research upcoming market trends in order to identify strategic areas for development. They have worked diligently to develop and perfect an effective and affordable solution for their clients so that they could not only keep up with but surpass the Joneses.

Finding new campaigns is now as simple as setting the criteria they are looking for and clicking a button.

SOLUTION Adaroo found Integrate shortly after the platform launched early in 2010. Integrate’s semi-transparent performance marketing platform provided the perfect solution to reduce the company’s outbound sales strategies. The VP of Sales invested a few short minutes to create a seller profile for his company on Integrate. He selected all the verticals that Adaroo specialized in and designated the marketing methods that they used. He immediately began getting matched with campaigns that were a perfect fit for his company’s capabilities. Because of the flexibility of Integrate’s host and post cost-per-lead solution, Adaroo is able to maintain more control of the landing pages and maximize their ability to drive quality traffic. They can also access campaigns that were on a costper-acquisition and cost-per-inbound-call model. They can select which campaigns they want to run on a case by case basis without fear of reducing or eliminating opportunities. Most importantly, he can directly connect with the buyers. He can ask them questions about what they are looking for and discuss details of their campaigns. He can also answer any questions that they have. This goes a long way towards developing a relationship of trust. And through Integrate’s technology he receives real time feedback about lead quality enabling for early optimization. When the company has more lead inventory available, instead of picking up the phone and dialing until a sale is made, he simply logs into his Integrate account. He searches through all the available campaigns by vertical, allowed marketing methods, or campaign type and requests those that he wants to run with the click of a button.

Phone: 866-478-0326 Fax: 480-907-2812

Through Integrate’s messaging center, Adaroo can negotiate pricing and allocation and directly message buyers.

The company can easily view campaign metrics and performance statistics in real time thus providing more opportunities for optimization.

RESULTS Adaroo now gets 10 requests, sometimes more, per week from buyers wanting fulfillment on their campaigns, a 1000% increase in their volume of new business. They actually get so much business through the Integrate platform that they changed the settings on their account to receive their notifications daily instead of in real time. Now instead of accepting whatever campaigns come their way, they can actually choose the ones that are going to deliver them the highest ROI. Integrate has enabled the company to increase their bankruptcy lead business by more than 20%. Adaroo was also able to break into the auto warranty industry which has proven to be very successful for them. Currently they have close to $100,000 in allocation per month and the potential is unlimited. The most important benefit the client is experiencing is that their new customer acquisition cost has been virtually eliminated saving them in excess of $50,000 per year. The VP of sales has increased his time efficiency by 25% allowing him to focus on other areas in order to help the company grow.

TESTIMONIAL “Just when we thought that no one could enter the industry and make a really big splash, Integrate did it and in a big way. It is such unique way of approaching the business. And it has made a huge difference for us.” — Roger Henry, VP Sales,

Colorado Office: 1821 Blake St. Ste 2A Denver, CO 80202

They no longer rely on their own development team to identify emerging business trends. They wait for Integrate to show them what is next on the horizon and have their programmers act accordingly. They have increased revenue, reduced costs and exceeded expectations. They are also in the process of pursuing a more strategic partnership with Integrate as the experience they have had thus far has been extremely impressive, to say the least.

Arizona Office: 7150 E Camelback Rd, Suite 285 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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