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The Stitching Project


Oh what colour to choose? Rarely do we get exact repeats of saris- to make colour choices easier we work to colour themes Following you will find two rainbows to choose from • Jewel Brights- think tropical gardens • Autumn Tones- more muted, tertiary colours, misty, subtle

Saris… Most garments are same colour family print one side, plain the other. Wrap shawls have contrasting colours • • • • • • •

Second hand saris Check for quality Check for silk Colour sort Wash Press Colour sort for garments

Bright Red

Fire Red



Bright Green

Forrest Green


Tourquiose Blue

Royal Blue/ Navy

Royal Purple

Lavender Purple

Hot Pink

Hot Pink

Black, White and Red

Dark Red

Soft Pink

Burnt Orange






Old Gold

Olive Green

Petrol blue

Misty Purple


Warm Grey

Silver Grey

The Stitching Project January 2016

The Stitching Project is operated by Kayef Stitching Project LLP and operates as a social enterprise dedicated to making fine textile products... based in rural India, with a style that is a little bit ethnic and a lot contemporary. The Stitching Project ethically produces quality hand worked home wares, garments, and craft supplies and special orders for private customers

The Stitching Project Team Our work is produced by a team of people, Our products are labelled with the name of those who have contributed to the work from the weaving workshop, block printer, hand stitcher to the machinist. We can track and label your work with all who contributed if you choose. We are produce our products ethically. We have been accredited with Craftmark for our Kantha embroidery.

Sustainability We believe that it's important to be as transparent as possible about ethical, sustainable and eco friendly practices. We're not perfect, and there are still elements of our business that we would like to make even more eco-friendly, we try. Below is a list of practices we currently employ to minimise our impact on the earth: • We believe in fair pay for quality work, we largely work with rural women who are home based and believe the opportunity for them to earn a fair income will positively impact on their lives and the health and education of their children • We promote and use sustainable & fair trade cloths. For most of our handloom fabrics we have a direct relationship with the weaver families who produce them. • We design for longevity, not conforming to short term, seasonal trends. • We use water based, solvent free inks. Hand block printing uses little water in clean-up. • We use natural indigo and iron black prints. • We are very careful to use or sell on all offcuts from the stitching workshop.

Terms and Conditions •

Rates are valid for minimum 50 pieces per colour per style. 15% extra will be charged for quantities under 50. • EXCEPTION- items with Craftmark label minimum 25 items per style. • 50% advance must be paid upon receipt of Proforma Invoice, before production. Remaining 50% must be paid before shipment is dispatched. • All orders require 90 day lead time. • All rates are from our workshop in Pushkar, Rajasthan. All prices are inclusive of basic packaging. Items are put in a plastic wrap bag and then put into cartons. Please specify any special packaging instructions and requests. • Except for shipping documents, all courier charges must be paid by the buyer. Sampling Policy We are happy to send you samples of our products and make custom samples for you. •Samples we have in stock will be charged retail value. •Custom samples made by the sampling unit will be charged a per hour plus the cost of the materials. –Please provide detailed spec sheets.

•All courier charges will be billed to you.

The Stitching Project Contact us By email: Web: By phone: Fiona Wright +91 998 203 2755 Kanhaya Lal +91 964 965 1856

The Stitching Project is owned and operated by: Kayef Stitching Project LLP 5 Kishanpura Rd, Chawandia Village, Pushkar, 305022, Rajasthan, India.

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The Stitching Project- Colour upcycled silk saris  

Colour. Recycled Silk sari garments- what colour to choose?

The Stitching Project- Colour upcycled silk saris  

Colour. Recycled Silk sari garments- what colour to choose?