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pop rock history: summary of artists and awards

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ECHO Awards winners Catch the night’s highwlights and take a closer look at the winners backstage. EXCLUSIVE interview with Ava New rising star Ava Rana reveals how her dream came true and shares stories about her compositions. AVRIL on TOUR The pop rock star kicks off her world tour. Exclusive back stage photos are revealed… TOP 20 DOWNLOADS this month Find out what songs and albums are people are downloading this month. WIN TICKETS TO SEE MCBUSTED This live concert is expected to be the best of the year so don't miss out on your chance to win tickets for it. TUNE IN OUR NEW RADIO We have officially opened up our own radio to provide you with the music and news you need!


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Step-by-step fashion guide Check out the latest fashion trends including hairstyles and accessories to match with your outfit.



Charlotte reveals her plans on debuting as a singer

TIME WITH DEMI 30 GOSSIP Demi Lovato spills the secrets to her success. TO KNOW MATCHBOX 29 GET TWENTY Find out a lot more about this band





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McFly over the years A timeline from 2003 to now of the boy band who just celebrated their 10th Anniversary. Tweeters crash the site on Twitter MTV EMA introduced the social buzz which led to the chaotic situation. Fans trend hashtags in support of their favourite artists. PINK Find out what Pink is up to right now! She reveals her some her upcoming plans and mentions what she wants to do. MAROON 5 Catch a glimpse of the men during their tour. What do they usually get up to backstage?

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with this quick interview we did with Matchbox Twenty. KATY PERRY Katy Perry briefly talks about her new work prior to the release of her new album. HISTORY of POP ROCK Who are the significant artists of the pop rock genre. What awards are there that the artists fight for. Where is the genre most popular. Find out all about the genre in this special feature. Kings vs. Queens in S.E .Asia Get to know some of the top pop rock artists in South East Asia including CNBLUE and Scandal. Model Charlotte H enters the music industry After 8 years of modelling, Charlotte surprises fans by announcing that she is preparing herself for her debut.

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REVIEWS SONG: “Neon Lights” - Demi Lovato ALBUM: Kelly Clarkson Wrapped in Red MUSIC VIDEO: “Juliet” - Lawson ARTIST PROFILE Find out about the artist we introduce to you this issue… that is Michelle Branch! TOP 10 most popular music videos Check out the most popular videos people have been watching over this month! Competitions and giveaways We are giving away a range of goods from posters to albums. Be sure not to miss out on your chance to win exclusive signed goods as well! SOCIAL MEDIA Keep updated on our magazine with the range of social networking sites we use to provide information to you. QUIZ This week’s quiz tests you on your knowledge of popular songs, albums, artists and trends of 2013.

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Quick Q&A

“I really worship her and it’s just incredible” In fact in the coming up music awards, she revealed that she will share the same stage as Avril. “I was informed that I will be performing at the ECHO awards together with Avril. At the time I honestly was speechless and my mouth was so wide open that you can fit a whole fist in it! It is really tremendously worrying and exciting for me at the same time and so I will prepare myself well for an amazing stage on the night.”

Favourite quote? "The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible." What TV programs did you watch when you were little? All sorts. SpongeBob, Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry... What is the best dish you can make? Spaghetti Bolognese. Who would you like to work with in your next album? There are so many great artists out there I would like to work with but of course the person I have to choose is my idol Avril Lavigne. Where do you see yourself in ten years? Hmm, hopefully with significance around the world. Touring worldwide and debuting in different countries. A song you never get bored of? Avril Lavigne - Complicated. Describe a typical day of yours. Listening to music, playing the guitar, drinking a Starbucks Frappuccino whilst writing lyrics. What board games do you like to play? Pictionary, Snakes & Ladders and Bingo are my favourite.

Not only did her title track get fame, other songs in her album also received a lot of attention including“Lost” and “Starlight” which both convey strong features of pop rock yet it is comforting to listen to. All of her songs were partly produced by her, either with the lyrics or the composition of the song because of her beliefs as a singer: “I believe that composing and writing lyrics is a very important part of being a singer and so I want to demonstrate myself as a singer through making my own songs.” So how did she become the star she is now? Well, Ava reveals “I always loved music. I was part of the school band and performed in a couple of school shows. I am actually quite shy, so I never had the courage to audition but I received a lot of support and encouragement from my best friend at school and so in the end I decided to go for it.” It seems that this

The 16-year-old star that has shot through the roof with her popularity has also aroused much negativity due to her extreme achievements. Although we know that she is very much loved by a lot of people, on the other hand there are also many criticisms of her being “overrated” and that “she only got the fame solely because of her record company”. Nevertheless, she responds strongly saying “I am not at a stage where I can completely prove myself yet but I will show the world what I have in the coming years and that I am not the type some people say I am.” With the popularity she received from only debuting a few months ago, it leads to many to conclude that she will easily claim

Another thing she is known for is her fashion sense and style. The way she dresses out shine many other artists which gains her the nickname “fashion princess”. When asked about her inspiration and influences, she yet again expresses her love towards the well-known star Avril Lavgine: “I have been greatly influence by Avril, her success is tremendous. Not only is she known for her music, her fashion is also what makes her so spectacular. Therefore I aspire to be like her.” Although she does point out that she dresses according to her own preference as well: “I do like to dress comfortably, something simple is always good I think. Behind the cameras I sometimes wear just a shirt and jeans. I have my own style which makes me who I am I guess.” On the other hand, she reveals that as a child she was totally clueless about fashion and was nicknamed by the people around her. “When I was young

For some of you who may not be aware, as of next week, Ava will be holding her first ever fan meet in Westfield, London where she will be signing albums, interacting with her fans and giving away goods. She will be performing a couple of tracks from her album, including “Starlight” who she will be singing live for the first time. So be sure to attend and support her!


Ava made her striking debut in the beginning of January, introducing a fresh new concept into the music industry. Although she was totally new in the music industry, she proved her popularity with her debut album grabbing the number 1 spot on the UK charts only 3 weeks into her debut, which makes her the youngest solo female to reach number 1 in the UK. However despite her outstanding achievement, she was incredibly humble and continued to work even harder to repay her supporters.

In the short 3 months of her debut, she has come close to the world star Avril Lavigne being the youngest female to have a number 1 album on the UK charts. She expresses her honour saying “It’s truly amazing that I have achieved such title.”

Her debut album Fallen from Heaven consists of 12 songs. The title track “Rain drops” being self-composed and written by her personally has gained her much attention for its meaningful lyrics and catchy melody. It was described by some as a “song made in heaven”. She explains how she was inspired by the sound of rain drops on the window she heard in a lonely autumn’s night whilst she was in the practicing room. She then quickly jot down her thoughts on paper and composed the lyrics of the song. Shortly after, she started to compose the music of the song. “I sat back in the same room every night just to get the same feelings I had. Luckily it had rained all week so I could finish my song completely.” A while later when she had entirely completed the song, she proposed it to her company, discussed with them and made changes to it. After that, it was officially recorded and became her debut song.

Finally when the interview came to an end, she left a heart-warming message to her fans “First of all, I would really like to thank you all, who are supporting me day and night and giving me the endless encouragement I need. It has only been a couple of months since my debut and I am already receiving so much love. I am very thankful for what I got and I will work even harder from now to show you thank your hard work has paid off. I sincerely thank you all.”



e managed to get a chance to interview the 16-year-old rising star from London. The young star was hinted about to the public in late 2012 and was much anticipated by many people. The girl who is described as having the looks, music and style has recently caught the attention of the public for her debut. She shines over the UK, selling over 20,000 copies of her album in a short few months. The singer and songwriter has many musical talents including playing the guitar, piano and drums.

As a result she had demonstrated her hard work as by the end of February she had successfully managed to keep their position at number 1 in the UK and reaching number 3 on the Billboard 200.

I was commonly said to be a ‘fashion terrorist’ as I literally wore whatever I was comfortable with, not caring about the way I look at all. Until one day I realised how to dress nicely but also be comfortable and more importantly be me.”


By Fiona Wong

the best new artist award. As we know the new artist award is a hot topic at the end of the year and there is a lot of competition between artists. As a response she says “It is still a really early stage of predicting the award winners for this year and so I really would like to thank people for the amount of expectations they have for me. Of course I really want to get the award but you can’t always get what you want and so even if I do not win I would not be discouraged or upset because surely the winner deserves it and there is much more ahead of me that I look forward to.”




Ava rana

shy girl who went from performing on the small stage at school has now become an incredible young star in the UK. She continues “I had gained confidence after a while of performing at school so I decided to go further and audition at music companies. I was rejected many times by different companies and was told that I was not good enough but it did not put me off because my dream was to become a singer.” After all her hard work and perseverance, she finally got first place the third time she had entered auditions, the last being one which was organised by EMI -the company she is signed to right now. Although she had a tough long journey to get to the position she is at right now and it was certainly not easy with the many obstacles which got into her way, she still continued to fight for her dream.

Ava Jasmine Rana 16

24th August 1997

p i a n o guitar d r u m s

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