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Constructing Environment A03: Studio Journal(W1) Name:Minh (Fiona) Tieu Student Number: 643679 Chris Megowan started the tutorial with what's rather similar to our first constructing lecture, in which we are to create a structure out of paper aiming to hold a brick without collapsing. I initially started with circular shape by connecting the two end of the folded paper, to prevent any dent on the walls I've then decided to fold it to create a much like hexagonal shape. By adding a folded spiral at the centre evens out the force making it structure more stable.

Paper folding

Follows by a group activity that encourages us to contemplate our ideas, using blocks to create the highest tower possible using the least resources. We initially thought of an igloo structure, which will eventually closes up yet the hollow centre may cause the structure to be unstable and collapse, having an object standing on top of the structure. So we've decided to add series of over lapping squares to make the structure more stable at the centre. Igloo Approach

Due to the time limits we decided to take the idea of having twisted squares on top of on another in our centre of our igloo as the main structure, so we demolished the igloo and started from scratch. We had 4 stands for our structure, with a square base. Sketch of structure

4 stands had combined into one to reduce the amount of blocks used in order to maximise the height.

Series of blocks were added aiming to maximise the height of the structure without collapsing. Our group managed to create a 1.3m high structure yet we misunderstood the given task, we thought that we had to put an object “on top” of the structure rather than “inside”.

A different structure of blocks was added to again maximise the height using fewer blocks.

Final structure, holds a glasses case

Square based had been manipulated, un-used blocks was taking out to minimise the amount of blocks used.

End Result

Our tower was tested under different conditions until it collapsed, the upper part was destroyed by shaking yet our 4 stands was quite tough, we manage to get a person standing one footed on top of the structure. The series of twisted squares created a very strong structure, by having 4 stands the force are distributed out evenly therefore it was well supported despite the amount of pressure that was distributed on top of the structure.

Constructing Environment  

AO3- Studio Journal (W10

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