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Knocklyon Issue 21: January / February 2009

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Buying Your Wedding Dress ........................12 Crossword with Highlighting - Knocklyon Concert Band .......18 Saving Money on IT for ‘09 .........................20

Tarot-scopes for 2009 by Mags .............36,37 About Mortgages - Equity Release Schemes Part III.....................40

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About The Chinese New Year

- Slash Your Shopping Bill!..............................22

- Year of the Ox .............................................42

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November / December Competition Winners The winner of the Nov/Dec Crossword Competition was Jane Joyce, Balally, Dublin 14. Another chance to win in this issue on page 16. The Before You Sleep books winners were Sharon Bailey, Kilmacud; Corann Young, Knocklyon and Susan Albert, Ballinteer. Well done to all!

Welcome to the January / February issue of About Knocklyon Happy New Year and hello 2009! We may not know what the year ahead will bring, but certainly it will be a year with fresh challenges and new opportunities for everyone. In this issue of About Knocklyon we have tips on how to Reduce your Shopping Bill; Mags takes a look at your first Tarotscopes for 2009; we have tips those who may be engaged and planning to Buy a Wedding Dress and we take a look at Property Trends for 2009. But, its not all money and advice - there is a great new Word Ladder game to play and our Competition Crossword to enter; a Seasonal Recipe for you to try; we catch up with the Knocklyon Concert Band, who are celebrating their 10th year, and we have a packed list of Local Events which you can put in your new diary! We may not have a crystal ball, but one thing we can predict is that your local FREE About Knocklyon magazine will continue to deliver local news,local events and local business through your door bi-monthly - all with your support of course!


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Spiritual Healing by Fiona Tuomey

When you hear the words ‘Spiritual Healing’ what comes to mind? Some think it is a religious experience, others thing of ‘laying of hands’. I went to met with Knocklyon resident Patricia McCarthy, a Spiritual Healer who practices in the beautiful surroundings of the historic Kiltalown House in Tallaght to find out more. Firstly, I asked Patricia to give me her definition of spiritual healing. “Spiritual healing is about creating balance in the recipient to facilitate healing at all levels - mind, body and spirit. Many people seek out healing for physical ailments and often find great support in dealing with their illness. Healing is open to everyone, old and young, men and women. “

Patricia said that she benefitted greatly from spiritual healing and the experience prompted her to formally

But what about the ‘spiritual’ aspect of healing - do

train as a healer herself years later. She went on to

you have to have a belief system to avail of spiritual

train for over two years with the National Federation


of Spiritual Healing, who are a Registered Charity and the largest and oldest

Patricia explained “There is no need to have a

membership organisation of Spiritual Healers

particular faith or a belief in the process of healing just

in the UK.

a willingness to be open to receiving the benefits. Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy. It

But what can you expect if you go for a healing

complements conventional medicine by treating the

session? I decided to try a session to find out.

whole person - mind, body and spirit. Spiritual Healers act as a conduit for healing energy, often described as

Patricia’s room in Kilatown House is warm, comfortable

'love and light' which relaxes the body, releases

and very tranquil. I took off my shoes and lay on the

tensions and stimulates self-healing. “

treamtent bed, under a warm blanket. There was soft background music playing and the lights were

Patricia went on to say “A person does not need to be

dimmed. Patricia touched me on the shoulder to

physically ill to avail of healing. People come to

denote the start of the session and then again at the

healing to deal with depression, stress of every kind,

end of the session. During this time, I felt completely

changes in work or home, loss, worry, tension, and so

relaxed. I did feel a very ‘warm sensation’ in my right

on. Many see healing as an opportunity to rest and

leg during the session, which was not uncomfortable.

revive from the frantic pace of their lives. Some come

After 40 minutes, I got up feeling very relaxed. I

to recharge their batteries on a monthly basis.”

certainly enjoyed the session and while I did not enter

Patricia herself came to avail of healing following a

health, it was a very welcome ‘time out’ from my day.

it feeling particularly stressed or suffering from ill serious illness over ten years ago. While still receiving traditional treatment, someone suggested that she

If you would like to find out more about

might benefit from meeting with well known spiritual

Spritual Healing, you can speak with

healer Thomas Allen, who also practices in Kilalown

Patricia on 085 752 7265.






Hospitality For The Hospice but on the evidence of the night, he certainly has an alternative career available. The same can be said of his two assistants, Tom and Declan. One particularly interesting item was a framed first-day envelope of the special stamps issued by An Post for the Ryder Cup. This was the first time the special 3-D printing technique had been used on Irish stamps, and the item duly fetched well into the hundreds.

There was a great night in with a difference in Hemitage Park last month. Journalist and local resident, Pat Madden had the idea: if women can organise Coffee Mornings in aid of Our Lady’s Hospice, surely men can do something similar for such a worthy cause. So, he had an open house and told the neighbours “Come one, come all.” And come they did and brought loads of presents and copious quantities of wine. The wine was raffled, but the more exotic items featured in an auction that raised more than €3,300 in under three hours. Generous folk they are in Hermitage!

There were also quite a few sports journalists in attendance: Ned Van Essbeck, who as rugby writer for the Irish Times often reported on Tony Ward; Adhamhnan O Sullivan, press officer for Dun Laoghaire Golf Club; Tom Keogh, former soccer correspondent with the Daily Mirror. There were greetings from former Irish coach Eddie O’Sullivan, now installed in his new job in San Francisco. Congratuations to Pat, his wife Catherine and all who supported the event. Roll on next year!

It wasn’t just the neighbours. Pat has decades of experience in sports journalism and the guest list reflected this. Rugby legend Tony Ward dropped in, and this may have accounted for the keen competition for signed rugby jerseys of both the Munster and Leinster teams. Auctioneer Colin Barrett showed great talent in making the evening into a friendly financial grudge match. He normally runs a window blind company in Camden Street, 8 | ABOUT KNOCKYLON

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Scallops with Herb Butter Here’s an easy seasonal recipe, which will be a welcome change after all that turkey and ham! It will only take a few minutes to make and is absolutely delicious. Ingredients: 12 large shelled scallops, cleaned Salt & Pepper 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil Crusty bread, to serve Herb Butter 25g/1oz unsalted butter 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 2 tablespoons of freshly chopped parsley Method: Cut away any discoloured parts from the scallops. Dry and season with salt and pepper. Heat a heavy-based frying pan or griddle and brush with the oil. When the oil is smoking, add the scallops and cook for 1 minute, then turn and cook the other side for 1 minute. It’s a good idea to cook the scallops in two batches, because if you try to cook them all at once, you might end up with them stewing rather than frying. The scallops should have a good golden colour and a slight crust at the edges. Transfer to a warm plate and keep warm. To make the herb butter, melt the butter in a saucepan and fry the garlic for a few seconds. Add the parsley and, while still foaming, pour over the scallops. Serve at once with plenty of bread top mop up the juices.!





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St. Colmcille’s JNS & SNS Knocklyon In the last edition of the About Knocklyon I committed to organising a meeting between representatives of the Board of Management of the School and the Minister for Education & Science, Batt O’Keeffee TD. This I have now done and this meeting takes place on Wednesday 17th December 2008 in Leinster House. At this meeting I will be supporting the Board of Management’s request that the school project be given approval to proceed to planning application stage. I will inform you of any development sin this regard.

Knocklyon Utd FC As many of you know from my own regular newsletters, Knocklyon United had fully expected to be given use of a second full pitch at Ballycullen. I am working closely with the club executive and officials to ensure that this does happen and I will take the issue as far as I have to to ensure that a second full pitch is provided at this location for the club.

Cherryfield Traveller Accommodation MOTION: Councillor J. Lahart "That the Manager address as a matter of urgency, the deplorable condition of the rear of Cherryfield Traveller Accommodation, where once again, allegations of illegal dumping, allegedly emanating from the Traveller site, are circulating locally - and for the Manager to put in line the steps being taken to address this problem." REPORT: There have been a number of incidences of illegal dumping in the environs of the Residential Caravan Park at Cherryfield and the Council has organised a number of clean ups in and around the Caravan Park. Despite the use of the latest technology to detect offenders the Council, as yet have been unable to detect those responsible for illegal dumping in the area. All of the residents of the Caravan Park have been advised that all offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible, and that any tenant of South Dublin County Council found to be in breach of their tenancy or licence agreement will be dealt with in accordance with the Council's Anti Social Behaviour Policy. The caretakers for the Caravan Park regularly maintain the roadways and entrance to the Park and have been advised to maintain vigilance with regard to any illegal dumping within or around the Park. Any information, available locally, on those who are seen to be dumping, should be reported immediately to the Anti Litter Wardens or to the Traveller Accommodation Unit. The Traveller Accommodation Unit will assess the condition of the area immediately and arrangements will be put in place to clean up the area around the site.




Choosing Your Wedding Dress by Jennifer Greene tugging your dress up or have boning jutting into your ribs. First- consider which wedding dress is most appropriate to your day – for example- consider a shorter tea-length or cocktail length dress for a beach wedding. If you're the kinda girl who likes to dance with her hands in the air, and anticipates doing the limbo, perhaps a strapless dress is not the one for you!

Congratulations you are engaged! Your next task is to choose the perfect wedding dress. The process of shopping for a wedding dress can be a fabulous adventure, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming--particularly because a bride-to-be often starts shopping for her gown before many other details are determined. You might have had a clear mental picture of the perfect wedding dress ever since you were five years old. On the other hand, you may have no idea what you are going to wear or feel strange about the idea of wearing white. The important thing is to relax, and remember that there are as many different kinds of dresses out there as there are different kinds of brides. Plan Ahead Take a few minutes to think about what you want. It will be helpful when you enter the maze of wedding dresses out there to know what your budget is, any details that are essential (i.e. I must have a full skirt, or my arms must be covered), and an idea of how traditional you want your dress to be. When to Start Shopping Give yourself ample time to plan- generally the rule of thumb is that you need to order your gown at least six months before your wedding. So you should ideally start shopping for your gown nine months or more before your wedding. Be Comfortable! On your wedding day, you'll want to look great, but you'll also want to be comfortable- it will be hard to pose for all those pictures, dance, laugh and more if you're 14 | ABOUT KNOCKYLON

Choose a Dress that Fits Your Body Well. Think about your body type and what kinds of dresses generally look good on you. Take a look at what you regularly wear that makes you feel confident and beautiful, and then look for a wedding dress with similar lines. Most of all, remember- this is your wedding day. Wear whatever makes you comfortable and feels like you. And have fun shopping for your dress. It should be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.




Crossword Competition with This month, win a fantastic Children of Lir hamper worth €60 from is Ireland’s leading original gift delivery service, providing gifts, hamper, gift baskets and fine wines. Just text the word that is made up from the shaded letters to

085 749 0822 along with your name and address before 31st Jan '09 Good luck! Across 7. Militia formed by males after just sixty seconds (9) 8. Day segments belonging soundly to us (5) 10. One of seven whose child has far to go (8) 11. Following every night the dawn precedes it (3,3) 12. Just a fraction of time, often said to hang on for (1,3) 13. Small opening allowed a pure tear through (8) 15. Top clue is solved to find the lines of verse (7) 17. With time the boy achieves an adult


14. A rough lass maybe, but still has a

state (7)

1. This thing happens in hours of

figure time can’t deny (9)

20. Cut short and place nut

darkness (5)

16. Nude lump swings at a measured

into crate (8)

2. Squat right over four parts of a

pace (8)

22. Small parasite is half heard

gallon (6)

18. Of season that falls as the summer

inside a timepiece (4)

3. Revealed each had Eastern temple

fades (8)

25. Some animals are heard to

pain (8)

19. Embed it correctly for

use them in a document (6)

4 Seasonal beginning sees passing of old

hours of rest (7)

26. Short breaks taken to send an item

father (3,4)

21. High cards are kept in the special

to us (4,4) 27. Send out publication to a son or daughter (5) 28. Said when ready to Mark begin going on board (9)

5. Keep an eye on rover during

case (4)


the late shift (7)

23. Notices the grandfathers and

6 No fake uprising causes great

grandmothers (6)

excitement (1,4,4)

24. A note is scribbled to make amends

9. Cone cant be eaten a second time (4)

for a sound (5)

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B.K. Kitchens “Where Quality Counts”

3D Computerised Designs In The Comfort Of Your Own Home Modern & Traditional Styles Made To Your Specification Free Design & Quotation

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Call: 087 2585908 or 4069840 TO ADVERTISE TELEPHONE 49 9 3022



Highlighting - The Knocklyon Concert Band Society by Aubrey Styles

Band Championships - a success it repeated the following year. In 2005 the band held its first Christmas Gala Concert and then teamed up with the renowned Culwick Choral Society for the Christmas ‘06 concert. The KCBS has performed the length and breadth of Ireland as well as in the UK and at the European Youth Festival in Neerpelt in Belgium. Take 29 pre-teen aspiring musicians, a Credit Union loan; add vision, determination and imagine that within 10 years you would be able to fill the National Concert Hall with in excess of 100 musicians forming two concert bands and a jazz band! That’s has been acheived by The Knocklyon Concert Band (KCBS). Formed on a shoestring budget in 1998 by Robert Chester, it began instrument and music theory lessons that September. By June 1999 the band gave their first concert in Sancta Maria College to an audience of delighted, and thankfully biased, parents and relations. The programme of music and theory exams also began that year, with the Associated Board of the London Colleges of Music. By March ‘06 the musicians had passed 1,000 exams. By the end of 2003 the KCBS expanded to over 100 members and formed a second (intermediate) concert band. In March of the following year the senior band went on to win the Open Section of the National Band Championships and repeated that success the following year. In 2005 the Knocklyon All Stars Jazz Band was formed and it went on to win the first ever Dance Band Section at the National 18 | ABOUT KNOCKYLON

Some of our musicians have gone on to study music fulltime at Third Level, some have made their way into university orchestras and others have returned to teacher the next generation of musicians in the band. The last ten years of musical achievement has only been possible due to the hard work of the organising committee made up of parents of musicians, the wonderful teaching staff and, of course the players themselves. Plans for the coming years include the expansion of the KCBS, including a school of music offering tuition on a wider range of instruments independent of participation in the bands themselves. To celebrate the last ten years we are having a concert in the National Concert Hall on February 12th 2009 together with a 180 strong massed choir. The concert will feature all of the three bands as well as the soprano Ruth Cahill. Why not come along and help us celebrate? Tickets are available from the NCH on 01 4170000 or Photo by Adrian Kelehan 086 0403436




Saving Money on IT for 2009 Yes, it’s that time of the year again, when we all think about tightening the belts and saving money. But, what about saving money on your computer needs? There are some great products available which are relatively inexpensive, or even free. For antivirus there’s the likes of Aol Antivirus Shield, AVG or Avast, all of which are free. For free firewalls, there’s Comodo and Ashampoo, or ZoneAlarm which is cheap to buy but very effective. What about backups? You turn on your pc to find it totally dead, and you haven’t backed up any of your data! Not a nice situation to find yourself in. You can get a portable hard drive, about the size of a credit card, with more than enough space to sort you out. External hard drives are getting cheaper by the day. For backup software, Windows has its own built in, but I would always recommend third party software. There are some very good ones available like Norton Ghost which is not too costly, or you can use Genie Backup Manager or NovaBackup - there’s lots to choose from. Are you thinking of changing from Windows XP to Vista this year? If the thought of this is intimidating, someone in to help you by training you and your staff to work with Vista. Perhaps you’ve looked at changing over from Office 2003 to Office 2007, but have been put off by how different it all looks? It’s mostly just small changes to the way things are done, there aren’t actually all that many functional changes. There are however some cool new features to make the job easier. Take the Ribbon for example. Grouping in visual & functional areas makes it so much easier to find things now, compared with the strictly textual menus we had previously. I run training courses starting from the very basics up to ECDL courses with businesses as 20 | ABOUT KNOCKYLON

by Paula Flanagan well as private individuals in their own homes. If you are thinking about changing job or career and want to become more computer literate, I can work with you. Or if you are retired and want to do some armchair travelling, send emails, or book flights or tickets I can teach you how to do all this. In addition, I am also a certified computer technician, for repairs or fixes as you need them. So if you are an individual who wants to become more familiar with your computer, or a business that needs support and/or training, give me a call. I’m Paula Flanagan, I’m local and you can reach me on 494 3557 or 086 896 1721. and email




13 Ways to Slash Your Shopping Bill by Erin O’Connor all reason for a reduced price. Not sure you'll be able to use something before its use-by date? Then, toss it in the freezer, and you won't have to. 7. Shop at Health Shops Supermarkets and convenient stores aren't the only place to look for grocery bargains. Get in the habit of checking the local health shops for deals on cereal, oatmeal, raisins, spices, baking supplies, soda and more. The weekly shop, we all have to do it regardless of our

8. Cherry Pick

financial situation. But, there are simply ways you can

Shops tend to sell a few items below cost each week to

slash your shopping bill

entice customers to shop. Learn to spot these bargains, and snatch them up – even if it means going to more than one

1. Only Buy On Sale


Start a stockpile, and only buy items when they are on sale. 9. Shop Locally 2. Plan Your Menu Around the Sales

Local produce stands and farmer's markets can be a great

Enjoy cheap meals throughout the week by planning your

source for low-cost, high-quality produce. There is a regular

menu around the weekly sales flyers. Also, if you plan your

farmer’s market in Marley Park and many others around the

meals at the start of the week, you will be better prepared


and 10. Grow Your Own Foods 3. Buy Ingredients Instead of Prepared Meals

Fill a few containers or a garden plot with the fruits,

Frozen dinners and ready meals may be convenient, but

vegetables and herbs that you use most. It's a great way to

they're also more costly. Get in the habit of buying the

reduce your produce bill, and a great way gain control over

ingredients that you need to prepare the foods that you

how your food is grown. It is also fun and easy!

eat, and watch your euros go further. 11. Check Your Receipt for Mistakes 4. Shop Seasonally

Mis-rings are common and costly. Bring all receipt errors to

Foods are cheapest when they're in season, so learn when

the store's attention, and you may just get your mis-rung

all of your favorite foods are in season, and buy them then.

items for free!

5. Switch to Generic

12. Never Pay Full Price for Meat

Make the leap from name brand to generic brand, and

Something is always on sale in the meat department.

you'll shave an easy 25% or more off of your shoping bill.

Focus in on those items, and you'll shave an easy

Many of the generics are really worth trying and the big

25% off of your bill.

supermarkets all carry a good range. 13. Go Meatless 6. Buy Reduced Price Items

Add more meatless meals to your menu, or experiment

Want a true bargain basement price? Then, scour every aisle

with recipes that use less meat. For example make meals

of the store for reduced priced groceries. Ultra ripe produce,

using stuffed peppers, frittatas, pastas etc. Dust off the

scratch and dent items, food at or near its use-by-date – it's

receipe book and experiment!





Property Trends 2008/09 by Philip Thompson of RE/MAX Exclusive

changes. They are still engaging the agents with the flashy presentations which are so effective at getting signs in gardens. In the current market it is the recent track record which should carry the most weight. his is what shows if the agent can do the job or not.

The goalposts have changed. For the previous 10 years property has pretty much sold itself. The successful estate agent was good at getting signs in gardens and negotiating the highest selling price from the bidders that came flocking to buy. Things started to change in 2007. Rising interest rates, falling prices, an end to immigration, the credit crunch and subsequent rise in the inter-bank rate which made it uneconomical for the banks to lend money, have resulted in a massive slow-down in sales. By the end of 2008 it’s well and truly a buyer’s market. The goalposts have changed. For the previous 10 years property has pretty much sold itself. The successful estate agent was good at getting signs in gardens and negotiating the highest selling price from the bidders that came flocking to buy. Things started to change in 2007. Rising interest rates, falling prices, an end to immigration, the credit crunch and subsequent rise in the inter-bank rate which made it uneconomical for the banks to lend money, have resulted in a massive slowdown in sales. By the end of 2008 it’s well and truly a buyer’s market. To sell your home in this environment you now need a salesperson rather than a negotiator. They need to be able to present houses in a way that attracts viewers. Sales skills are essential to turn these viewers into bidders and then committed buyers. If a buyer isn’t fully committed the sale is likely to fall through in the weeks it takes to get contracts signed. Vendors have been slow to adapt to these 24 | ABOUT KNOCKYLON gives you the option at the bottom of each listing to ‘View this Agents Available Properties’ and ‘View Recently Sale Agreed Properties’ (if they have any). If an agency sells 1/10th of their listings each month, it will take an average of 10 months for them to sell your home. If they sell 1/3rd each month, it will take an average of 3 months. If they’re not selling anything it could take an eternity! If your property isn’t getting any viewings it won’t sell. If an agent suggests price-adjusting your property it means that they have failed to sell it at what they stated was the correct asking price at the time it was listed. If you change the price to reflect it’s new market value without changing anything else you are likely to get the same result! When you are moving house in a falling market, you gain if you sell before you buy. Lower prices mean a lower cost to move up the ladder, and lower taxes too. What will 2009 bring??? Building Energy Ratings… Low interest rates… Greater liquidity as rescue packages kick in… A bottoming out of prices… People leaving rental properties to buy… Rental prices dropping and some rental properties being sold off… The return of the property investor, as people see the stability of property compared to other investments… Government regulation of Estate Agencies… Increased selling costs… An increase in activity… Prices depend on supply and demand. With an increase in demand prices should level off. I don’t have a crystal ball, and there are lots of possibilities – but these are the best guesses from someone who’s in touch with the market, having sold 50% more houses in 2008 than 2007.




Do You Have A Building Energy Rating? From 1st January 2009, a BER certificate will be compulsory for all homes being sold or rented. If you are buying or renting a new house or apartment now, you may already be entitled to a BER – so ask the seller/landlord or their agent for it. A Building Energy Rating or BER is similar to the energy label on your fridge with a scale of A-G. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and G the least efficient. Who is entitled to a BER? A seller must provide a BER to prospective buyers or tenants when a home is constructed, sold or rented under the following circumstances: • New homes where planning permission was applied for on or after 1st January 2007; • All homes for sale or rent on or after 1st January 2009. There are exemptions for certain categories of buildings. There are fines of up to €5,000 for non-compliance. How is a BER calculated? A BER is based on the characteristics of major components of the dwelling as well as the construction type and levels of insulation, ventilation and air tightness features, the systems for heat supply (including renewable energy), distribution and control, and the type of lighting. It covers annual energy use for space heating, water heating, ventilation, lighting and associated pumps and fans, calculated on the basis of a notional standard family with a standard pattern of occupancy.

What are the benefits of a BER? A BER makes the energy performance of a home visible to prospective buyers and tenants and enables them to take energy performance into consideration in their next house purchase or rental decision. Who carries out a BER assessment? BER assessments are carried out by registered BER assessors who have been trained under the National Framework of Qualifications and have registered with Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI). All registered assessors must adhere to the BER Assessors Code of Conduct. A list of registered BER assessors is available on line at How much does a BER cost? There is no set fee and the advice is to shop around for the best price. Prices vary starting from €300. Make sure to confirm all fees prior to commissioning a BER assessment. Assessors are charged a fee of €25 to submit a BER assessment to SEI for publication on the National BER Register. How long is a BER valid for? A BER is valid for up to 10 years provided that there is no material change to the dwelling that could affect its energy performance. The maximum term of validity of a Provisional BER is 2 years.

A BER is only an indication of the energy performance of a house. Actual energy usage will depend on how the occupants operate the house. A BER does not cover electricity used for purposes other than heating, lighting, pumps and fans, i.e. does not include for cooking, refrigeration, laundry etc.




Knocklyon News Sponsored by

Ballyroan Library Events Ballyroan Library is conducting an oral history project. We are actively seeking people who grew up in the Rathfarnham area and would like to recount their memories of the area and its many changes. If you would like to take part in it please contact Barbara at 4941900. On going 12 February 2009, 8:00pm - Knocklyon Concert Band: 10th Anniversary Concert Knocklyon Senior, Intermediate and ‘All Star’ Big Bands’ Ruth Cahill, soprano Notre Dame Secondary School Choir and Five choirs from the greater Knocklyon area. Tickets from €15 available from the National Concert Hall on 417 000 at or or at

Green Fingers, Airfield’s Young Gardeners’ Club (8-12 yrs) Saturday Mornings 10am-12 noon From 21st February; 21st March; 18th April; 16th May; 13th June €15 per session, €65 for all 5 sessions. Working with Airfield’s Head Gardener Emer you will continue tending the Young Gardeners’ plot, grow flowers, fruit and vegetables from seed, learn how to compost, make a scarecrow, create a pumpkin patch and harvest your labours. Green Wellies, Airfield’s Young Farmers’ Club (11-14 yrs) Saturday Mornings 10am- 12 noon from 28th February; 28th March; 25th April; 23rd May; 20th June €15 per session, €65 for all 5 sessions. Working with Farmer Eamon, this Spring you will learn to look after sheep, welcome new lambs to Airfield, plant crops and learn about general farm management. Meet The Animals Saturday Afternoons 2.30pm From 28th February Join our farmer on a walk around Airfield and meet our new arrivals as well as all your old favourites.

Airfield Events Airfield, Upper Kilmacud Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14.Tickets: (01) 2984301 /

Airfield Concerts Bookings: (01) 2984301 Our walled garden will be open before each concert –enjoy a pre-concert drink, take a stroll and enjoy the garden as it comes into bloom.

AIRFIELD GARDENS Wednesday is gardening day at Airfield 2pm every Wednesday.Each week we will give a short tour, a talk or a practical demonstration on what to do in the garden. Meet outside the glasshouse.

The Food of Love: Caroline Moreau Saturday 14th February 8pm €22.50 / €20 Concert & three-course meal €65 French chanteuse Caroline Moreau and her musicians German Lema (piano), Fintan Gilligan (guitar) and Francesco Turrisi (accordion and percussion) with special guest Brazilian singer Sonia Esquivel.

Sunday February 15th 3pm Garden Talk :‘Plant Evolution’ To celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Darwin’s birth, Head Gardener Emer O’Reilly will give a talk on plant evolution. Airfield Exhibitions (Free) Opens Tuesday 27th January - Expressions Opens Tuesday 10th February at 6.30pm - In this City (Free) PRINT STUDIO & DARKROOM Photography Course (non-digital) Wednesday Evenings: 7.00- 9.30pm Beginners Black & White €150 from February 18th; February 25th; March 4th; March 11th. CHILDREN AT AIRFIELD Young Artists 11 - 14 years. €20 per session or €90 for season Saturdays from 28th February (10am-12.30)


Vyvienne Long Friday 20th February 8pm €22.50 / €20 Vyvienne Long first achieved celebrity as a cellist in collaboration with singer-songwriter Damien Rice producing the soaring melodies and distinctive sound associated with his albums ‘O’ and ‘9’. Seven Deadly Sins of Opera- Love, lust, pride, anger… Thursday 26th February 8pm €18 / €16 Sylvia O’Brien, soprano and pianist Hanna Shybayeva perform a deliciously devilish selection of arias. Marlay Guild ICA On 22nd January Fran O'Brian, our local author, will update us on her latest venture into the theatre. If you would like to join our Guild please contact us on 087 9532352. We meet at 8.00pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month in Marley Grange Parish Centre and New Members are always welcome.

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ABOUT KNOCKLYON NEWS CoCo Markets Every Saturday in Marlay Park 10am - 4pm Farmers and other food producers bring their fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, flowers, ethnic fare and sweet and savoury treats each week to the CoCo Markets. The Mill Gallery : 2969340 Michael O'Boyle THE LIFE OF SMALL THINGS December 13th-January 15th 2009 O'Boyle's paintings explore how scientists translate information on a visual level, exporting graphs, microscopic based drawings and numbers into tight and wonderfully colourful compositional works. Michael Stafford NEW PAINTINGS January 17th-February 19th 2009 Colourful explosions and compositions on a largescale. First solo show for this Dundalk based artist.

The Mill Theatre Tel: 296 9340 WHAT THE DONKEY SAW Runs to Jan 17th €22.50/€19.50/Previews/Matinees €17.50/€15.00 Chapter One of the greatest story ever told, as seen through the eyes of the only truly reliable witness, the donkey. Please Note:This show is NOT suitable for children under 12. Showtimes at 5pm and 8pm except on : Jan 6th 8pm, Jan 7th 8pm, Jan 8th 8pm, Jan 9th 5pm/9pm, Jan 12th-15th 8pm, . DAVID O'DOHERTY Sunday 18th January 8pm Admission €18/€15 Hang on to your minds, the viscount of rumpled whimsy, the marble fawn of tiny keyboard based musical comedy is coming. THE PYJAMA GAME Weds 21st-Sat 24th Jan 8pm (Matinee 3pm) €18/€15 Alexandra College are delighted to be back in the Mill again with their production of the musical The Pyjama Game. WAITING FOR IKEA Tues 27th-Sat 31st Jan 8pm €16/€14 Back after its sell-out run when you couldn't get tickets for love nor money. Tis the wonderfully hilarious Waiting For IKEA. VIENNESE STRAUSS GALA Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd Feb 8pm €25/€23 Strauss Gala Productions return with a stunning new show. This picturesque presentation of romantic nostalgia recreates the romance of the Viennese Festive Season.

THEATRE STUDIO €16/€14 Someone to Watch Over Me is a tenderly tragic, compassionate and sharply funny play by Frank McGuinness. STARSTRUCK STAGE SCHOOL Sat 7th and Sun 8th Feb 2pm and 8pm €25 The show will see performances by their students from 3-25 years and promises to be an exciting mixture of dance, drama and song. THE TELEPHONE EXCHANGE Weds 11th Feb 8pm €18/€15 A witty piece, acted with energy and gusto, that follows the lives and loves of four young friends working as phone operators in 1960s Dublin. THE MOTOWN SHOW featuring THE JEWELETTES Friday 13th Feb 8pm €20/ €18 Based around one character and his imaginary band THE JEWELETTES. This show is packed full of entertainment with fantastic Motown music, nostalgia and laughter. FREDDIE WHITE Saturday 14th Feb 8pm €20 Freddie White's popularity has endured for many years and there is a very good reason why- he delivers! TEECHERS Mon 16th-Sat 21st Feb 8pm (preview Mon) €18/€15 (preview €10) This play is a hilarious, fast-paced comedy in which the three actors play a multitude of roles. THE ODD COUPLE Mon 23rd-Sat 28th Feb 8pm €20/€18 Back again due to numerous phonecalls from digruntled customers who couldn't get tickets last summer! Starring the even more hilarious Sue Collins and Anne Gildea formerly of too hilarious for words - THE NUALAS.

To book tickets please phone (01) 298 4301 or email


SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME Tuesday 3rd-Saturday 7th Feb 8pm THE MILL




Music makes your child smarter! Most of us instinctively understand that our children react positively to songs, but what we may not fully appreciate is how those endless repetitions of “Twinkle Twinkle” are a fundamental part of our babies’ mental, physical and social development, helping our children to “wire up” their brains, develop their speech and improve their co-ordination. So what is so special about nursery rhymes and how can they help our babies? Firstly, exposing children to music enables their brains to develop more rapidly. When your child hears something, does or sees something new their brain makes a new connection – the more connections made the brighter your child becomes! It has been widely acknowledged that singing with children and active music making can open doors of other learning including language development and listening skills, mathematical


by Linda Gahan

awareness, creativity, movement and physical skills, confidence and personal social skills. And of course above all music is great FUN! So if all this sounds great, but you’ve forgotten all your nursery rhymes and don’t know how to introduce your baby or toddler to music, why not come along to a Jo Jingles class and we’ll show you how. Call Linda on 01 4530868 for more details or check out

Fuerteventura Villa To Rent Beautiful 3 Bedroom Townhouse

61 Amuley Mar II Caleta De Fuste Fuerteventura Canary Islands from â‚Ź325 p.w.

086 8651681




Word Search Burns Night Celebration Chinese New Year Cold Diet Epiphany

Frosty Hogmanay Holiday January Keep fit New Year

Resolution Recycle Resume Sales Skiing Twelth night

Solution on page 38


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Attic FAnAtic Want an extra bedroom or home office? • Free Estimates & Design • Architect’s certificate of compliance • Fully insured & Qualified • References Available

tel: 459 9006 or 087 257 9070



Sudoku How to Play: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic there’s no maths involved and no adding up.

solution on page 38 34 | ABOUT KNOCKYLON


Crossword Solution

The word in the shaded letters was “SANTA”




by Mags

ARIES The new year brings welcome news in the area of finance. New beginnings in all areas of your life Aries, as you vow to make the necessary changes to suit you and your personal needs. Getting rid of past irritations is the key to opening doors to success in 2009. Work needs your absolute attention with no interference. Strong indication of a change in job status. You reap what you sow, so, making the extra effort brings desired results.

TAURUS 2009 is a year to remember Taurus, as you believe in yourself, more and more the good things in life are attracted to you. The workload increases and you must be attentive to the lesser chores as these lead to the bigger picture as the year unfolds. Your partnership status is set to improve dramatically and the love cards indicate a match pre-ordained in the heavens. You take many trips abroad in 2009. Unexpected cash is wending its way to you now.

GEMINI Serious budgeting is called for this year Gemini. You need to get your financial paperwork in good order and then you are in a position to make as many travel plans as you little heart desires. Romance features well in 2009. You must be open to receiving and not push away what you really want deep down. A rebirth of relationship is forecast for some. Following your heart is the best option, lest you should live with regrets.

CANCER Your spirituality is leading you to look towards the heavens for

guidance this year Cancer. Put out to the universe exactly what you want, without the fears and negative thoughts and watch your dreams unfold. The universe hates a vacuum and will fill your life with joy. House plans take a little longer to finalise, but you are in the position of correctness to proceed and begin the task of contented living. You must apply for money due to you.

LEO Love and life is not so much about a power struggle, rather you may need to take stock and begin to really see the points of view of all concerned. Cards advise that you look deeper beyond the veil of outer presentation. You may find emotional fear to be the predominant cause of any disquiet. 2009 ushers in a higher level of love and quality living which may include plans to move house and maybe welcome news of a birth?

VIRGO Signing up for that course is the best gift you can give yourself this year Virgo. You need to create an independent self, which in turn, decreases your dependence, emotionally or otherwise on a loved one. As 2009 unfolds, your powers of attraction increase and you are a much like a magnet, where each moment is pure quality time spent together. You are very much loved by the close one who has crossed over.

LIBRA A new resolution not to beat around the bush or remain fixed at the crossroads is making of the new you. Cards advise that you work on


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developing your confidence levels. The heavens are guiding you every step of the way. The new year brings welcome news of a newcomer into the family circle. You are well loved and need to allow yourself know this. A wedding you must go to dominates this spread. You are meant to find your destiny this year.

SCORPIO A special someone you may not have seen for quite some time re-surfaces out of the blue. You may feel not inclined to get too close too soon, but cards advise that you, at the very least, listen! The new year sees you having a serious look at an old house in a beautiful country setting. If this is your desired future abode, then pull out all the stops to assure that it becomes yours. Wheel of fortune heralds a new and positive era where finance is concerned.

SAGITTARIUS Something which is lost will now be

found. You are advised to acquire more vision and truly put it out to the heavens what way you would like to live and with whom. A chance to make extra cash next year from the letting to students perhaps? A new year trip to the west is a luck maker for you Sagittarius. Make sure to say a big yes to an invitation , especially if a wedding is to take place across the country. Turkey is an early destination break for you.

to grow to ultimate passion. A business plan may have initial difficulties, but stands a better chance in the immediate future. The trick to success is to keep your head in this and not to panic.

AQUARIUS At last you are beginning to trust

your gut instinct instead of dismissing a potentially good situation as a non runner. Cards advise you to be a little more patient in a love dilemma and trust your feelings. Your spirit will not put you wrong. An emotionally traumatic past experience has encouraged you to put a cloak around your heart. This is the time to remove such a cloak and without fear, walk tall into a new future with your head held high. You will see your hard work pay dividends.

PISCES Feeling a little down is not the way

to begin the new year. Your are not giving yourself enough credence for the talent you have. Your learning experiences has taught you much. Take these lessons into 2009 and yes! It is okay to explore the option to work abroad. If you decide on emigrating, it is a temporary measure and will be quite good for you. Your friend needs you now and also needs to know that her dilemma will pan out in her favour.

CAPRICORN A special someone who perhaps

works in the banking or financial sector has a romantic interest in you. While it is prudent to appear complacent, do not allow this to be the norm. a love which is for the present time kept simple and uncomplicated has the best chance



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This month’s

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Equity Release Schemes (Part 3) It is essential to get independent financial and legal advice and to be sure you understand fully the terms of any Equity Release Scheme you may be considering. As mentioned in Part 1 and Part 2, an Equity Release Scheme ends when you die or move permanently out of your home* or sell your home. You may be concerned about what would happen to your home after your death. Signing up to an Equity Release Scheme may mean there is a lot less or perhaps nothing to leave to your family particularly if you lead a long and healthy life after signing up to the scheme. You may have bequeathed your home to someone in your family intending that they will own it outright. You should be aware that if they cannot pay off the Lifetime Mortgage some other way or buy back the share owned by the Home Reversion company then your home may have to be sold when you die and they will get only what money is left over. A Lifetime Mortgage (the money borrowed and the accumulated interest) is secured against your home but if there are sufficient other assets in your estate it could be paid back out of these without your home being sold. Similarly, other assets may possibly be used to buy back the portion of your home owned by the Home Reversion company. This may not be possible, however, if for example, you have left your home to your son and your other assets to your daughter. Your daughter would obviously not agree to her inheritance being used to pay off the debt or buy back the portion of the house since she would have no 40 | ABOUT KNOCKYLON

by Alan Shatter TD claim on the house which would then go to her brother. If you live alone and sign up to an Equity Release Scheme and, for example, your sister subsequently comes to live with you it is important to remember that your house may have to be sold when you die or move out permanently* and she may have to move out. With effect from 1st May 2008, Irish law has been changed to provide better protection to people signing up to Equity Release Schemes. Companies selling Home Equity Release are regulated by the Financial Regulator and are subject to the Consumer Protection Code. The Code obliges them to give you full details of the scheme including all costs, interest and charges; to recommend the scheme that best suits your needs; to tell you about the importance of getting independent legal advice; warn you that buying an equity release product may make it difficult to meet the cost of your needs in the future and to deal with complaints efficiently and fairly. Sellers of Lifetime Mortgages are also subject to consumer credit law but this does not apply to Home Reversion Schemes. If you have a complaint about a Home Equity Release Scheme and are not satisfied with the way it has been dealt with you can refer the matter free of charge to the Financial Services Ombudsman. Tel: 1890 88 20 90 * or move out for a specified number of months, depending on the scheme.

Alan Shatter TD represents Dublin South on behalf of Fine Gael. Tel: 01 6183911 Email:

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Joe Clancy S o l i C i t o r S

• House Purchase and Sales • Motor Accidents • Wills Main Street, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.


01 492 0464




The start of the Year of the Ox - January 26th 2009 The Chinese calendar predates the Western Gregorian one by centuries and is based on the cycles of the moon, which is why the date can fall anywhere between late January and early February. This year it is on January 26th.

tennis pro, surgeon, hair stylist, or rock climber! As with Western traditions for Christmas and New Year, preparations for Chinese New Year begin several weeks before. The whole house is to be cleaned thoroughly before New Year, with the folklore that you should sweep away any bad luck from your house. All debts are to be paid before the New Year begins. Gifts, flowers and sweets are also exchanged. Celebrations can last a couple of weeks! The house is traditionally decorated with vases of blossoms, plates of oranges and tangerines, and trays of dried fruit. Every Chinese household is meant to contain live blooming plants to symbolise rebirth and new growth - the New Year is also called the Spring Festival to rejoice at the earth coming back to life. Chinese New Year celebrations are marked by generous amounts of food, shared together as a family, in which departed relatives are also remembered with great respect.

The Chinese calendar names each year after twelve animals. Legend has it that the Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to come to him before he departed from earth. Only twelve came and as a reward he named a year after each of them in the order in which they arrived. The Chinese believe that the animal ruling the year in which you were born has a great influence on your personality, saying ‘This is the animal that hides in your heart’. 2009 is the Year of the Ox. People born in the year of the Ox are said to be Patient, determined and easy going, you never miss a beat. The Ox person succeeds at their own merits. Hard working, logical, and tenacious, the ox can be trusted to get the job done. By nature, the ox is methodical, sticking to routines and tradition. The rigidity and militant style of the Ox often results in an unapproachable and intimidating personality. You will be happy as a 42 | ABOUT KNOCKYLON

Many of the foods and dishes have symbolic meanings. For example, a whole fish represents togetherness, a chicken prosperity and prawns liveliness and happiness. Noodles should be uncut to represent long life. Another custom is to wear red to ward off evil spirits. At midnight, all doors, and even windows, should be open to let the old year out. Fireworks at 12 are also a great Chinese tradition. Many Chinese restaurants will be holding special celebrations for New Year, as will some other pubs and restaurants. If you fancy celebrating at home, just pick up a takeaway! For those of you with the culinary urge to prepare an authentic Chinese meal yourself, don’t forget the Chinese supermarkets that can be found in some of our larger towns and cities. (If you don’t live near one of these, some now offer online ordering). And if you have already broken your New Year Resolutions, then Chinese New Year is a good reason to start again!

Brian McGarry


Plumbing - Central Heating Gas and Oil Installations Bathrooms - Electric Showers Tanks - Cylinders Radiators - Taps Boiler Servicing Telephone

087 618 2500 or TO ADVERTISE TELEPHONE 49 9 3022

456 6623 ABOUT KNOCKYLON | 43


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Index - Where it’s at! Activities for Adults/Children/Teens Dances Parties (children) .............................35 Encore (Drama classes children) ..................35 Jo Jingles (music for children)......................30 Wonderland Workshops (Drama Classes).....33 Alarms (House) CMD Alarms ...............................................43 Architects AJ Whittaker ................................................31 Balloons ......................................................31 Barbers GB Barbers ....................................................7 Bathrooms FM Tiling.....................................................45 Blinds & Curtains Asta Fabric Design Studio............................31 Ballinteer Blinds...........................................41 Builders Attic Fanatic (attic conversions)...................33 Mission Construction ..................................17 Noonan Construction..................................45 Cleaning Chem Dry (Carpets/Upholstery) ..................11 Oven Blitz (Oven Cleaning).........................10 (House Cleaning).........................11 Computers (web design)..............................12 Hyperlynx (Internet Cafe)............................21 Paula Flanagan (IT Training) ........................20 Creche/Montessori Little Penguins.............................................19 Dog Grooming (mobile) Little Paws ...................................................33 Double Glazing/Glass Churchtown Glass .........................................3 Malplas Windows ........................................27 Driveways/Paths/Patios Regency Paving...........................................41 Dry Cleaning Professional Dry Cleaners ..............................5


Driving Lessons Steve’s Driving School .................................19 Electrician Paul Warren.................................................43 Estate Agents Lisney..........................................................44 McCathy Auctioneers ..................................48 Remax.........................................................25 Gardens Colm’s Landscape Services ..........................23 Sanderson Garden Awnings ........................23 Graphic Design Colm Geoghegan Designs...........................34 Hair & Beauty Gel Nails by Roslyn (mobile service) ............15 Red Apple Hair & Beauty.............................47 Health & Fitness Foot Health Care .........................................23 Pilates with Anne Sexton .............................39 Relaxation Classes with Pauline .....................7 Spiritual Healing with Patricia........................7 Yoga with Sybilla Dallmann.........................33 Insurance Cronin Insurance Ltd...................................19 Jewellers Mark Josef Goldsmith ....................................2 Kitchens BK Kitchens .................................................17 Local Councellor John Laharte................................................13 Makeup Artist Gill McCann ................................................15 Painter & Decorator David Verdon ..............................................20 Plumbing Brian McGarry.............................................43 Printers (print, copy/design) Just Print .....................................................31 Room to Rent ............................................21 Solicitors Joe Clancy ...................................................41 Upholstery LC Upholstery .............................................21 Villa Rental.................................................31 Wedding Dresses/Designer Dresses Kolidi...........................................................14 Wine Merchants Mitchell & Son ..............................................9







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