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Overall Evaluation Form COURSE TITLE: Mums Day COURSE DATE:

Saturday 19th July 2008

No of Attendees : 15 No: of Evaluation Forms Received: 12

1. Very Good - 12

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How interesting did you find the day? Exceptionally interesting; extremely informative. Very well presented and delivered in a very light-hearted way Very interesting in terms of the range and depth of the topics covered Extremely interesting and useful, delivered really well Very interesting – always good to hear examples from families about real life issues they are grappling with and how they cope The day was extremely interesting, while to information was for young people with Learning Difficulties, so much is appropriate for all the young people with whom I work – thank you Very interesting and thought provoking – made me think ‘outside’ the box and understand what lies ahead Excellent I have found the day extremely riveting, never before has the time flown by because the subject and speaker was so good I found the day very interesting and I feel very confident at the coming years for Alex and I Very; very interesting

What did you enjoy most about the day? Well presented evidence illustrated by anecdotes Sharing experiences with other parents Meeting others concerned with the same issues concerning our young people Everything was very relative Opportunities to talk/listen to others facing the same difficulties The very practical and sensitive ideas from Fiona The whole day was enjoyable Scenarios – resources and pictorial information which I can adapt and use regarding menstruation/bottom touching. Chance to meet other mums and professionals which could chare similar concerns – felt very welcome Practical and ‘real’ – liked the detail about real-life situations The way the subject was covered has been excellent, dealt with sensitivity on a very difficult area The whole way in which Fiona led the day. The anecdotes made a more personal course and made the course real It was valuable on a personal basis and also information that can be used at work Learning new ways to cope with certain behaviour and situations


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Any further comment would be welcome. Another session please! Specific to young adults, venturing into romance and sex and keeping safe Handouts of a lot of the Widgit signs used (photocopies) would be very very useful Be great to deliver this to Dads Thank you very much – would welcome another pampering session next year Thank you for welcoming me to Sunfield Harder to sort childcare for a Saturday – would prefer a weekday. I am sure more parents would come if you more widely publicised via local special schools Transition into adult services adjusting to and coping in an adult setting post 16+ All of the facilities, admin, catering & speaker was very good – roll on next year Well done to all at Sunfield for another valuable course! Extremely informative.



Well presented evidence illustrated by anecdotes It was valuable on a personal basis and also information that can be used at work Very well...