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“Fiona has expert knowledge of young people with ASD having worked in this field for many years. Therefore, in my role supporting young people with autism, her help has been invaluable to my understanding of their behaviour. She has also supported me and parents over many extreme behavioural issues, some of which have been of a sexual nature. Being able to consult with Fiona has enabled me and my colleagues to gain further understanding on specific SRE needs and other areas of the PSHE curriculum resource she developed.” C.S Teacher Special School

“Fiona's support for parents on behaviour issues is always positive, informative and good humoured. Her depth of empathy and understanding is highly valued by parents, as is her ability to inspire a strong sense of optimism and self-belief in their own expertise as carers.” S.L Family Worker

For further information, or details about resources available, please contact Fiona via email, phone, fax or via website link: Website: Tel. & Fax: (0115) 967 1866 e-mail:

Sex & Relatio ns Educat hip ion: A Progra mme for Lea rn with A ers utistic Spectru m Disord er

Fiona Speirs

B.Ed (Hons) Special Education ACE Autism DfES/DH/TPU Approved Teacher of PHSE & SRE ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring C&G 7402 Counselling and Guidance Skills Former Assistant Headteacher, Rosehill School, Nottingham

Website: Tel & Fax: e-mail: (0115) 967 1866 Children and adults with learning disabilities often have limited personal and social awareness and as a result of this their behaviour can sometimes be inappropriate and difficult to manage. Understanding why behaviours may be occurring is the first step towards addressing the areas of difficulty. Fiona Speirs has worked in the field of learning disability and specialised with regard to autistic spectrum disorders since 1985. In addition to offering training, she also undertakes consultancy work regarding specific individuals or groups and the people who work with or support them. In addition to qualifications in special education, Fiona also has qualifications relating to counselling & guidance skills and coaching and mentoring which has enabled her to work directly with young people themselves when the need has arisen.

Work undertaken by Fiona has included: •

Consultancy regarding behaviours causing concern with regard to specific individuals on the autistic spectrum in a college of FE. Discrete observations and feedback to staff.

1:1 Sex & Relationships work delivered to 2 young men with ASD who have committed a sexual offence.

Classroom observations of individual pupils with learning difficulties within mainstream and special schools with feedback/training for staff. Behaviours may be sexual in nature or involve aspects of poor emotional regulation resulting in behaviours of a threatening or otherwise inappropriate nature.

Consultancy with parents/carers of individuals with a learning disability regarding aspects of difficult behaviour or concerns regarding other siblings in the family.

Sibling support work delivered on a 1:1 basis and small group basis.

1:1 mentoring delivered to individuals with a learning disability who need to be given support in order to come to terms with their disability and/or feelings of low self esteem.

Mentoring staff who are working with young people with a learning disability regarding the delivery of SRE work or general behaviour management.

Here is a sample of what people say about Fiona’s consultancy work: “Fiona has become my lifeline. When I’ve exhausted all the strategies I can think of and the learner is still presenting challenges for me and our tutors, then I know I need sound, practical guidance. Fiona offers just that. She will come and observe and work with us to find a way forward. I have been on a number of ASD courses run by different organisations but now I would advise anybody working with those on the autistic spectrum to contact Fiona first. She offers a wealth of experience and knowledge as a practitioner in the field and is perceptive at seeing how students on the autistic spectrum operate and what they need. In a mainstream setting, supporting students on the autistic spectrum, I felt very much on my own. Whatever I tried had no effect on this student’s swearing and offensive behaviour towards others. Tutors were finding him difficult to teach and impossible to understand and feel empathic towards. I discussed him with Fiona. She observed him in class and noticed so many things I had missed. We brought all his tutors together and Fiona helped us to understand his behaviour and develop strategies that would work in our setting. The more I work with students on the autistic spectrum, the more I realise the complexities. Fiona has a knack of getting to the heart of the problem. You don’t find the insight she offers in books or training manuals. Working alongside Fiona in college has not only helped the student but extended my personal professional development. Where else would you have this kind of opportunity?” FW Learning Support Manager College of FE “You were brill by the way. You have so got the ‘It’ factor, something that most 1 to 1 support workers need when working with PDA children in mainstream schools.” J.J. SEN Caseworker


Sex & Relationship Education: A Program m e for Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorder “Fiona's support for parents on behaviour issue...

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