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What you will learn The aim of the Business Leadership programme is to help you grow and develop your business in a strategic and sustainable way. The programme gives you an opportunity to develop your business and leadership skills, improving your knowledge and understanding of a range of business tools that can positively impact your business.

BUSINESS LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME Leading to a postgraduate certificate The programme will address some of the fundamental issues you are facing in achieving sustainable business growth. You will enhance your knowledge, skills and understanding of the leadership and management challenges you experience as your business develops.

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BUSINESS LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME Leading to a postgraduate certificate

Understanding Yourself Marketing Yourself Selling Yourself Managing Yourself


Why it’s important Delivery

“This business development programme creates strong leaders helping drive productivity and innovation across our industry.” John Nixon

Manager, Scotland Food & Drink Skills Academy

The programme generally begins with a face-toface induction, designed to help you to network with others on the course and to think about your own development needs in relation to it. You are also able to meet some of those who will be delivering the programme. The core of the programme is delivered mainly online using a range of tools to help provide a rich and rewarding learning experience. You will be able to access a range of online content in relation to each of the modules as well as a variety of other reading and support resources to support your learning. Each of the modules will also have a member of the associate teaching team working with you throughout. The delivery team are experienced business leaders, having worked directly to support business growth and innovation. They will help you provide clear linkages between the programme and your business. In addition to these methods this programme will also provide dedicated coaching support to help you apply the lessons of the programme directly to your business. This will help generate a clear and demonstrable impact on the business as you progress through the course.

Are you ready for the next great thing in your career? Welcome to the University of the Highlands and Islands, where you can develop the tools you need to succeed without interrupting your professional life.

The challenges of growing and developing a business can be very different to the challenges of setting up a new business and this programme aims to develop and enhance your skills, helping you become more strategic in your decision making. The programme will help you better understand the finances of your business, the opportunities to improve the quality of your products and services and also help you identify new markets, and cost effective approaches to reach those markets.

Course structure This postgraduate certificate consists of four modules: l

Entrepreneurial strategy and business growth




Information and financial decision making


Delivering performance excellence

Course cost: £3,000 (Possible funding available) When: January 2012

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Leadership  

The aim of the Business Leadership programme is to help you grow and develop your business in a strategic and sustainable way. The programme...

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