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CUDGEGONG VALLEY HISTORY NEWS March-May 2018 Number: 6 From the Editor: So we’ve had a name change to Cudgegong Valley History. EASY! INCLUSIVE! What do you think? I’ve had a break from the news and visiting Henbury for a while due to work on Fridays, bread-making at Craigmoor Pavilion. This has been good / challenging! That’s now changing slightly, maybe to Saturdays for the time being! - Greg. AN EYE WITNESS, TERRIFIC HAIL STORM AT LOUEE. Reported from a correspondent of the Mudgee Liberal (Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 8 January 1866, page 2). Since my last communication, we have been visited with a series of thunderstorm« for several successive days, which terminated on the 11th with, not a hail, but a chopped ice-storm, totally destroying all before it or that came within reach of its influence. Tho wheat crops have been severely cut up in many places. On the farm of the widow Turvey the loss is estimated at over 300 bushels ; about thirty have been gathered. At Louee about one-third is destroyed. The wheat paddocks being about two miles distant, the garden on the farm missed the fury of the storm. Walker, Ritchie, and other farmers in the neighbourhood, sustained damage more or less to the extent of three bushels an acre, and so on to Rock Valley, where the violence of the storm was again severely felt, destroying wheat here to the extent of 300 bushels. Grape-vines, to a large extent, have likewise perished, besides nearly all the peaches in the district. Several intervening farms escaped the storm altogether. Indeed, at Gulgowra, the farm of Mr. P. Maloney, not more than two miles in a direct line from Rock Valley, the reapers never stopped work all day. There was a thunderstorm on Saturday last, but unaccompanied by much rain. Correspondent of the Mudgee Liberal (Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 8 January 1866, page 2). 1


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Passing of a Pioneer – The Late Thomas Nevell East Lynne, Rylstone, on January 20 there passed away at the age of 81years, Thomas Nevell, one of the fast disappearing band of pioneers. He was a native of Bathurst but he was well knownas a resident of Mudgee and Rylstone Districts. He was one of the best horsemen of his day and was a good swimmer being responsible for saving life on more than one occasion besides being a runner of renown. When attending boarding school at Parramatta he and a number of other boys broke the rule and went down to the river. He lay down on the bank to read whilst the others went in for a swim. amongst them was a boy who was never allowed to go into the water on account of being subject to fits. Presently the cry was raised that this youth was drowning having taken a fit. Thomas Nevell sprang up and without waiting to divest himself of his clothing, jumped in and swam to the drowning boy who was still struggling violently. Nevell swam round and round him despite the cries ‘Catch him, save him’ until the poor boy was exhausted and sinking. He then grasped him and brought him safely to the bank remarking ‘We would both have drowned if I had caught him at first’…..Once when in company with his brother Joseph, the deceased was galloping after … horses when Joseph was thrown and apparently dead. Thomas however, seized his head and and pulled his neck in for it was out of joint and his brother lived for many years afterwards. Mr Thomas Nevell was the boyish rider mentioned in “The Mail” some months ago, who put his hands on the pommel of the saddle and jumped backwards as a burning tree fell, killing his horse instantly.


The late Mr Nevell married Miss Mary White who predeceased him by eight years after 51 of married life. He leaves two sons, Edwin (Glenevell, Rylstone), Wilfred (Lynton, Moonga, Queensland) and eight married daughters besides a number of grandchildren, as well as, one brother. Unknown Newspaper c 1914

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Cudgegong Valley History Newsletter no 6  

The Cudgegong Valley History local and family history group's newsletter.

Cudgegong Valley History Newsletter no 6  

The Cudgegong Valley History local and family history group's newsletter.