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EDITOR'S NOTE fiona jessop

As the birth of something should be a monumental event, the theme of this first issue of UNTAMED aims to make a statement: "THE FEMINIST ISSUE". With the topic of feminism at its peak and social media being a big influence in spreading awareness, we dare to ask the following questions: What is feminism at its core and why is it more important than ever? Where is inequality still prevalent in today's society and how are select women trying to fight it?

UNTAMED is a magazine for the WILD ONES. The ones that let their hair loose on the windiest of days, the ones that will never tame their free spirit for anyone.



Today the fight for feminism is more

information about sexuality, race, love,

prevalent and stronger than ever. Inspired

violence and a variety of other topics,

and encouraged not by international

everydayfeminism.com is a voice for female-

organisations or specific leaders, today’s

social injustice today.

feminists connect and unite through social media and the Internet. Due to the advancements of technology in the 21st century, methods of connecting, sharing, learning and voicing your own message on a global scale are far more accessible. As a result of this, many people, young and old, are able to associate and find common ground with others who share the same views and interests all over the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are interacting, acknowledging and uniting in the fight to make positive changes for the feminist

#TIMESUP is a movement against sexual harassment. Founded by Hollywood celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Mark Wahlberg and William Morris Endeavor in response to the sexual abuse of Hollywood celebrities by Harvey Weinstein. An additional social media platform with a wide following is @feminist on Instagram. Spreading empowerment and the belief that we are all equal, @feminist works to get more and more people involved in the movement for change.


While every feminist-social media account or


Internet platform shares and acknowledges

Founded by feminist and British model, Abwoa Aboah, gurlstalk.com is a platform where girls can openly share their experiences in a safe and trusting environment. With a variety of pro-women content and the opportunity for girls to submit their own stories, it comes as no surprise @gurlstalk has over 168,000 followers on Instagram. Everydayfeminism.com is a magazine and website which includes online self-love courses. Answering questions and sharing

different aspects of femininity and the feminist movement, the general concept is that girls can unite in a fight for reform. Ten years ago, only 24 percent of women surveyed by CBS News considered themselves feminists. Now jump forward to a 2015 poll conducted by The Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation, which found that 68 percent of women say that there is still a need for a strong women’s movement today, and 60 percent of women (and 47 percent of the public) identified themselves as feminists.


Barbara Crow, dean and associate vice-

women’s movement, and there’s a wider

president of graduate studies at York

range of issues. The women’s marches raised

University explains, “For the first time in

consciousness of these issues and it was

Western industrial history, we’re in a society

incredible to see how many people are

where women don’t need to marry for

committed to social change. And now we

economic security,” Crow says. “It’s a huge

need to take it from protest to change.”

shift in what was an imbalance between men and women.”

Moving forward, 2018 has been another year of advancement in the feminist movement.

Crow also believes trans-gender women

The harsh realities are that there are still well

have significantly helped the feminism

over 20 prominent nations that discriminate

movement break down gender barriers. “I

against females by preventing them from

think transgender women are like the

learning. There is still a pay gap: women earn

radical feminists of the ’60s — they’re

80c for every $1 earned by men in the US.

provoking us and making us think about

Women make up 51% of the US population

gender in another way,” she says. “I’m

but only 19% of Congress.

looking forward to seeing what the trans feminists are going to make available to us.”

Just as feminists have fought for women’s rights in the past, we are facing new global

Meg Luxton, professor of gender and

issues that produce the same degradation

women’s studies at the University of Toronto

and pain. But the feminist movement is alive

points to the growth of male support of the

and advancing, calling more people to

feminist movement. “One of the ways in

action every moment.

which things have changed is that there’s a segment of men who have really proven

It’s not a question of if, but when the next

they can be allies of feminists. If you try to

pro-female political breakthrough will be.

promote politics that say men are the problem, and women have to organize as women and create women-only spaces, I don’t think you’d find a lot of supporters these days.” “The work that’s going on now is more localized,” Luxton says. “We’re seeing legislative changes and the implementation of collective bargaining rights for workers in unions. And there’s a real mobilization of indigenous women and women of colour who have put anti-colonial and racist issues on the central agenda.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Passionate about activism, feminism and equality, Emma is a fifteen-year-old blogger writing about world issues with an intention of raising awareness, starting conversations and making a change. Launching her own blog last year, Emma loves that she can connect with people all over the world through her website. Living in

“There’s more global context than before,” Crow says. “It is segregated into more special interests as opposed to one uniform

New Zealand, she is a big fan of nature and the outdoors. UNTAMED is her first magazine piece.





As the world is full of strong, creative,


intelligent women, I thought I would


are passionate about what they do

By Jasper from jasperblogs

as well as me and you!

share some with you. These women and hope to inspire future generations

OPRAH WINFREY First up is Oprah, who is the host of her own talk show, the Oprah Winfrey Show. She was born in Mississippi, in a poor area. During most of her childhood, she lived with her mother in a small farming community where she was sexually abused by several male relatives. She left home to live with her father in Nashville. This is where her career started. She began working in a radio broadcasting, and later started her own show. She firmly believes that women around the world deserve equal respect as men and so she supports many organizations improving the lives of women and girls around the world.

MALALA YOUSAFZAI When Malala was a young girl, she spoke up against the Taliban in Pakistan, demanding girls receive an education. She was shot in the head by a soldier, and survived and later won a noble peace prize. Malala is influential because she stood up for what she believed in and encouraged women around the globe to do so too!

AUDREY HEPBURN Next up is Audrey Hepburn. I'm sure you have recognized her in many movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, and Sabrina. She is influential because she broke gender norms, wanting to make women comfortable through fashion and she also was a UNICEF ambassador. She made many trips around the world, helping people in need.

FRIDA KAHLO Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who encouraged women to love and embrace their natural beauty. When she was young, Frida was involved in a car crash, and ended up losing her leg. However, she did not let this accident limit her. She also embraced body hair, as she is commonly known for having a unibrow and slight moustache. She taught women that everyone is beautiful, and you should love yourself for who you are.

Jasper is a fifteen year old design, fashion and lifestyle blogger from Canada. As a passionate designer and artist, as well as music and fashion lover, she shares everything from outfit Inspiration to her own art. When she is not blogging, you can find her shopping, Surfing, on picnics with friends and taking pictures. Click to visit her blog here.


music music music


WOMEN IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY by priya francis One of the topics that makes me passionate,

men and women equally, so it’s only natural

is music, and in turn, the music industry.

that as we as a society and culture develop a

However, the music industry is an ever-

greater understanding of what it means to

evolving, always changing road to navigate,

strive for equality, we expect the same

especially as a young woman. The industry is

changes to be made and the same

just another of many industries where for so

standards to be in, within the music

long, women have been overlooked.


That said, there are steps being taken to stop that cycle, women are moving to the


forefront, and the music industry is at least


attempting to reach some sort of equality in


the way that women and men are presented


to the public.


A lot of the changes being made, are largely artist and consumer driven. It’s a hard bet to expect those in board rooms, up in the high

Listening to music has evolved into more

chairs, a large amount of whom are men,

than just buying or streaming the album to

will take the losses and make the cuts

listen to in your bedroom, or buying a ticket

needed to reach a fair decision that impacts

to see an artist live. It’s become an


investment into the person behind the music, and a lot of the time that also means what they stand for, what they align themselves with, and what they choose to do outside of their careers. Artists like Camp Cope. Camp Cope, an all female alternative-rock band from Melbourne, Australia have been described as ‘the sound of the #MeToo generation’. I mean, consider this. They were given a pretty lowly spot on Falls Festival, an Australia festival that runs over New Year’s Eve, and their tent was jam-packed. Considering they met the audience number of their male counterparts who were playing on much larger stages at far more convenient times, it’s fair to say they were


unreasonably billed.

and in protest of the mistreatment and Their response was to publicly call out the

violence faced by the African American

organisers of the festival in the middle of

community. That type of decision on

their set, not only for the mediocre time-slot

Rihanna’s part, could have proved

they were given, but also for the uneven

detrimental for her career a few years back,

balance of female to male performers at the

but the leaps that female artists have made

festival that year.

in the last few years mean that there are a few huge key players able to make those

Last year Kesha was at the forefront of the

type of decision. Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady

#MeToo movement, after years out of the

Gaga, three of the top pop artists, covered in

spotlight, following an extended period of

the media extensively, have all had their

time where her own producer, someone she

own controversial moments, yet remained in

looked up to and trusted, abused her. The

incredible positions.

impact of Kesha’s case was felt throughout the music industry, and it extended into

However, while there are huge artists like

society in the form of the #MeToo

those mentioned before taking direct

movement which Kesha deeply aligned

control over their artistry, their decisions,

herself with.

taking back their autonomy as female artists, there are plenty of aspects surrounding the

Most recently, Rihanna turned down an offer

music industry that is yet to catch up.

to perform at the Super Bowl, a huge

Majority of large corporate, board-room

opportunity, in support of Collin Kaepernick

positions in the music industry are held by

and his decision to take the knee during the

men, which becomes an issue when we see

national anthem in support of black lives

the way female artists are marketed

that at a high, professional level, I believe it

compared to male artists, as well as how

needs to start with independents and

much harder female artists have to work, to

smaller industry sectors.

get to the same places their male counterparts get to. The ‘boys club’

The live sector, for example, needs to pull it’s

mentality is still very prevalent in the music

socks up. The huge disparity in the ration of

industry, and it makes it significantly harder

men to female acts performing at festivals

for women to get a foot in the door,

needs to change, and we’re slowly seeing

especially in regards to corporate jobs,

that happening, as we as a society are more

events, management, A&R, positions that

aware of who we see on stage. There’s an

contribute greatly to the music industry, but

ownership on consumers to call out

aren’t necessarily performing roles.

production companies, event management


Billboard publish a Power 100 every year of

and coordinators when lineups are dropped

people in the music industry, and the scope

with little to few female acts. This was

extends to live, recorded and management

recently done with the latest lineup for

music. In 2018, a year where we’ve worked so

Byron Bay music festival, BluesFest, where

hard for equality and equity, women made

the females featured on the initial line-up

up only 17% of that list. 17%. This ultimately

could be counted on one hand.

comes down to the need to work harder, the


gender biases, lack of opportunity and lack


of role models available for younger women only just getting into the industry. While bigger artists are making big moves in


terms of striving for equality, really demanding the equal treatment of women in the music industry, it’s a business that has a huge flow on effect. To get your foot in the

However as generations open their minds,

door is to get yourself a place within a much

learn and expand their expectations, grow

smaller, tight-knit industry than people

and engage with the industry, the music

assume, and with it being so hard to tackle

sector can only deliver what we ask for.



TOP MUSIC PICKS by priya francis

empowering playlist Future Heroine - Ecca Vandal Independent Woman - Destiny’s Child Venus Fly - Grimes, Janelle Monae Diva - Beyonce Go To Hell - Empress Of Grown - Chloe x Halle Tyrant - Kali Uchis, Jorja Smith Overcome - Laura Mvula Nexus Niykee Heaton Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood Be Careful - Cardi B CRZY - Kehlani OMG - Camila Cabello, Queova Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato you should see me in a crown - Billie Eilish PHOTO: CORA ALVAREZ

Priya is a 20 year o ld studen t, writer and music ian from M e lb ourne, R Australia. AUTHO Her blog, E H T T Y ou Should ABOU was launc Hear, hed in 20 16, and ha a plethora s featured of playlist curations recomme , song ndations, artist inte concert re rviews, views and in sights int life of a m o the usic stud ent. Outs ide of her blog, Priy a spends most of h er time writing an d recordin g h e r own mu which sh sic, e shares o nline thro Spotify an ugh d SoundC lo u d , and is studying a Bachelo r of Arts in Industry. Music


feature feature feature


THE PEOPLE BEHIND: g i r l s , m a n . by fiona jessop


In this feature of The Person Behind UNTAMED editor Fiona Jessop talks to content creators Sol and Natasha, who give an inside look into their purpose, beliefs and the message behind their creations.

UNTAMED: How many people are

vary, we sometimes come up with a

behind Girls, man?

vision, a message, a decade, or even a color scheme. Other times, people

There are two people involved in Girls,

approach us with a creative vision,

man. Sol Helou and Natasha Austrich.

concept or aesthetic and we help execute it.

What prompted you to team up and create your Instagram account and

As a female myself, I experience


misogyny in my day-to-day life – it actually seems to be increasing again –

We have been friends since middle

Do you think we are currently taking a

school, and fell in love with analog

step back in history regarding the

photography when we were kids. We

woman’s role and rights in society?

realized that we shared similar artistic visions and complementing aesthetic

We think to say that society is taking a

preferences. It helps that we’re

step backwards negates the efforts of


so many important woman from the past and present. We find that it is also

One thing that instantly drew me to

important to take a step back and

your content was the message behind

consider that there are many different

it. What principles does Girls, man

definitions of feminism, and not every


effort to further women’s rights will look the same.

The last few years has been an environment for change in society, and

We agree that there is room for

we found art to be the best outlet for

improvement and infinite steps

our voice. So we decided to create

forward that we can take. The

Girls, man. to break down the polarity

women’s rights movements is very

in society’s understanding of gender.

much prominent and the message is

Everything is masculine. Everything is

being said, it’s important to encourage


those around you to keep challenging the current norm and advocating for

Could you describe the creative


process behind your images? Do you believe the term “feminism” is In a world like today when we’re

outdated or misleading? From my

constantly being saturated with

experience a very common question

different forms of media, it’s not hard

we get asked is why we don’t call

to be inspired. The beginnings can

ourselves equalists or even humanists.


Which brings me to the question...

femininity can be and not dictating

what does feminism mean to you?

where femininity can’t be.

We don’t think that the term is

What do you think about all of

outdated but rather that the term has

the faux-feminists out there or women

organically evolved. There are infinite

claiming not to be feminists?

interpretations of the word feminism and we feel often frustration comes

We think that it goes back to each

from expecting everyones

person’s definition of feminism. We

understanding to be the same.

can’t be sure but we think often

Personally, our definition of feminism

people don’t agree with someone

is standing up for the destruction of

else’s definition of feminism and reject


gender polarity. We feel that

the word completely. Often,

masculinity and femininity are

people who explicitly choose to not

expected to act as opposites.

label themselves as feminist are the greatest contributors to the cause.

Our tactic or way of approaching this issue is emphasizing how femininity

How do you function/work as a team?

can be found everywhere, just like

Does a lot of coordination take place

masculinity. We challenge people to

over social media and other digital

question their own definitions of


feminine, often traits are arbitrarily assigned a gender, something as silly

Our similar artistic vision makes the

as dancing is stereotypically labeled as

process run smoothly. As far as social

“girly”. Feminism to us is

media, we think of our followers as

understanding and accepting where

part of the team and are always

accepting and encouraging collaborations. Do you believe social media to be a weapon or a disadvantage in the fight for equal rights? It is a platform. We agree that sometimes it can be a bit destructive but at the end of the day it is a means to be heard globally. What’s in store for the future of Girls, man? Stay tuned!


Fiona Jessop is a 19-year-old student, blogger and photographer based in Vienna, Austria. Born carrying an intense curiosity for the world and the people in it, she has always sought to make her own mark, starting with her personal blog, Questions From A Teenager. Where you can find her: chilling in a cafĂŠ or park with the works of Bukowski, sitting in a train scribbling in her journal or out with friends exploring.



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SHE by the muddled lass

A lady became a wife, she made a beautiful bride. She held that smile, stretching my thoughts to a thousand miles. But there have been times that remain unspoken, all the cries that hide behind her bridal shine. The cries who were wanting to pour out of the perfectly set-powdered face. Red lips, shining with perfection, sitting appropriately while her in-laws have a discussion about the dowry money they will take. It took hours to make a decision for the wedding, her parents overlooked all the protestant cries she was shedding. She condoned to their wants, she respected their needs. Never once thinking about the alternative her life could be. But regardless she says, her parents and in-laws are always the best. She's one among the rest. She cried her heart out, she made her sorrow flee, she managed it out for the time being. If only they listened, if only they made, the choices in accordance with her fate. Things would've been different, they can still change. Her love and life have now become one and the same.


P U L L by fiona jessop


I was never one to be the loudest shy and timid as I was I spoke my truths quietly , lest they burdened those close to me. That was before I grasped that neither worries, nor their gravity are defined by the volume with which they are spoken out loud, for silent truths can w e i g h you down, more than those others are so eager to get off their chests.