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Developing your points further than P.E.E.


Make a point about the novel (topic sentence) which addresses the question. From the very beginning, the reader can tell that... It is obvious to the reader that... The main character/protagonist... Back this up with a suitable quotation from the novel. He/she says... The line “...” The author writes...” Identify the technique used in the quotation e.g. exaggeration, introduction of a character/theme, creating an atmosphere, providing limited information, telling us about the character's inner thoughts, foreshadowing. The writer allows the reader to... The reader can tell that... Comment on a single word from the quotation and explain what it suggests to the reader. The word ‘_________’ suggests to the reader that.../makes the reader think/feel... Say what the writer is trying to make the reader think/feel. The writer is suggesting that... It seems that the character feels... This quotation seems to say that... We can infer that... FINALLY….Link your points back to answering the question. This quotation highlights/emphasises the idea... This quotation illustrates/demonstrates/reinforces the writer's point that... It is the writer's intention to... I think the writer wants us to... The author may intend to... The writer successfully makes the reader think/feel….

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