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IB research skills 

Developing a research plan – EE focus Resources: 1. Mindmeister website – 2. Big six research skills website/tutorials - and

Task one – Developing a topic from nothing 1. Go to and use the try it now ‘demo’ version 2. Use the tutorial to help you if you need it 3. Use the mindmap tool to categorise all your ideas and thoughts to help you come up with a streamline them down into a topic. Consider everything we have looked at so far – what are my interests?; what type of learner am I?; what subjects do I like the most/least?; what topics do I like within that subject?

4. This will have helped you to develop one (or maybe a few) topic/s you wish to investigate 5. Make sure you printscreen your mindmap and place it into your word document

Task two – Turning the topic into a research question 1. 2. 3. 4.

Again, using the mindmeister site, create a new mindmap this time with your chosen topic at the center Create branches off the mindmap showing different potential research questions From these research questions create new branches relating to strengths and weaknesses Again you will find one (and maybe a back-up or alternative) research question jumps out at you as it has very few weaknesses or many strengths 5. Again printscreen the mindmap and paste it into your word document

Task three – How will I investigate this research question 1. Where will you find the information to investigate this research question? 2. What sources of information will you use? Once you have completed these tasks save your work and send it to me via email –

N.B. Remember this is not an easy process you may find yourself starting over (‘going back to the drawing board’) over and over until you find something that works for you. Flexibility is the key to success here.

Developing a research plan – ee focus