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The media - advertising Tone/Appearance/Language •

Who appears to be the target audience for the advertisement?

What seems to be the general tone of the advertisement? Serious? Playful? Satiric?

Do you notice any other appeals to stereotypes regarding education or income levels (e.g., the “corporate

elite,” the "nouveau riche," or the “literary elite,” who may or may not earn high incomes but wield “power” by virtue of educational or literary achievements)?

How would you characterize the overall appearance of the models in the ad? If applicable, how would you

characterize their clothing? To what social class would you connect each model's attire? Are brand names evident? Do the models' qualities suggest they are from a particular social class? If so, how? Is the advertiser relying on stereotypical characterizations, then? Why do you think the advertiser chose to portray them in these ways?

What would you guess the average income is of the individuals featured in the ad and/or of the audience to

which the ad appeals?

Do you notice any particular political appeals that may be related to class? With what social class would you

associate these appeals and why?

Does the ad appeal to any stereotypes based on gender or race? On what evidence do you ground your


If possible, what do you infer to be the highest degree of education that the individuals featured in the ad

hold? Also in terms of level of education, who do you believe is the intended audience?

If text appears in the ad, what level of language is used, and for what purpose? Slang? Other informal

language? Technical jargon? Standard American English? Dialect? With what class do you associate the use of this level of language? What is the effect of language use in this advertisement?

Are symbols, metaphors, hyperbole, allusions, and/or other forms of figurative language used? If so, what is

the effect? Does the use of figurative language evoke appeals to class in any way?

In what ways does the advertisement appeal to class? Is the goal of the ad to encourage consumers to

spend for the purpose of obtaining, or acquiring the appearance of, a higher socioeconomic status? (Examples of such strategy might be ads for a BMW or a Porsche that suggest the consumer would be more likely to attract members of the opposite sex if he or she were to purchase the advertised car.) Or, does the ad urge individuals to pursue an elite status (e.g., an American Express credit card) that will provide the illusion of upward class mobility

How effective is the advertisement?

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