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East Street Bedminster

This street still feels traditional but It’s been taken over by shops that aren’t needed, shops that will get you into more trouble! There are lots of charity shops which is why I come down here. East street gets pretty manic.

Although on the surface it looks clean when you look a bit deeper you can see how worn out it is. It needs waking up, looks forgotten about.

East Street Shops by Type

In the daytime this street is a public space but turns private at night when the shops close. Some people we asked didn’t feel safe coming out here at night....

In each direction lies another shopping street this is the heart of Bedminster. So much could be done to improve here! This street to be turned into a commercial hell hole would ruin the soul of Bedminster.


The Sky Man. What is your profession? Sales advisors. How often do you use this street? Once a month, 7 days at a time. Do you like it? It’s different! The traffic is terrible, I fear for my life! There are some strange people about. A low demographic of people. Do you think it’s well looked after? Not particularly....

Do you get a lot of business? Yes we do actually Does this street have any particular regulars that you have noticed? We see a lot of people who walk around not really doing anything in particular. Following a pattern. There’s a lot of very special people. But there is a definite community spirit and it’s quite old fashioned. On the breadline.

Is there a particular time you use this street? Daytime hours. Would anything improve this street? Less phone shops and landing more money. Not promoting anything of worth.

Religious Advisors What is your profession? Bible teach work How often do you use this street? 2-3 times a week Do you like it? Yeah it’s nice to people watch Do you think it’s well looked after? It’s improving, East Street has got better Do you get a lot of business? Yeah we do get quiet a bit, a lot of people just come to chat though.

Does this street have any particular regulars that you have noticed? Yeah we do see lot of the same people. A lot of the same people come over and talk to us. When is the best time for you to use this street? Friday for most the day and early mornings are always best. Would anything improve this street? A bench by where we stand


Travel Agents

Money shops are driving down business. They stop people from wanting to visit the high street. Charity shops don’t pay business rents and the rents are too high for independent shops to set up here. All these money shops have been here a few years but more and more are opening up.

These kind of shops have always been here really. More and more are opening up though. There are definitely loads of Charity shops, there is a real demand for them.

Bristol and UK Unemployment

2013 7.9% 7.3% 2012 7.0% 7.8% 2011 7.9% 7.9% 2010 7.0% 7.7% 2009 7.6% 7.7%

2004 5.1% 4.8%

2005 4.7% 4.9%

2006 4.6% 5.4%

2007 5.2% 5.2%

2008 5.0% 5.7%

Bristol UK

“A shop that’s open is better than no shop”



A few have opened up over the past few years, but it’s better than an empty shop. There have always been Charity shops. The council are trying to promote the area and we are getting a lot more new customers now.

A shop that’s open is better than no shop I suppose. It doesn’t affect my business and in the present climate I think they are needed. They are a necessary evil.

“There are definitely lots of charity shops� 7 Charity

7 Pawnbroker 7 Gambling

106 Other

East street  

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