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Camilla Wellton “

If I were mayor for the day, I would make it mandatory for every child starting first grade to adopt a tree in the neighbourhood as part of the family. Talk to it, hug it, tell it secrets, play around it, get to know its features, its resident birds and bugs.

I have a library in my bathroom, one nude painting, one huge Dragonball Z poster and some cool toys share space with about 200 books. I spend a lot of time there so I might as well get really comfy! Except the bathroom my taste is towards minimalism, as little stuff as possible but the stuff that I do have has great personality, elegance and quality.

Leading a lifestyle that makes sense and keeps me growing and energised is at the top of my priorities. This includes yoga and meditation, vegetarian food, training as well as doing my best to make sure my creativity is aligned with what’s sustainable.

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This young Stockholm designer doesn't hold a degree in fashion design. Yet here she is, winner of the Sisters Academy design competition and the Ikea Fashion Design Contest, AND shortlisted for the UK Innovation Award 2011. At the end of October she will be headlining the closing show of Shanghai Fashion Week, which will be revolutionary centred around sustainability and ethics in fashion (FYI SIX magazine is the official eco media partner of the SHFW closing show - read more on p.123).

Since pain and misery is not really what I want, self honesty and intense need (intense pain) made me go look for solutions that would help me wake up and feel more at the opposite spectrum. Any journey inwards includes a complete panorama of inspiration. Besides finding energy, courage and inspiration to live my dream certain choices were just obvious. If you’re in love with a garment and it makes you feel great when you wear it then buy it, and such garments are rare. Clothes that help keep you in a state of happiness are a blessing in my opinion be they eco, vintage or what not. Happy people make the world a happier place so whatever helps people genuinely be happy is good for the rest of the planet too. The oldest piece of clothing I own is a Lady Soul jersey jacket my dad bought me when I was 19. It still fits and looks cool so I kept it and use it at the gym.

I do my best to only do what I like doing (it keeps my mind clean and alert and my life easier), and somehow lots of noise just gets filtered out by itself in the process. Like reading the news, fashion/trend magazines, celebrity gossip, watching TV... I just don’t do it so I’m not immersed with fashion or any other negative trappings. I know it’s a bit radical, but there it is... Fashion is the art of crafting a second skin. One you are born with, the other one you have the power to choose. Invest in the brands that help you express who you really are; brands that exude a vibe you feel kin to and at home with, that resonates with how you feel and who you are deep inside be it a superhero, sex goddess, mermaid, treehugger, mysterious girl – whatever it is.

The sky is truly the limit for Camilla Wellton. SIX 158

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SIX Magazine Issue 3  

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