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Organic ingredients combined with the latest technology equals Tromborg. An exclusive Danish beauty label created by make-up artist Marianne Tromborg, the eponymous brand aims to deliver the best of beauty products and makeup showcased in sleek Scandinavian design. The Tromborg journey started when Marianne was a young painter who happened to be asked by a friend to help out as a make-up artist on a photoshoot. Although she had no official training the jobs started piling up and some famous photographers noticed her work and Marianne’s new career as a make-up artist was established. The Tromborg brand grew out of Marianne’s need to find products to meet her high standards of quality, combining natural ingredients with simple color palettes. The Tromborg label’s motto is the old adage ‘less is more’, a very Scandinavian approach to beauty that Marianne promotes with her functional line of beauty products ranging from hair and skincare, to a full range of cosmetics and tools – even encompassing scented candles and perfumes. Tromborg’s innovative products don’t contain any parabens, mineral oils, synthetic perfume or artificial colouring, and the

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TROMBORG by Jenny Janse

ingredients are as pure and natural as possible. Design, quality and organic ingredients are the key elements of Tromborg and to that end there are never any compromises. If the French farmer where the organic ingredients are grown are out of a specific product Marianne will wait to manufacture until her farmer has it, even if it means being out of stock of a particular product for months. At Tromborg, quality and authenticity come first. The base of the make-up line is natural mineral foundations and the kabuki brushes used to apply the foundations are made from goat hair, so soft that it’s a pleasure to apply the products. The full make-up range is well thought through and the idea is to offer products that are easy to use for just about anyone who wants to look good using as few products as possible. Swedish TV4 use many of Tromborg’s products in their productions and Swedish singer Sanna Nielsen is a huge fan. Have a look online and see why for yourself.

SIX Magazine Issue 3  
SIX Magazine Issue 3  

SIX Magazine Issue 3