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BIOEFFECT’s new weapon in the fight against aging

by Lou Dartford The cosmetics industry’s ongoing search for the latest age-busting ingredients, fuels our desire for ever-lasting youth. There is a constant stream of new products available to us, each with their own promises and claims, heralding to be the wonder product to win the war on time. As the battle continues, many hero ingredients are discovered and their powers unleashed onto our ageing skins. One of the present front-liners is Epidermal Growth Factor (EFG), and one brand that know a thing or two about it is the Icelandic based Sif Cosmetics who have a BIOEFFECT EFG Serum. Found naturally in the body, EFG is a protein that is responsible for the stimulation and maintenance of skin cells, i.e. keeps them young and healthy. Its discovery in 1986, won a Nobel Peace Prize and the cosmetic possibilities were quickly realised. At first it was used for healing wounds but it soon made its way into the realms of anti-ageing and has become a popular ingredient in many skin creams. As skin ages, the natural EFG diminishes; thus less collagen and elastin are produced. This leads to the fine-lines and wrinkles that so many of us detest. It makes sense then, that many skincare brands have incorporated EFG into their anti-ageing ranges.

Sif Cosmetics launched their BIOEFFECT EFG Serum in 2009 –­­­ ­­­­ within six months 20% of Icelandic women over the age of 30 had switched to using it. They must be doing something right! The EFG in many skincare products on the market starts its existence as genetically modified yeast, bacteria or hamster cells. The BIOEFFECT EFG is different as it begins its life in the seed of a barley plant, arguably a contentious barley plant. Synthetic genes are placed inside the plants using the Orfeus System, developed by Sif Cosmetics’ mother company, ORF Genetics. It is the seeds from this new barley that produce the valuable protein, or cellular activators. The process of using plants gives ‘an unparalleled level of purity and activity’, and allows less chance of an allergic reaction. The barley is then grown in ash from the Icelandic volcano Hekla, and watered with spring water as it flourishes in a state-of-the-art greenhouse. Ecofriendliness and sustainability are both key to the production process; geothermal energy is used for power. No animal testing was used during the making of the serum either. Once the EFG has been extracted from the barley seed, it is combined with no more than eight other ingredients to make the serum. The simplicity of the

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formulation keeps it clean and free from any unnecessary nasties. With a texture like silky water, 2-4 drops is more than adequate to cover the face and neck. It will moisturize as well, eliminating the need for multiple products. The plant origin means that the skin recognizes the EFG and allows it to do its job, rejuvenating the complexion. Sif Cosmetics are working on expanding the skincare line as well as branching out into hair-care and regeneration by working with over 100 different cellular activators. I must admit I was dubious of the GM origins but with a recommendation for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive, I gave it a go and was impressed. After just a few nights of trying it, my skin was noticeably refreshed and my glow was commented upon! The application was easy and it felt great on my skin. The price is a little steep

at £125 for what seems like quite a small bottle - 15ml. If you use the suggested amount of 2-4 drops, morning and night it should last you one and half months. A little did go a long way and it was all I used at night. I didn’t feel the need for a moisturiser so you do save money in that department. GM is a much-debated subject, too vast to tackle here, but one thing is for sure, skincare is only going to get more high tech. As long as the quest for youth goes on, new formulations are going to be found whatever it takes to get there. The BIOEFFECT range is utilizing advanced ingredients that perhaps some people might not agree with. However the brand is also doing their best to do it in a responsible way and making a lot of women happy along the way!

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