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Danish delight

If you like your body lotions with a hint of delicious scent, the distinct fragrance of Indian jasmine and Tunisian neroli make Ko Denmark’s Jasmine + Neroli Organic Body Lotion a perfect post-bathing treat. With additional organic ingredients including jojoba oil, coconut oil and rose water, it helps to improve the skin’s elasticity, encourages new cell growth and is particularly effective at reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Aside from their many beauty benefits, jasmine and neroli are also known for their aphrodisiac properties – so slather it on, and you may find you’re not the only one who appreciates it!


A Swedish treat for thirsty skin

CASE by Viola Levy

Model’s own

When it comes to skincare, who better to turn to than an ex-model whose entire career has pretty much depended on it? In addition to being snapped all over the world, Mette Picaut also trained as an acupuncturist before turning her hand to skincare and the creation of her own organic range M. Picault. A winner of a Swedish Tara 40+ Beauty Award, her Precious Oil contains three key ingredients of jojoba, kernal and seabuckthorne oils to deliver an intense boost of nourishment as well as help plump out fine lines, making it an ideal skin treat for the harsh winter months. slowfashionhouse .com

Here comes the science bit…

With its rich hydrating cocktail of sweet almond oil, essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B and E, Estelle & Thild’s Eco-Organic Neroli Face Cream is a hard-working moisturiser that keeps skin baby soft throughout the day. Named after the founder’s two daughters, the Swedish range is ’eco-organic’, so not only does it contain organic and natural ingredients, but all production and packaging elements are environmentally-friendly too. For example, a clever dispensing mechanism means the recyclable container remains air-tight, eliminating the need for parabens and other chemical preservatives. The cream also comes in a fragrance-free variety for sensitive skin and a rose otto version for more mature skin types.

For fans of hi-tech skincare, Norwegian brand Skin Science is a new luxury line inspired by marine ingredients found along the country’s arctic coastline. Its USP is the special ingredient Spermine, developed by the brand’s scientists and based on an antioxidant found in all living organisms, thought to be 25-30 times more powerful than Vitamin E (which protects against sun and environmental damage.) The brand’s latest offering is the Marine Foaming Enzyme Cleanser which contains another lab-developed ingredient: Zonase X, which works at a skin friendly PH and mimics the skin’s own natural exfoliation process, gently removing the dead skin without affecting the healthy skin cells beneath. Clever stuff !

Hip to be a herb

Grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil at high altitudes, Icelandic herbs are highly valued for their unique health and beauty benefits, which explains why Taer Icelandic’s Restore and Replenish Moisturiser is jam-packed with them. These include organic yarrow herb; known for its repairing and healing properties, as well as horsetail to firm the skin and lady’s mantle to soothe and heal. Ideal for very dry and mature skin types, it also helps prevent premature ageing with the help of olive leaf, algae extracts and Vitamin C. A perfect cream to keep skin hydrated while you sleep, another plus point is its relaxing herbal fragrance, which can help you drift off into a peaceful slumber. SIX 142


To soothe aching limbs after an intense workout, drop a few capfuls of c/o Gerd’s Birch Salt into a warm bath and let the Dead Sea and Epsom salts go to work, whilst the detoxifying birch leaves, rosemary and grapefruit help stimulate circulation. Based in Swedish Lapland, c/o Gerd was set up by brother and sister duo Anna-Lena Wiklund-Reppert and Johan Wiklund, who developed the range using natural and organic ingredients from Jokkmokk, a northern Swedish town just above the Arctic Circle. Benefitting from constant sunshine, the plants and herbs that are grown there contain potent vitamins and anti-oxidants, endowing them with serious skin-nourishing superpowers! SIX 143 s

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