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Siri Sveen Haaland is a 24-year-old Norwegianborn visionary designer specialising in menswear. Her designs are a mix of structured masculinity superbly contrasted with a range of fabrics and a dark muted colour palette truly defining the mood of the male psyche which is perfect for the stylish tomboy.

Veronica Vallenes is an awardwinning Nor wegian designer based in Copenhagen. Vallenes’ latest collections have garnered international recognition in international magazines such as Vogue, Dazed & Confused, Pop World, PIG Magazine, and Glamour, as well as coverage in high-end Danish and Norwegian publications. A subtle mix of contemporary and chic is what makes this designer distinguished and unashamedly talented.

Siri is currently working as a freelance designer in corporation with different Norwegian labels, she is head designer in the developing of a new Norwegian brand which will be available in 2012 (WWW.NORWEGIANRAT.NO).

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