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BEAUTY beauty editor’s notes

Buy Tammy Fender Quintessential Serum. Why? One of the most effective aging serums available: This all natural super serum offers premium cellular nutrition to the skin in the purest form possible. The all natural, cold pressed organic ingredients mean that your skin receives the deepest nourishment and care. This serum works hard to restore skin back to its optimal condition. Skin will feel deeply hydrated, rejuvenated with any scars and blemishes repairing more easily. Skin will appear smoother and more plumped up. The ultimate skintreat for green goddesses.

by Georgie Wolfinden

Get your rest on

The new beauty rules

There’s nothing more gorgeous than skin that looks well rested. We all know that when we have less sleep, too many sugary foods and slap on any old products that our skin begins to lose it luminosity. It’s very outdated to think that products alone will create gorgeous skin. The modern approach, which works best, is looking after yourself inside and out for your best skin yet.

Eat organic whole foods Ditch the sugar Add a daily green juice to your diet ( more on that later) Invest in a few high quality beauty products - you don’t need drawers full just ones that work small wonders. Order Radiance Cleanse’s new green cleanse. Why? Its clears your skin and makes it dewy:

If you’re too tired to juice yourself then get your juices from Radiance Cleanse - the UK’s premier fresh juice delivery service have just launched their Radiance Green Cleanse - the first of its type here in the UK. Their new green cleanse will help you get A-list skin – quickly. Why? Green juices detox the body but also deeply nourish too. Skin will look clearer and more youthful after taking these liquid greens. Drink up!

Available exclusively from

Read ‘Feed Your Face’ by Dr Jessica Wu. Why? Some of the best celebrity secrets revealed: Top LA dermatologist Dr Jessica Wu’s book Feed your face is genius. She looks after A-list skin and knows her stuff. After years of battling her own pimple prone skin she has learned that what you eat has a huge effect on your complexion. And the likes of stars including Katherine Heigl, Maria Bello, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Lisa Ling agree. So, check out her easy-to-follow 28-day diet plan that will help you banish blemishes, wipe out wrinkles, shed unwanted pounds, and generally feel great. Eat to improve skin and get your glow back. Available from all good book stores nationwide

Treatment of the month: Dr Duve Freshlift Facial using Jet Peel 3

What it is: The Dr Duve ‘Freshlift’ has been created by leading German dermatologist Dr Stefan Duve. His special facial combines the jet peel method with his revolutionary anti aging skincare line to give a tailored skincare experience and a fresher and more youthful appearance. What it does: This effective facial deeply cleans, nourishes and delivers oxygen and bespoke skin boosters into the skin delivering real results and addressing specific skincare concerns. The jet peel: This method works to detox the surface of the skin by removing unwanted dead skin cells as well as pumping pure oxygen deep into the skin, creating a healthier and more luminous complexion. Best bit: Post peel your skin will be treated to Dr Duve’s luxurious collagen mask which calms, plumps and nourishes the skin. During the facial any specific skincare issues you might have including acne, sun damage or pigmentation will be addressed and the relevant Dr Duve products will be chosen and used throughout the facial. At the end of the experience skin boosting waters will be administered via the jets into the skin allowing them to penetrate deeply and be more effective. End result? Clearer, softer, refreshed skin tone. Detoxed, happy skin: delivered. SIX 120

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