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EXPOSED I decided to call our degree exhibition EXPOSED because, as students emerging into the big wide world, most of us would be exposing our work, and ourselves, to the public for the first time. I was also excited about the potential of using other ‘ex’ words as part of the design; exciting, expectations, experience, exclusive (for the private view), explore, exhibition (obviously) and many more. The show initially started out as just Graphic Design and Contemporary 3D Crafts students, so I decided to create a typographic design with 3D lettering to reflect both groups. Later on Fashion Design was added to the exhibition so I re-evaluated my design again. The ribbon could reflect both Fashion and 3D because it is fabric and I have given it a floating 3D effect. I also added a textured background which could represent ceramic or fabric. I used Calvert MT Std which is a slab serif typeface - funky, young feeling and modern - and added my own 3D treatment to it. I combined this typeface with Calibri, which is one of my favourite typefaces, it is a smooth sans-serif font, which works amazingly well at smaller sizes.

The EXPOSED EXHIBITION will be held at: The Guildhall, St. Helens Sq., York. YO1 9QN. For enquiries telephone York College on: 01904 770400 • • Design by Donna Hall

Main poster design

COLOURS Orange and purple are both colours that represent creativity. I initially used orange, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to go down too well with some people, which is why I changed it to purple. I also added an accent colour of yellow, which projects a fresh and friendly feel. Purple also represents quality, which I feel is emphasised by the ribbon, the plaque shape and the seal device featured throughout the design.

Left: Original colour Orange (M: 40 Y: 100) Top: Current colours Purple (C: 60 M: 100) Yellow (Y: 100) Opposite page: Top image is original flyer front. Middle and bottom image are current flyer front and back respectively.




The exhibition runs from Monday 3rd June - Friday 7th June. 9am - 5pm.

The Guildhall, St. Helens Square, York. YO1 9QN. Tel: 01904 770400

PRINT MATERIAL For the print side of the promotional material I created a poster, a double sided flyer and an invitation for the exclusive view. The invitation is an A3 sheet folded down to A6 size with information about the event; when, where, how to get there. On the reverse is an A3 version of the main poster. The invitation also contains a name sticker for the attendee to wear to the event. The idea behind this was that the students and tutors would also be wearing them, and that everyone would be exposed to everyone else. I have used 12 different ‘ex’ words in the poster design alone and have used a few more elsewhere.

ONLINE MATERIAL For the online promotion of the show I built a website which is live on the internet and accessible to everyone. The website homepage features basic info about when and where the show will be held, it also features links to download the poster and the flyer, as well as links to the York College website and the EXPOSED Facebook page, which is also live. The Find Us page has a map (which links to Google Maps) and directions for those arriving by car, bus, train or on foot. The About page features more detailed information about the event; who is involved, when and where it is, and the opening times. The Students page displays a picture of all of the students involved in the show. Each image links to a personal profile for each student, where there would be a bit of information about them and links to their website, other web pages and/or portfolio if applicable. As I mentioned earlier, I also created a Facebook page for the show and designed an advertising banner for the York College website.

REFLECTIONS I love my designs! It took me a few revisions to get to the final result, and I don’t think the pressure of the ‘voting process’ helped much. I’m a little disappointed mine didn’t get chosen, but on the other hand I am relieved that it is done and I don’t have to stress out about it anymore - that’s Sean’s job now! Plus I have some great work (showcasing a diverse range of my abilities) to put in my portfolio and to add to my Personal, Professional Development. Sean’s design was a worthy winner. It was clear that he had spent time on his design and that all his work was his own. Congratulations Sean. It would have been easier if we had been given the actual details of the whereabouts of the exhibition, rather than just having to guess based upon where York St. John had their Product Design show (from the pictures shown to us). And surprise, surprise there were printing issues (aren’t there always) the mac suite printer was still broken, so on ‘poster putting up day’ those of us who were in early spent the morning flying around college looking for a printer that worked! I printed out my final (purple) designs at home, I found a ‘quality’ print setting on the set up which prints things out amazingly well! Happy times :D

EXPOSED Exhibition Design Report and Reflections  

Design report for promotional material created for York College degree show

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