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Western International School of Shanghai

The PaperClip Volume 1, issue 5

June 23, 2010

Inside this issue: Profile on Director Kline


Reviews of Fast and Furious and Pokemon Red


Graduation for Grades 5 and 10


Roots and Shoots Greenhouse


Advice from Lucy


WISS Celebrates International Day


Comic Strip


Grade Five Raises 43,000 RMB for Spinal Muscular Atrophy BY DANIEL AND SARAH HERTEN As part of our Library and Music task, all Grade 5 students had to choose a charity they wanted to support and make a speech about their chosen charity to the class. Daniel and I chose the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation of Australia (SMA). We chose this charity because our cousin Chloe O’Neill, who recently turned two years of age, has been diagnosed with SMA Type 2. We were very excited Grade 5 voted to select Grade Five students sport crazy hair as part of SMA Charity W eek our nominated charity and we were looking forward to raising money to Masters and Formula 1 organizer. He make a difference in Chloe’s life and gave us some great ideas that we used other children with SMA. for the Charity Week. Mr. Luevano also organized and financially supported SMA is an inherited condition that Grade 5 to record our written song causes weakness of the muscles in the “Make A Dream Come True” at the relegs and can also affect upper body muscording studio and produced 300 CD’s for cles. us to sell during our Charity Week. To help us learn more about organizing the Charity week we had a visit from Mr. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 Michael Luevano, the Shanghai Tennis

World Expo Opens in Shanghai

Sports Day


teachers agreed that it is an exciting time to be in Shanghai.

After years of waiting, the city of Shanghai finally welcomed the opening of the World Expo 2010 on May 1. Expectations were high for the global event, which Shanghai has been preparing for since winning the bid for it in 2002. Although reviews have been mixed, students and

More than 70 million visitors are expected to come for the Expo. There are more than 190 countries that are represented, including a pavilion for the continent of Africa. These are mostly on the Pudong side of the river. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4



V O LU ME 1, ISS U E 5

Profile: Eine Kline Nacht Musik BY SOHAIL KALIA Our new WISS director, Mr. Tom Kline, has lived a very interesting life. He grew up in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Belfast was plagued by violence and political and religious tension at the time. Mr. Kline includes studies of Northern Ireland in the terrorism unit of the Humanities classes he teaches Grade Eight. Mr. Kline had two dogs when he was growing up, one named Timmy and the other named Timmy. He also has a sister and a brother. Mr. Kline studied many things when he attended Queen’s University. But he spent most of his time in university doing plays. He enjoys the theater very much. He even wrote a play for us to perform in the fall semester. When we were working on The Lid, I could tell how much he loved plays even though sometimes we were not the best actors. He knew what he was doing all along and you could see how professional he was about the play. And in the end, The Lid turned out to be a great success. Mostly because of my brilliant performance, but also partially because of Mr. Kline’s directing.

Mr.. Kline presides over International Day in his trademark green suit

I think Mr. Kline has been a great addition to our school and has helped make it what it is today. However, he did end the interview by asking me the question, “What would I have looked like 200 years ago?” I think he looked the same but a bit thinner.

Around WISS If you put a raisin in a glass of champagne, it will keep sinking to the bottom and floating to the top.

On the Road On May 21, the pre-K classes plunged into their new Unit of Inquiry, “Around the World,” with a field trip to the Science and Technology Museum in Pudong to study climates. Meanwhile, Grade 4 visited the Automobile Museum. Truth or Dare On June 4, Mr. Pellerin hosted the secondary school at a classroom sleepover featuring video games, chess, Assassins, pizza, and more. Although mosquitoes attacked in the night, leaving many attendees itchy in the morning, a good sleepless time was had by all.

Are You Fired Up? Starting June 7, the secondary school held its annual Spirit Week, including a crazy hair day, faculty-student baseball, smoothies, water hugs, and a codebreaker scavenger hunt. Drenching Mr. Kline, clad in his shiny green suit, was one of the highlights. Surge of Adrenaline WISS students from Nursery to Grade 10 participated in the annual Sports Day on June 11. Featuring events from sponge relays and egg races to a secondary race around the whole school, the day was an opportunity for everyone to show their house spirit by wearing red, green, blue, or yellow shirts and cheering on their teams. Service with a Smile Grade Two participated in the charity efforts to raise money for SMA as well by organizing and advertising a student café on June 17 and 18. Benefits for everyone included supporting a good cause and eating ice cream at school. Playing Porkers The two seventh grade English classes joined together on June 22 and 23 to perform Ten Angry Pigs, an adaptation of the classic play illuminating the dynamics of a jury. While Ms. Baelde directed, Mr. Cucinello moonlighted as the wolf, Mrs. Collins as the judge, and Ms. Chow as the bailiff.

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Editorial Board

Editors’ Note This fourth issue of the PaperClip for the 2009-2010 school year brings us to summer and the end of publication until fall. Taking a moment to highlight the big stories of the year, it’s clear that WISS is continuing to evolve rapidly and its teachers and student body have been involved in more and more exciting events in the Shanghai community. Back in the fall, the big news was the construction of the new buildings on campus, which have now been functional for six months. In the January issue, school food continued to be an issue of discussion among parents, student leaders, and the catering company, and WISS continued to grow with student input about the design of the library. Moving into the spring semester, it became increasingly clear how prominent the performing arts program is becoming under the leadership of Head of Music Anne Drouet. We celebrated the stunning Chinese New Year and Christmas shows as well as the many opportunities to take private music lessons. Singing at the Formula One Paper Clip writer Steve Choi raises Race in April was another big highlight for both students and teachers. In this issue, we’ve focused on even more laudable efforts by students to get involved in helping the local and international community, most notably through Grade Five’s charity work with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It’s also an exciting time for all of us to be in Shanghai as the Expo finally opens and the world comes to our city. Stay tuned! We’ll be back in the fall with the latest news on our growing school. –The editorial board of the PaperClip

The PaperClip Founded 2009 at the Western International School of Shanghai Deputy Managing Editors

Babies are born without kneecaps. They don't appear until the child reaches 2-6 years of

Emalie Hermans, Sohail Kalia, Nina Wang


Production and Design Editor Emalie Hermans Photography Editor Nina Wang Features Editors Sohail Kalia and Cathy Tang Science and Technology Editor Ethan Sims Staff Cartoonist Ku Yan Shan Faculty Advisor Kimberly Chow

OPINION: World Cup Emphasizes Internationalism BY PAPERCLIP STAFF The World Cup is here again, and it’s already promising to be an exciting fight. From questionable referee calls to goals that mysteriously slip through fingers, there’s been no shortage of controversy already. As the teams move on to the next round and the finals, the many nations represented in the WISS and Shanghai community have a lot to look forward to. What does the World Cup mean to such an international community? Just last month, International Day showcased 28 different nationalities in an exciting celebration that included music, dancing, and food. It was truly clear how we were all international travelers when we went around to the different stalls and

got our passports stamped. Everyone could appreciate the unique traditions everyone else brought to the table—even though we are joined in a close school community, it is both our similarities and differences that create strong bonds and help us grow together. Cheering on our various teams in the World Cup reminds us that, while we may be supporting different sides, we can all come together on the soccer/football field and play a good game, just as we did on Sports Day two weeks later. From Sports Day at the Western International School of Shanghai to the World Cup in South Africa, there is evidence that even though governments have their differences, kids and athletes can still find common ground.



V O LU ME 1, ISS U E 5

Songwriting and Charity Drive Benefit SMA SMA FROM PAGE 1

SMA and the rest (38,000RMB) will go directly to Chloe to help The song “Make A Dream pay for her specially designed Come True” was written by electric wheelchair that she will Grade 5 after we watched a need when she turns three. We video of Chloe and how her eveare all very proud of ourselves ryday life is affected by SMA. and everyone involved. We were all very touched and We would like to say a big thank saddened by the video, and the you to the fantastic Grade Fives, song reflects our thoughts and Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Drouet, Mrs. feelings about Chloe and SMA. Harris, Miss Yin, Mr. Luevano, The Charity Week was very Sodexo, and to everyone who successful. Many people placed helped Chloe’s dream come true. orders for the chocolate chip cookies that were donated by It was wonderful to see the whole Grade Five gets ready to sing at the recording studio Sodexo. Many people came to WISS community working together school with crazy hair designs for Crazy Hair Day and to help such a great cause, and we will never forget many came to see our Grade 5 performances. So far we their support and generosity. have raised 43,000RMB. Nearly 5000RMB will go to

Expo Brings Shanghai onto World Stage EXPO FROM PAGE 1 On the Puxi side, there are more corporate pavilions, such as Coca-Cola. On both sides, there are performance and exhibition halls. Many important performers are expected in Shanghai for the Expo. Already, the jazz legend Herbie Hancock has performed .

On June 20, Mrs. Drouet visited the British, Italian, Swedish and Chinese-Beijing pavilions, which took six hours. She said there were actually no crowds, and her longest queue time was 30 minutes. Her favorite pavilion, she said, was the British one. “I like that it’s a concept building rather than an exhibition,” she said.

Timothy Wee, Grade Seven, went to see the Expo on May 29. The pavilWhen Ms. Riske visited the New ions he saw were Turkey, Finland, Zealand pavilion, she got to hang Iceland, the United States, Africa, out with the performers and learn South Africa, Australia, Canada, about the pavilion construction and the Window of City. His favorbecause her friend knew people ite was the US pavilion because of there. She also visited Ireland, The China Pavilion at the Expo the technology, such as a screen Brunei, Thailand, and Germany. showing water where people could create ripples in the She said she thinks the communication with the expo water by waving their hands over the screen. could be improved. But Timothy said he was a little disappointed by his ex“It was hard to get information about pavilions and events perience. ahead of time, as well as tickets,” she said. “We did not get “It wasn’t as good as I expected because there were too to go in the China Pavilion because of misinformation.” many people and inside the pavilions there isn’t a lot of The Expo will go until October 31. The city of Shanghai stuff,” he explained. has already seen a lot of changes in preparation for it, Many people who have visited the Expo have mentioned from redoing the Bund to increasing transportation. These the crowds and the long lines for the more popular pavilchanges, and the increased worldwide interest in Shangions as part of the problem. But there are signs of imhai, will definitely benefit WISS and the community. Just provement. watch out for the lines!

V O LU ME 1, ISS U E 5


Film Review: Fast and Furious BY VILI VALLAS Fast and Furious, released April 3, 2009. Directed by Justin Lin, starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. 107 minutes. Fast and Furious (also Known as Fast and Furious 4) is the fourth film in The Fast and the Furious film series. The idea of the movie is to continue part of the other Fast and Furious movies. This movie has used the best U.S Built muscle cars. Five years after the first film, Dominic Toretto is hijacking fuel tankers in the Dominican Republic. After his girlfriend dies, Dominic doesn’t think it’s an accident and investigates. He found that there were traces of nitro methane. Then he goes to the only car mechanic in the city who uses that liquid and makes him say who he gave the Nitro. And that someone was David Park. Meanwhile, FBI agent Brian O'Conner is trying to track down a drug dealer named Arturo Braga. His search leads him to David Park. Toretto arrives at Park's apartment first and hangs him out of the window by his ankles before letting go. Brian, who was also on his way to Park's place, saves Park, who becomes the FBI's new informant. Eventually there is a street race through Los Angeles featuring a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. The plot of this movie was very great. The director chose the actors very well. I would give this movie five stars. They also chose for the movie was very good for racing and that’s why I liked it. But the bad thing of this movie is that there should have been more racing than shooting and killing.


Video Game Review: Pokemon Red Version BY PAPERCLIP STAFF Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Despite being released over 13 years ago, Pokémon Red version is definitely the best video game ever made. In this game, you play as Ash Ketchum, who is on an extraordinary quest to ensnare all sorts of powerful beasts using his magical Pokéballs. The gameplay is very simple. All you do is travel around the world, looking to capture the rare Pokémon and battle other trainers to increase the level of your own Pokémon. However, the game takes a long time to beat, and some cheat codes or even a game guide might be necessary to climb the PokéRanks. The UP + B cheat is known by all aspiring PokéMasters, but the timing of the move is still very challenging, as the two buttons have to be pressed simultaneously at the correct moment. This is one of the many tricks needed to successfully catch all 151 Pokémon!

Graduation: An Evening with the Stars On June 15, the WISS community celebrated the graduations of Grade Five and Grade 10 in a ceremony featuring song, dance, and musical instruments. Grade Five is graduating from the Primary Years Programme, and Grade 10 is graduating from the Middle Years Programme to the Diploma Programme. The first part of the ceremony featured the musical talents of Grade Five, who performed the songs they composed for the Spinal Muscular Atrophy charity drive as well as other wellknown tunes. Next came a musical interlude displaying the talents of several students who take lessons with specialists who come to WISS as part of the performing arts program. Pianists, singers, and guitarists graced the stage. Grade 10 students receive their MYP graduation certificates Finally, the secondary school was featured in a slideshow composed of the different parts of the IB Learner Profile, including “Reflective,” “Balanced,” and “Risk-Takers.” After Grade 10 received their certificates, all the students from the primary and secondary school gathered onstage to sing the school song, “High in the Sky,” as composed and conducted by Grade 10 student Reina Fukushima.



V O LU ME 1, ISS U E 5

Advice Column: Ask Lucy Dear Lucy, What’s the deal with love? I’m 12 years old and I haven’t figured it out yet. Where can I find the cookie to my monster, the jelly to my peanut butter? And what do I say when I find him? I’m afraid that I’ll do something really awkward like fall into an open sewer. Sincerely, Bridget Jones

If you toss a penny 10000 times, it will not be heads 5000 times, but more like 4950. The heads picture weighs more, so it ends up on the bottom.

Dear Bridget, Don’t worry about falling into an open sewer—it happens to the best of us, usually when we’re accepting a national award or are about to meet Justin Bieber. You have to let love find you, and when you stop being Han (get it? Solo) you have to accept that you’ll look ridiculous and awkward most of the time. He catches you ironing your underwear? No problem! You admit that you have a thing for dust bunnies? It’s all part of it. But don’t be in too much of a hurry. Han Solo has a good time too even without Princess Leia. Good luck, Lucy

Dear Lucy, I would like to start a business selling cats that are on fire. How do I go about designing a business plan, and how can I guarantee success and enormous profits? I know they could be popular enough to sell like hotcats, but I have little business acumen. Sincerely, Warren Buffett Jr.

Dear Warren, Sounds like you’ve got a pretty smokin’ idea. Here’s how to design a purr-fect plan. It may be good to get a partner, unless you’re afraid of hurting their felines with criticism. Next, you want to come up with some really incendiary packaging that will attract buyers like moths to a flame. Then think about why people would want to buy your fur-bulous product and design advertising as loud as shouting fire in a crowded theater. I promise that will fill the store aisles to a dangerous, even illegal capacity. Good luck, Lucy

Cultivating Spade Skills at the Greenhouse BY STEVE CHOI This month we had a sleepover at school, when Roots and Shoots transplanted the plants from the greenhouse in Building B to the kindergarten backyard. We have also been planting the plants every Sunday. We had lots of fun planting the plants. The whole middle school has also been helping during English classes with Mr. Cucinello. We planted tomato, basil and other interesting plants. We wish the garden were even bigger. If you help us, we could get an even bigger garden, and we would have more members of Roots and Shoots! I hope you have a nice summer holiday. Roots and Shoots is an international youth community service organization that encourages young people to identify problems in their communities and empowers them to seek change.

Grade Seven students Timothy W ee (foreground) and Daniel Gribbon work in the greenhouse

V O LU ME 1, ISS U E 5



International Day Unites WISS Global Community BY CATHY TANG International Day, which took place on May 28, was once again very successful like last year. Many students had a lot of fun understanding about the different cultures in our community, and trying all the different foods that they specialize in. All in all, 28 different countries were represented, offering food, crafts, and performances. It was a great day for many, and we all learnt a lot about different countries as we tried to fill in our International Day passports by having them stamped at the many tables around the gym. Being an international school, we have many students from every corner of the world, and many booths as well. Students got the opportunity to find out more about other people’s cultures. Many booths would only give out stamps if we could locate where they are on a map, which was a challenge

Aniek Jongert wears the spirited orange of the N etherlands

Are you good at balancing different tasks? Join the PaperClip!

for a few. Kicking off the festivities, the parade was also a lot of fun, watching the students parade in the traditional clothes from their home countries. A lot of teachers got involved in International Day just as much as the students did. Ms. Riske was wearing a dirndl, a dress traditionally worn in southern Germany. Ms. Li was wearing a qipao dress traditionally worn in China. Performances included an Aboriginal dance by artist Tom Smith, an Australian duet with Mrs. Griffin and Ms. Miers, a New Zealand rugby cheer by the Gribbon family, a traditional Chinese dress fashion show, musical numbers by students from the local Xujing Middle School, and “We are the World” with the members of the Formula One choir, complete with student and teacher solos. International day was fun for everyone, and definitely a highlight at WISS this year.

The US Interstate road system was designed so that one mile in every five must be straight. These straight sections are usable as airstrips in times of war or other emergencies.

V O LU ME 1, ISS U E 5


W EST ERN IN T ERN A TIO N A L SC H O O L O F SH A N G H AI N o. 555 Lian Min Road Xujing Town, Q ing Pu District Shanghai 201702 People’s Republic of China

Phone: (86 21) 6976 6388 Fax: (86 21) 6976 6833 E-mail: kchow @



Jokes Q: How do you make a goldfish age? A: Take out the ‘g’! Q: Why do birds fly south? A: Because it’s too far to walk! Nursery students prepare to take the stage at their assembly on May 21. PYP assembly time was an opportunity for classes to showcase what they have been working on in front of the whole school. The nursery show was an UDDER success!

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