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Northcroft Play Area

A Proposal for

West Berkshire District Council


Our Vision The Proludic Aim

Proludic see the Northcroft Play Area as the ideal location for a “Destination” style play area - a playground that brings toddlers, juniors and young adults together from surrounding communities and encourages them to socialise, be energetic and develop key skills at their own pace. Our proposal takes great inspiration from the surrounding natural environment of Northcroft Park and the trees that surround the play space. We feel it’s the perfect situation for one of our “fantastic worlds” play areas, combining two large focal point units with all the other play value elements that are so important to the social, physical and cognitive development of a child, from toddler to young adult.


Overhead view of proposal Landscape Key Cushionfall Bark Safer Surfacing

Tree Frogs Springer

Surrounding Grass Area

4m high Space Net Double Perch Seesaw

Neighbouring Trees

Existing Toddler Equipment

Sensory Planting

Dynamic Aeroskate

Tarmac entrance

Post and Rail Wooden Fencing

Speed Gyro Inclusive Roundabout

Scramble Boulder seating Amazon Tower

Balancing Trail

Hip Hop

Bouncing Flowers

Design Concept Inspiration and ideas

The Amazon theme for the Northcroft Play Area draws inspiration from the South American, Amazon Jungle and the ancient Incas and Aztec empires! With landmarks like Machu Picchu and Choquequirao and the biodiversity that South America is home to, there is no end to the sources for us to bring to our proposal. “Surprise followed surprise until there came the realization that we were in the midst of as wonderful ruins as any ever found in Peru!� ~ Harry Bingham Explorer of Machu Picchu

Inspired by the Aztecs and the Incas!

Inspired by Machu Picchu! Happy Tree Frog

3D Visuals Birds eye view

Existing Toddler Equipmet

Tree Frogs Jungle springer

Space Net challenges for all ages and abilities

Amazon Tower inspired by the Incas!

Double Perch dynamic seesaw

Inclusive roundabout for up to 8 users

Natural seating area with sensory planting and natural features such as scramble boulders and sleeper shade

Balance trail through the Amazon Jungle

Junior/teen equipment Spinning, rocking and skating

Toddler Equipment Features and Benefits

The tree frogs springer can accomodate up to 4 children provides a dynamic, exciting experience whilst remaining sympathetic to the natural environment

The Speed Gyro is one of our most inclusive pieces of equipment - a roundabout that can accomodate up to 8 children.

The Hip hop is our biggest selling piece of equipment. It rocks, spins and tilts to provide the user with a whirlwind of sensations.

Junior Equipment Features and Benefits

The Aeroskate is a dynamic piece of equipment that will appeal to teenagers and older children. It emulates the sensations achieved by skateboarding and snowboarding.

A seesaw for the older children, the Double Perch reaches new heights and works when the user shifts their centre of gravity.

Climbing and balancing is a key factor in a childs development. We have weaved a trail through the park with our balancing cicuit to promote discovery and interaction.

4m high Space Net Features and Benefits

4m high focal point of playground Robust and durable, the netting is made from 18mm steel core reinforced braided nylon with pressed aluminium ferruls.

The Space Net is 4m high and can fit up to 25 children on it! A timeless classic, it forms a focal part of any playground and provides a great challenge for children of all ages.

Two different slides that twist and turn

Net Play for up to 25 children of all ages

Children can develop their fitness and motor skills at their own pace. As the child grows and confidence increases they can progress higher and higher.

The Amazon Tower The Focal Point 7m high, the tower provides fantastic views over North Crofts Park!

Discover the secrets of the interactive play panels!

An impressive focal point to any play area! Neutral but engaging colours fit seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

Up to 30 children can play on the Amazon Tower at once!

Two different slides that twist and turn

Our Amazon tower inspire imagination and encourage role play - transport yourself to the Amazon jungle or the land of the ancient aztecs!

Different entrance points provide different challenges and allow children to develop at their own pace. Shimmy down the Firemans pole like a monkey

The massive tube slide is exhilerating and unique!

Before and After The Refurbishment


The existing play dates back to 1985 and the existing equipment is tired, underused and provides little play value.


Our aim is to provide a dynamic, vibrant and exciting play area that brings all ages and abilities together into one destination play space. As well as the two big focal points - the Amazon Tower and the Space Net - we have included a number of products with diffent play values to complement and enhance the play experience.

Our Fantastic Web Adventure is a perfect interactive addition to any play park as it encourages children to explore the area whilst appealing to their ever expanding interest in technology.

Web Adventure Interactive Play

Step One - Log In!

Step Two - Go to Playground!

Step Three - return to website!

Decoder! • Register at the website above and create your own unique avatar.

• Come back to this playground bringing the WEB ADVENTURE puzzle code.

• Explore the Web Adventure universe and when you come across a puzzle, note down the coloured numbers.

• Find the 6 decoders located in the playground and use them to convert the coloured numbers into letters.

• The letters can now be used to solve the puzzle, score points and move forward in the game. • You can check the leaderboard to compare your score with other users across the world!

The Proludic Promise

Proludics Play Area in Welland is raising the bar for playgrounds across the country!

What we will deliver


The Proludic mission statement is to design exciting, innovative and fun play areas for children. We are passionate about this and each playground we install is a labour of love. We aim to include a number of key objectives and endeavour to exceed our clients desires and aspirations. With this in mind, we have delivered the following within our proposal ~ • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Developmental Play Inclusive products Imaginative and role play Opportunities to socialise and interact Physical and cognitive development Sensory stimulation Dynamic sensations such as spinning, rocking and skating Contemporary yet timeless ways to slide, climb and hang! Group Play Balancing and Dexterity skills Cause and effect development Discovery and challenge at every corner New and exciting experiences Good old fashioned fun!

~ Matthew Bills, Harborough District

The new play area is well used by the local community - I’ve even spotted a few parents having a go!

~ Clare Pegg, Bingham Town Council

“The playground is a testament to our great community because, not only will it make a positive difference to many children and parents, it will help build even stronger bonds between military and civilian families.”

~ David Cameron, Prime Minister on opening of Proludic RAF playground.

Northcroft Play Area The Proludic Vision

Playground Proposal  
Playground Proposal