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Live in Guardian security: A PRO-ACTIVE approach to property protection Squatters



Abandoned vehicle Fly tipping

n o i t c e t o r P upation by occ

80% on o t p u e v a s s urity cost




Prevent Vandalism and Squatting Camelot Live In Guardians - saving you thousands on your security costs Property: Former Empire Test Pilots School Camelot Solution: ¡ 4 Buildings, 12 Guardians

¡ £200 per week +VAT


¡ Reduced risk of materials/ inventory theft and sabotage

¡ Reduced Insurance Premiums

¡ Cost effective Live-In Guardian solution

Save up to 80% on empty business rates Camelot’s Innovative Make Space Pay service offers a legitimate and watertight solution to reducing your empty business rates Property: Former British Library Storage Camelot Solution: ¡ 1 large scale warehouse, 13 strategically placed Guardians

¡ Make Space Pay, generating income for client through

¡ £260 per month + VAT


¡ Cost effective Live-In Security

¡ Received PR worth £20,000 for supporting the charity

¡ Providing work space for a charity reduced empty

various short term projects

and were recognised for their community focus business rates payable by 80%

Make savings on your insurance premiums Introducing ‘Camelot Property Insurance’ a new solution brought to you by Camelot and R K Harrison Insurance Services Camelot Solution: ¡ Placement of Live-in Guardians

¡ Cost effective and efficient insurance cover


¡ Bespoke cover that reflects the property’s situation

¡ Wider cover

¡ No unnecessary security measures

¡ Truly competitive premiums

This partnership highlights the acceptance and recognition of Live-In Guardians as a successful and effective security solution.

Total vacant property management In 2001, Camelot was the first company in the UK to introduce property protection using Live-in Guardians. Since launching in 1993 Camelot has become the innovative market leader in vacant property protection, offering total active vacant property management; a complete package to minimise risk and maximise returns. The Live-in Guardian solution places key workers as temporary occupants in your vacant property. Housing guardians within the property vastly reduces threats such as vandalism, theft, arson and squatting as well as maintaining the standard of your property. Live-in Guardians are not tenants, they are residing in your vacant property as a security solution and therefore require just 3 weeks notice before your property can be handed back for its primary use. Your property can be fully protected within 24 hours, hugely saving costs in comparison to traditional methods of security. Every property deserves a tailor made approach; together we can determine what is best for your property. Camelot also offer traditional security solutions, full facility management services including fire and health and safety checks, commercial cleaning and grounds maintenance. We would also be delighted to demonstrate how our Make Space Pay package could generate revenue from your

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vacant commercial property.

QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND INNOVATION We are proud to be one of the first providers in the market to have achieved and maintained the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme. Camelot have achieved ISO 9001:2008 approval for our quality management system along with British Standards Institution recognition for the key holding and staff and Guardian vetting aspects of our service. As the largest provider in Europe, we are happy to share our knowledge and innovations with our clients

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Please ask your regional manager for a tailormade offer:

your advantages:  Protection by occupation is proven to be a successful security alternative  Save 80% on security costs  Opportunity to generate income  Protects property against threats of theft and vandalism  Benefits the neighbouring community  Lowers your insurance costs  Minimises risk and generates revenue

Live-in Guardian Security  
Live-in Guardian Security  

A Pro-active approach to vacant property protection