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There was a Giant walking all around the lands of Somewhere, Nowhere and In-between.

When he got tired, the Giant liked to think about all of the important questions. While he was exploring his mind, he found a seed.

He immediately put it on the ground and waited, but nothing happened. Because in the lands of Somewhere and Nowhere it rarely rained.

So he shouted for his friend from In-between: Magical Cloud.

So it started to rain and a strange plant started to grow, and from it a strange man grew.

Special thanks to Josh Blair and the Magical Cloud.

The Giant, his Shadow and the Magical Cloud, Ljubljana 2008, by Fin탑gar Domen. All rights reserved. Originally this book was published in three parts from July to August 2008. Other books by me: Xen (2004), together with 7 other authors), Macjezivljenje (2006), Snow for Eli (2008). These and other short stories were published by Stripburger, Viva Comix, Topshelf 2.0, Candy Or Medicine, Lucky Creature Attacks and Studio Risar. Brushes from Lineo, Ink from Winsor and Newton, liners from Staedtler. Bands, that were listend during the production: The Penguins, The Cadillacs, The Spaniels, The Bop Chords, The Marcels, The Charts, The Solitares (Song Walking along inspired part 2), The Dubs, Wu Tang Clan, Troilo Varela, MxPx, Four Seasons, Accordion Tribe, The Offspring, THPS 1,2,3,4 soundtrack.

The Giant, his Shadow and the MAgical Cloud  

A comic book made in august 2008.