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Your Ultimate Investment and Compliance Assurance Provider If you run a business firm, you are required to be adhered to the compliance requirements of the statutory body prevailing in your country. There is a need to comply with the policies and regulations as per the Securities regulations, Companies Act, Tax requirements and other statutory guidelines. When you are busy with the schedules of operating and expanding your business, it is not at all feasible in looking into these areas. So, what will be the ideal solution for it? It is always outsource this function to a subject matter expert who have immense years of experience into the compliance regulations of securities brokers, registered investment advisory services, hedging and other financial functions. RND Resources Inc is one such financial advisory consultancy that can help you in managing all those statutory filing, documentation and meeting the capital requirements for smooth running of your business. They have qualified professionals who are expert in documentation, litigation services, and scrutiny of the records and operation by their effective audit services. It not only meets the requirements of your statutory compliance, but their reach is also into Back office operations, accounting services that go in liaison to the industry standards. Their blend of professionals who are Certified CPAs, specialized FINRA evaluators, and skilled litigation and compliance specialists derive an optimum solution for all your compliance and financial needs. Its custom designed back offices software encapsulates with statutory requirements enough to meet the statutory guidelines. The scope of services offered by RND Resources Inc. covers Broker Dealers Setup that includes Securities Brokers accounting, auditing, filing of Annual report and audit Certification; Investment advisory that includes IA Registration, customized compliance Program. Domestic and overseas accounting, taxation and administration are offered under the umbrella of Hedge Funding. Municipal Advisory acts in SEC registration, policy formulation, its review and compliance awareness with training program. They also have skilled professionals that provide investment advisory covering IA registration, designing compliance framework, international accounting, taxation and other administrative services. These services are rendered through its Hedge Funding. They have successfully served all sorts of Municipal Advisory in compliance to SEC registration, formulation of various policies, review and compliance training. What you make and build your business is from your efforts. It should be always kept safe and secure and run the business in a professional manner. At times, you require an expert assistance in handling the financial and statutory requirement and that is where the importance of RND Resource INC. stands out. For More Information Visit at :

Contact Us RND Resources, Inc. 6301 Owensmouth Ave. Suite 750 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 Phone: 818-657-0288 Fax: 818-657-0299

Your ultimate investment and compliance assurance provider  
Your ultimate investment and compliance assurance provider  

When you are busy with the schedules of operating and expanding your business, it is not at all feasible in looking into these areas.