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Optional and ancillary equipment

Shrink Sleeves - Optional Equipments THE SLEEVE POSITIONER is utilized to correctly position the sleeve on the container before shrinkage. There are different types of positioners depending on the sleeving mode:

• brush positioner (for full body); • crank positioner (for partial body); • vibration positioner (for tamper evident).


brush positioner

crank positioner

vibration positioner

Shrink Sleeves - Optional Equipments THE PRE-PERFORATOR produces micro-holes perforated in vertical and / or horizontal directions, for tamper evident easy opening. There are two different kinds of pre-perforators:

• pneumatically operated; • mechanically operated.


pneumatic preperforator (up to 15.000 bph)

mechanical preperforator (up to 42.000 bph)

Shrink Sleeves - Optional Equipments THE FIXING SYSTEM is a hot-air blade keeping the shoulder sleeve / tamper evident in the correct position, before entering the shrink tunnel. There are two different models of fixing systems:

• static fixing system; • dynamic fixing system.


static (fixed guides)

dynamic (motorized belts)

Shrink Sleeves - Ancillary Equipments THE REJECT SYSTEMS are designed depending on container characteristics and, therefore, with three different basic features:

• for empty plastic containers; • for filled plastic containers; • for glass containers.

empty plastic containers 5

filled plastic containers

glass containers

Shrink Sleeves - Ancillary Equipments THE REEL HOLDERS are equipped with a splice table to make a joint between two reels during the change-over : a buffer, from approx 30 up to 100 meters, provides a time lap allowing to make the splice without the machine stopping. The reel holders can be at floor level or hanging up, single or double reel.

reel holder at the floor level 6

reel holder hunging up

single reel holder (approx 30 mts buffer)

double reel holder (approx 60 or 100 mts buffer)

Shrink Sleeves - Ancillary Equipments THE SERVICE CONVEYOR is a motorized, stainless steel (AISI 304), conveyor frame, equipped with a slat top chain. It comes supplied with a bottle infeed and outfeed flow management system and interface, together with relevant photocells and supports. Standard execution frame width is 100 mm, height 170 mm and with a table-top chain of 82,5 mm.


Optional and ancillary equipment  
Optional and ancillary equipment