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Premium Water from Finland


Premium Water

from Finland

FINN SPRING LTD. Finn Spring Ltd. was founded in 1991 and now employs 80 people. The most important raw material to this family-owned company is fresh spring water. Finn Spring is located far from major cities, in the middle of the cleanest environment in Central Ostrobothnia in Finland. Today Finn Spring Ltd. is Finland’s largest spring water manufacturer. It is one of the largest employers in the nearby municipalities and SPRING products are exported almost all over the world. The company bottles more than 70 million litres of spring water and spring water based products each year.

The Story of FINN SPRING Crystal clear water flows from deep within the purest Finnish nature. People in our area have had the privilege to enjoy fresh spring water for decades. In the middle of this unspoiled landscape lies the spring of Multila where Finn Spring carefully bottles natural spring water. Pure water is a luxury in almost any other place in the world. That is why Finn Spring started to bottle pure spring water; so that everyone could enjoy the same freshness and great taste. Our spring water has a very low mineral content, which gives it an extremely fresh taste.


1. FINLAND HAS THE BEST WATER IN THE WORLD The basis of Finn Spring’s operations is pure and natural spring water. UNESCO has studied the quality of fresh water around the world and found that Finnish water has the best quality in the world.

2. SPRING WATERS ARE INTERNATIONAL AWARD-WINNERS The quality of the SPRING waters have received significant international recognition by the jury of the Superior Taste Award in 2017 and 2016. The International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels has awarded both our still and carbonated spring water with the maximum of three stars (Exceptional taste). The bottle design of SPRING AQUA Premium is a winner of German Design Award 2017! German Design Award is one of the most prestigious international design contests. The bottle was also celebrated as a winner of Pentawards Gold Award in London in 2015. Pentawards is the most recognized international package design contest.

3. SPRING IS AN ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE Since 2010 Finn Spring has compensated for the carbon footprint caused by SPRING products by buying allowances from international Gold Standard Certified projects. Compensation focuses on the distribution of LifeStraw water purifiers in Kenya, where about 60 per cent of the population lives without clean water.



QUALITY & SPRINGS Finn Spring is FSSC 22 000 certified, which guarantees good quality and food safety. We test the quality of our water daily. The purity of water and the final products are the most important quality factors in our products. Our production has been certified since 2001. With the help of quality certificates we are able to prove that our products comply with food safety requirements and can manage its risks. Finn Spring Ltd. was awarded FSSC 22000 certification in 2013.

The main raw material used in our products is fresh spring water, which is sourced from the clear natural spring of Multila. The spring has enormous capacity and we use approximately 30 percent of its total capacity in our production. The water of the natural spring is constantly renewed and our water intake has no effect on ground water and poses no threat to the normal function of the spring.

SPRING – CARBON FOOTPRINT COMPENSATED We have compensated for the carbon footprint caused by SPRING products since 2010. The idea of compensating carbon footprint comes from our responsibility promises; we aim to act responsibly towards our customers and stakeholders, quality, production, and personnel. As a result it was clear that we needed to take greater accountability for our environmental responsibilities.

WHAT IS CARBON FOOTPRINT? Carbon footprint calculation includes all six greenhouse gases that are taken into consideration in the Kyoto Protocol: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and fluorine compounds (PFCs, HFCs and SF6). Finn Spring’s carbon footprint consists of the emissions of purchased electricity and heating, company-owned cars, production of purchased materials, ordered transport and emissions from business travelling. The calculation takes into account all emissions caused by SPRING products from energy consumption, raw material purchases and logistics.

WHY AND WHEN IS A CARBON FOOTPRINT MEASURED? Our last carbon footprint calculation was carried out in 2015. According to the study we take action in order to minimize our carbon footprint. Our principle is to develop the whole company so that it has less of an impact on the environment.

After the carbon footprint calculation we successfully undertook a number of measures to streamline production in proportion to the carbon footprint: • We have reduced the amount of material in bottles • We have increased the amount of recycled material in bottles • We have installed solar panels, which now produce 20 percent of our energy • We have made our energy production more efficient • We have switched to the use of wood pellets in heating • We switched over to green electricity • We have paid attention to the filling ratio in transport

HOW DOES COMPENSATION TAKE PLACE? The carbon footprint is converted into money. We invest an amount of money equal to our emissions into zero-emission energy projects. At the moment we donate LifeStraw water purification filters to Kenya. One filter produces 18,000 litres of clean water. At the same time we make continuous efforts to reduce our emissions even further to achieve a smaller carbon footprint.

NATURAL SPRING WATERS SPRING natural spring waters are suitable for everyone, every day and every moment. They do not contain any allergenic ingredients or anything that is harmful to your health – just the freshness of pure nature.


The jury of the Superior Taste Award is selected from the 15 most prestigious European culinary and sommelier associations. The Superior Taste Award is a unique international recognition that focuses on the blind judgment of chefs and sommeliers. The award is well-known and highly respected globally, and it has participants from all over the world.

PREMIUM SPRING WATERS PREMIUM SPRING WATER WITH THE BEST QUALITY AND STUNNING APPEARANCE SPRING AQUA Premium spring water is packed in a totally new design. This luxury bottle is perfect for customers who appreciate stylish design and a luxurious feeling. SPRING AQUA Premium spring water is one of the best waters in the world and this new deluxe bottle highlights the value even more. This product is perfect for catering and restaurants but also for consumers who are looking for premium products for everyday use.

AWARD-WINNING BOTTLE DESIGN SPRING AQUA Premium water bottle is a winner of German Design Award 2017! The German Design Award is one of the best-known design competitions in the world. The bottle was also awarded with a Pentawards 2015 Gold Award. Pentawards is recognized as the most prestigious worldwide contest exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms.

EXCEPTIONAL TASTE SPRING AQUA Premium waters received the maximum of three stars in the blind tests of the Superior Taste Award in Brussels 2017 and 2016.

SWEET FLAVORED CARBONATED SPRING WATERS SPRING sweet flavored carbonated waters are made of real spring water and flavored gently with fruits or berries. Hints of sweetness strengthen their great natural taste. SPRING flavored waters are excellent with meals because of their gentle flavor.

SPRING Sweet carbonated water Apple 0,5 l

SPRING Sweet carbonated water Raspberry 0,5 l

SPRING Sweet carbonated water Orange 0,5 l



SPRING Still spring water 0,5 l and 1,5 l

SPRING AQUA PREMIUM Still spring water 0,33 l and 0,75 l

SPRING Carbonated spring water 0,5 l and 1,5 l

SPRING AQUA PREMIUM Carbonated spring water 0,33 l and 0,75 l

SPRING Still spring water 5,15 l and 10 l

SPRING AQUA PREMIUM Carbonated and still spring water 0,33 l x 24 box, 0,75 l x 6 box

CONTACT FINN SPRING LTD. Lylyntie 29, 69410 Sykäräinen FINLAND Tel.: +358 6 8623 161 E-Mail:

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