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Welcome to your Students’ Union This guide is for anyone who wants find out more about student life at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, for Fresher’s’ Week 2010 and beyond. As a student at RWCMD, you’re automatically a member of the Students’ Union who are run independently of the college by one Sabbatical Officer (the President) and currently, seven Student Officers– all of whom you can meet in the guide and will be around to help you throughout the year. Together, we want to ensure that life in college and Cardiff is…well, really rather wonderful! Whether you want to find out about what events are occurring in college during Fresher’s’, listen to the wise words of our current students, or discover the clubs and societies we have to offer – read on!

Your Safety

This year there are going to be some very exciting changes within RWCMD and the Students’ Union; and it’s our job to try and make them occur as smoothly as possible for you. One of our foremost aims is to make sure that it’s even easier to stay in touch with us, so this year will see the launch of a new publication as well as the make-over of our current Su website. We’re also looking to nurture the creativity that is so abundant here at Royal Welsh, so watch out for events and societies created to give you more platforms to show-off your talents throughout the year!

Shaping the world around you

Your Union will be here for you for the duration of your time here; helping you get involved, make friends and have fun. Think of the Student Union as a vibrant community or an exclusive service, but above all, think of it as yours.

Your Clubs and Societies

Emily Griffiths Su President

Tom Floyd

Vice President of Welfare and Equal Opportunities

Emily Griffiths President

As your President, it is my role to represent you, the students, acting as the primary channel of communication between the union and the college. My priority is to maintain the student welfare, whilst ensuring that your time

here is laden with fun and entertaining events. In short, I want to make your time here at Royal Welsh College as fulfilling as possible! My duties encompass the responsibilities from all the different areas of the Union; from organising events and overseeing Union publications and brochures, to promoting welfare issues and attending board meetings as your representative. College is such a creative and lively place to be, this year, the team and I want to provide you with a Union that matches the uniqueness of its students! My office is situated on the ground floor of the REC (near the bar – ideal!), Please do not hesitate to pop in should you ever need to. I look forward to serving you and hope that you are as excited about the events and changes in the coming year as I am! Hometown – Southend in Essex (Longest pleasure pier in the world. Fact). It’s lovely there. Honest.

Interests – Singing, tap dancing (badly), hosting (but not cooking at) dinner parties, Favourite film – ‘Amelie’ and ‘The Ghost’ (Please note that this is a very different film to ‘Ghost’, one is a political thriller and ace and the other is...not) Favourite food – A very good roast Favourite drink – Red wine or Green tea if I’m being healthy (rare). Interesting fact – In my first year I entered and consequently won the television extravaganza that is Bargain Hunt. I can testify that Tim Wonnacott is as orange in real life as he is on the television.

As the newly elected Vice president (Welfare and Education) my role within the SU is to help the students of RWCMD with any issues relating to their welfare both within and outside the college walls. This covers such things as security and safety around Cardiff, sexual health information as well as general health/medical care, counselling etc. (It is important to note that neither I, nor any other member of the SU executive should offer any

counselling advice, but should rather make the relevant information and organisations known to those students who require it). The other half of my role is concerned with the educational aspect of students’ time here at the college. It is vital that students have the means to voice their concerns and issues with components of their courses with the support of a union independent of the college. Any problems you have, however small, I’m here to help articulate these to college staff and ensure they are dealt with effectively and sympathetically. If you need to find me, I’m the tallest guy in college, you literally can’t miss me.

Interesting fact - I cook possibly the best sausage and mash you could ever hope to experience (The President will testify to this).

Vix Quigley

Vice-President of Communications and Publicity

Hometown - Axminster (A dreary little town in Devon, its only claim to fame being that the flying carpets in Harry Potter are supposedly made there). Interests - Cooking, Rowing and Opera. Favourite film - Hannibal (Not in a weird way....just think it’s a great film) Favourite food - When I’m in a good mood - fish, when in a bad mood - Pizza (never the two shall meet, anchovies are murder). Favourite drink - Red wine, but only in copious quantities.

Hi fresher’s and returning students! For those of you who don’t know me, I am a fourth-year vocal studies student and now proud Vice-President of our Student Union. I shall be making sure

that you know what the SU gets up to and when and where the party is! If you need to know more details about what happens within our SU I’m your girl. Contact me about any questions or problems and I’ll direct you to the right person who will give you the answers you need. I am hoping to get a bi-weekly publication of news and events off the ground this year, so that everyone is in touch with exactly what students at the college are getting up to. Better communication between the SU and the students is my main aim this year. I hope you will be happy with the results!

Lucia Vernon

General Secretary

the Beatles, Mozart to Manu Chao. I love outreach work and am interested in ‘greenifying’ the college, for example, getting the recycling up and running. I can often be found in the bar indulging in a soda and lime, or on occasions, something slightly more hard-core.

Favourite drink - Mojito Interesting fact – I have five pet fish… each called Dave.

Interesting fact - Stuff Vix’s fish! I have a hamster called Indiana, exactly the same looks and attitude as Harrison Ford!

Matt Jolley

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Officer

Favourite food – Banoffee pie

Interesting fact – A fox once managed to get locked into my bedroom and eat/destroy my entire shoe collection and an assortment of dresses and belts.

As General Secretary, my role includes the organization of all general meetings; making sure everyone required to attend is present, taking the minutes and distributing them to the rest of the Executive Committee. I am also responsible for incoming Union post and notice boards, and for the safe-keeping of all legal documents and correspondence. I am a fourth year singer (supposedly!) and have an eclectic taste in music, from Bach to

Favourite film - Big Daddy! Favourite drink - White Russian

Favourite film – When Harry met Sally

Interests – Jogging, dining out, weird films, kakuro, shopping for expensive treats

Interests - Eating out, wine and generally trying to live the high life! Favourite food - Pizza!

Interests – Travelling, outreach, singing (obviously!) jogging, reading

Favourite drink – Soda and lime

Favourite food - Sushi

Events Officer

Hometown – Dublin, Ireland

Hometown - Winchester

Favourite film – Cyrano de Bergerac… today

Rob Garland

Hello all! I would assume I have the most fun job within the Su as all I have to do is organise the parties, go to the parties and make sure you guys are having a good time! Of course if you do have any problems I can point you in the right way and I welcome all suggestions of nights to organise. Other than that I look forward to seeing you all at Fresher’s’ week! Hometown - Northampton

Hello and welcome! I’m Matt Jolley and I’m a 3rd year Tuba player. However most people call me Jolley simply because I’m happy 99% of the time! As your Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT for short) officer it is my role in the SU to ensure the well-being of any students that fall within this area and to also make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible within the college environment. This year, I plan to bring a blood donation service into college; getting as many people as possible to give blood and sign a petition. In addition to this, I am also planning some spectacular socials in which you can get the chance to get to know myself and the other members of the LGBT society. Do not hesitate in contacting me regarding any LGBT-related issues and I look forward to meeting you all in Fresher’s! Hometown - The quaint village of Twywell, East Midlands Favourite film - Twilight and Scream I,II,III,IV Interests - Cooking, Nights out, Cinema, Driving (the ‘rents up the wall) Favourite food - Sushi & cauliflower cheese!! Mmmmm

Favourite drink - Rosé, Carling, Toffeeapple Cider, Vodka, Cocktails... The list goes on... however I am quite partial to a Cuppa too! Interesting fact - I used to have over 30 piercings...

Women’s Officer Becky Jane Clarke

to represent the needs and interests of female students at RWCMD to ensure equal representation. I will also work to ensure that equal opportunity policies are upheld within RWCMD. Throughout the upcoming academic year part of my role will be to run campaigns that predominantly focus on female concern and also campaigns that concentrate on equality issues.

Clubs and Societies Officer Kate Wilson

Favourite film - Probably ‘The Pianist’, but I also love ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Apparently I don’t like cheerful films. Interests - Music, art, Dr Who, period dramas, tea... Hi there, My name’s Becky Clarke and I am a fourth year music composition student. I’m your Women’s Officer, and it is my job

Favourite food -


Favourite drink - White wine. Interesting fact - I am very scared of wax-work models.

Head of Student Services Brian Weir

Favourite food – Anything, have you seen the size of me(!). I love cooking Mexican

Interests - Playing trombone, socializing and I love playing guitar hero!

Hi everyone, my name is Kate and I’m a fourth year trombonist. This is my second year on the SU as the Clubs and Societies representative. We have some great clubs and societies running again this year and I’m sure there will be something to suit everyone; from the Christian Union to the newly formed SU Orchestra! Here at the college, we are keen to promote a holistic lifestyle as an addition to your studies and we offer activities such as Yoga, Pilates and Aerobics to make

Favourite Drink - A lovely cold Diet Coke Interesting Fact - I have a scar on my nose from shutting a car boot on to my face, yes I am THAT stupid!

Hometown – Born in Belfast, school in Northampton and have lived in Cardiff since 1994.

Favourite film – one of Leon, Shawshank Redemption or Seven.

Favourite Film - Disney films and comedy - Borat and Dodgeball are classics!

Favourite Food - Chocolate...and I have a slight addiction to Dominos Pizza!

elected, and so changes, annually.

Interests – Arsenal (Season Ticket Holder), Conducting and my pet Labrador (Murphy)

Hometown - Saddleworth (near Manchester)

I’ll also be a person that female students (or male!) can come to discuss issues they are facing, ideas they have or just for general chat. Whether it’s a personal or private matter, or just a general question I’ll be happy to help! Hometown - Warwick

sure you are all in tip-top physical condition! If you have any suggestions about a new club that you think would be a good addition to our selection, feel free to get in touch with me about it. But for now, I hope you all enjoy Fresher’s’ Week and I’ll see you there!

The Head of Student Services role at RWCMD is an interesting one, sitting in two camps. Camp one is responsibility for the co-ordination of all student welfare facilities, student advice and support services and the student voice. Camp two is General Management of the Students’ Union, including the running of Madsu Limited (which runs the bar and shop) and also making sure your SU Executive Committee does not break the law of run-off with the money. And, most importantly, to make sure that the SU continues to develop and grow even though the SU Exec is

Favourite drink – Tea during the day Lager or Red Wine after 5. Interesting fact – By the time you are reading this, I will be on Honeymoon in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico and New York.

The College and Students’ Union is committed to providing students with the support, welfare and representation they need whilst studying at the College. We want to ensure that you are having the best time whilst studying at the Royal Welsh, that you know where to get advice, help or support if you need it but, most importantly, that you graduate knowing you really wouldn’t have wanted to study anywhere else. We are proud of our open door policy and you should remember that any member of staff can be approached at anytime if you have an issue, problem, or concern you would like to discuss.

September will also see the commencement of a new Student Services Strategy, covering the next three academic years. You will see specific developments in living safely, wellbeing and lifestyle, Psychological Wellbeing, employability and the student voice. Exciting times!

SUPPORT: On an official front, Student Services is responsible for the following support mechanisms: Accommodation Services Careers Advice and Support Counselling Service – t: 029 2039 1320 e: Student Enterprise Activities Support for Students with Specific Needs (Disability) Out of Hours Emergencies – t: 029 2087 4444 Personal Tutoring Systems Spiritual Well-being t: 01443 654060 or Student Advice and Information Services Student Representation Student Safety and Police Liaison Student Complaints Advice

Want to be part of an exciting new team working towards making your time at Royal Welsh memorable? Currently there are several positions that are yet to be filled available in the Student Union Executive team: Treasurer Welsh Officer Post-graduate Officer First Year Music Rep

Men’s Officer International Students’ Officer First Year Drama Rep

Nominations are open between: 27th September and 11th October The Bi-election takes place 18th October

Un-officially of course, you should feel to come in at anytime and ask anything. We are here to support you and our mission is simple – to put students first.

Come to the SU office to get a know you want to!

This year RWCMD Students’ Union is launching its own in-house bi-weekly publication; by the students, for the students. As it is going to be brand-spankingnew, we want your input for what to include; whether it be reviews of college productions or revelations of the dark, dank or delightful innerworkings of student life. As it is new it really can be anything you want it to be! We are also looking for contributors, so if you’re a budding George Orwell or a burgeoning artiste longing for the right way to express yourself (darling!) then sign up at the Fresher’s Fayre on Monday. Look out for Issue 1 during Fresher’s Week! For now, here is a small preview of what’s to come...

The News Leak:

The Ultimate Student Guide We’ve all made the first steps into the big wide world. Packed up our belongings and left the family home to start a new life in, nine times out of ten, a new city. Our loved ones, and Great-Aunt Peggy, have packed us off with what they think we need to survive the three or four years of turmoil to emerge clutching a degree. We’ve all been there; the saucepans, the endless varying shapes, sizes and colours of Tupperware, a toilet brush and of course the standard issue of that all too popular “Student Cook Book”. But what does the average student, who maybe doesn’t like the 42 recipes involving baked beans; need to get by in this ever demanding world of being a student. As, my friends, I enter into the big bad wide world of *hushed voice* The Graduate, let me pass onto you the survival skills that have helped me through, maybe the toughest test of endurance a short, dumpy oboist has faced. Skills that you too can

take onboard to help you; whether you be an actor, a designer, or those in greater need; the members of the Historical Performance department, I guarantee there is help and advice for everyone. There are many factors you need to remember when departing for university. There will be game nights, there will be drunken antics and there will be fancy dress parties! We all need to be ready for this. So open that holdall, clear some space, and now pack the following: DVD’s. Regardless of your embarrassing affection to the “Gilmore Girls“, it’s probably best to bring along as much entertainment as you can muster. College life can get painfully low at some points (mid-term blues) so anything to while away the hours until pub o’clock will be welcomed with a smile. Except the box set of “Home and Away“. Speakers. Not only do they provide valuable banter between housemates, you’ll be the most popular when it comes to having a house party, especially if you have signed up to ’Spotify’ too. Speakers are also a great weapon

of noise against the irritating Uni Glam. next door neighbours. And if all else fails you can hit them with the subwoofer. Tools. For generic DIY things, we all by now have realised how the average Landlord works…..”yes I’ll put it on my list of things to do, should be about six weeks”… for what, changing a fuse in the kettle??? ….it’s fine I like cold cups of tea! Please note the primary function for tools is not for stealing road signs, although maximum respect for those of you who proudly display your bi-lingual “men at work” sign outside your techy-friend’s room when his girlfriend comes to stay for the weekend! Tea and Biscuits. Everyone loves the biscuits, especially chocolate hob-nobs, and it’s the second best way to emotionally blackmail people to talk to you (the other being a strip show, everyone loves a bit of nakedness)! Though if you’re offering Lidl’s version of custard creams to people be prepared to strip just to apologise for buying such rubbish biscuits!

Pills and Potions (Medicinal). Everyone gets ill at the start of each term; I personally believe this is due to the Irish contingent bringing all those unheard of diseases onto the mainland that scientists thought had gradually disappeared. Alka seltzer is a must for hangovers, mixed with pro plus will ensure you make that 9am teaching skills lecture. Bring as much cold and cough medicine as it’s legal to buy in one sitting and accept your forthcoming illness as a coming of age sign, you may think you are indestructible, but it creeps up on us all. Offering to rub Vick’s on your flatmates chest is always a good chance for some ill sex, times are hard people, times are hard. Booze! Ahh alcohol, life’s little pick-me-up. The best times of a student’s life can be had with a quiet night in, a big night out, a spur-of-the-moment lunch with friends, and of course birthday cocktails; all of which involve our little liquidised friend. Share the love with concoctions you’ve found during your misspent sixth form days, or dare-I-sayit on county orchestra tours…..we’ve all been there! A bottle of obscure and potentially lethal foreign alcohol always helps break the ice and can earn you best friends fast!

An extension cord. Now this is mainly for the girls, or music tech students - but for very different reasons! You can never have enough plugs can you? I mean, hairdryer, straighteners, curlers, phone charger, iPod charger, laptop, bedside lamp, CD player, aforementioned speakers, TV, DVD player, freeview box and whatever else you have that I don’t that you might want to plug in……. phew! Now are you telling me that there’s a house with enough plugs in one room for all of this!? Especially if you don’t have tools to change a plug or something, it also helps when moving speakers into living room for party. A plant. Because you never know where you might have to tip that bad batch of punch! All of these are only possible with the help of two things, Dad’s credit card details, and of course, your Tesco Clubcard. Every little helps! Now you’re all packed and ready to go just remember a few things. In times of dire financial difficulty (the end of the term), milk can be used as a beer substitute in your breakfast cereal.

Clever margin manipulation can turn a 4-page outline into a 100-page History and analysis essay. Good Times! Boring lecture? Start a Mexican wave! If an 8:00 am class is required for your topic choice, change your topic choice. Lemon juice and baking soda make an excellent day after the night before stain remover. Minimize food budget by scheduling classes around Happy Hour! Enjoy being a Student — it will be the best years of your life.

Start as you mean to go on and join us for the first party extravaganza of the year!


Meet & Greet in college bar at 6pm TigerTiger Club Room from 7 til late.

Returning Students:

Join from 7pm!

FREE ENTRY Just bring along your enclosed ticket! With music from the Alex Douglas Big Band NB Don’t forget your college card/I.D.

Start at 8pm – College Bar

£1 to Enter Guaranteed 1st Prize (& also Booby prize) Free round of drinks for every round won!

What else is on Monday? FRESHERS’ FAYRE

College Café (1st floor) 10am-4pm—All day! Come along to sign up for clubs, meet your SU Exec, listen to some music and soak up the buzzing college atmosphere!

What else is on Wednesday? -Publication Launch! See p15 for details - International Students’: Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Come along to 2.05 for delicious cakes and soft drinks to meet & greet your fellow International students!

The Premise? You: Dress in the six colours of the Rubix Cube Blue. Red. Green. Yellow. White. Orange

£2 Entry

8pm—College Bar

Join band ‘The Alpine Stompers’ for an evening of rambunctious revelry to find out exactly why this is an time-honoured Union tradition

What else is on Tuesday?

Post-Graduate Lunch—For all those undertaking post-graduate degrees, come and meet your fellow students over a buffet lunch from 1pm in the Weston Gallery (Anthony Hopkins Centre)

Your Mission: Complete the puzzle— be dressed in one colour by the end of the night ...through swapping with one another or by more a persuasive means! Our Mission: to provide you with great entertainment and Games throughout Prize for those who complete their Rubix by the end of the night.

Entry £2 Starts from 8pm in College Bar NB We do not take responsibility for the loss of any clothes! Consider Primark as an option for cheap multi-coloured clothes!

In association with Phoenix Comedy Club With compere Matt Price Starts 8pm Doors open from 7.30pm ÂŁ2 Entry

Come as your favourite Greek mythological creature or god to our transformed College Bar Music from Klezmer Kollectiv and F-Block

7pm-12pm Olympus. Ouzo. Olives.

Entry ÂŁ3

The RWCMD Climbing Society There’s never been a more exciting time to join a club at RWCMD! Clubs and societies have been an ever growing part of student life and this year will see the introduction of a number of new activities. From discussing the latest literature in Book Club to bringing the house down with your urban dance moves, there is something for all tastes! You can sign up for societies at our Fresher’s Fayre which takes place on Monday of Fresher’s Week in the first floor cafe area (10am-4pm) but of course you can join something new at any time throughout the year. If you find that we do not have the club you are looking for (we are a small conservatoire after all!) then look over to Cardiff or

to have a chat or send an email to with your suggestions!

Glamorgan Uni where you can join the plethora of societies they too have to offer! If you have an idea for a club or society you would like to see at RWCMD there is also the opportunity to introduce new activities providing there is enough interest. Pop into the Union office

Unhealthy Lifestyle? We can sort it! Come along to our Fresher’s Fayre to sign up to any of our sporting clubs and embrace the new, healthier you! Clubs include : Yoga Pilates Football (RWCMDSUFC) Touch Rugby Aerobics Street Dance And for mental stimulation: Why not try Book Club?

All That Malarky! The Cabaret Ensemble is a student organised team, who came to life in 2010. Our group ensemble initially formed as a way of putting together a charity concert - with a focus on having enthusiastic singers performing songs that they don’t tend to normally perform (i.e. show songs and musical theatre, popular song and guilty pleasures!!) - to a conservatoire standard of course! This year we intend to organise another large concert this year, as well as smaller events, with the possibility of external concerts as well! Come to the Cabaret, with opportunities for all departments - instrumentalists can play

alongside the singers from jazz trumpet to string trios, stage management, composers and technology students are equally welcome to help make our concerts a fantastic treat for the crowds. Orchestrations and arrangements are produced by the team making for a truly original and rewarding experience for all!

Started last year, so that anyone who was a climber, or who wanted to give it a go could come along, meet new people and have loads of fun climbing! We meet at Boulders Climbing Centre, a fairly new centre a 10 min drive away. As the biggest indoor wall in Wales, it has loads to offer both experienced and novice climbers. Come along to meet new people whether you are already climbers and need someone to climb with or novices - all are welcome!

Christian Union

Starting university can be a daunting prospect to some and an exciting adventure for others. As the Christian Union, we want to be able to help you through your time at university whoever you are. The Christian Union (CU) is a group of people who are centred round the love of Jesus and the Bible. We are there to support everyone in friendship. Whether you are a Christian or are just looking, we’d love to get to know you. We meet regularly in weekly main meetings, prayer meetings

and bible study groups. We also put on events throughout the year to serve others in College.

Dates for your Diary

Thurs 23rd - Sat 25th Sept Severn Point 10am till 4pm Move-in help Mon 27th Sept Stall at Fresher’s Fayre 10am till 4pm. Tues 28th Sept Meet and Greet 6.30 till 7.30pm Wed 29th Sept - Fri 1st Oct 1.15 till 1.45pm Discussion and Food 15 minute talk with Q&A session and tea and cake to finish.

Wed ‘I Want To Break Free’ - looking at life away from the discipline of home/school/parents with Owen Brown Thurs ‘Jesus & Lady Gaga; Why do we wear masks?’ - with Alison Williams Fri ‘Sex, Drugs and Mozart; what’s wrong with living for pleasure?’ with Huw Gareth Williams Fri 1st Oct 10 - 12pm Tea and Toast. Watch out for us at the end of the Fresher’s’ Party on Friday! Sun 3rd Oct Church search and lunch Sat 9th Oct Scavenger hunt/tour of Cardiff 2 till 5pm

Sinfonia Newydd Sinfonia Newydd is an organisation dedicated to the performance and promotion of new music through biannual showcases of world première works. The ensemble, initially all strings, was founded by Toks Dada and performed its debut concert on 4th May 2010 at RWCMD.

Following the success of this, the ensemble is now preparing for its Autumn/Winter 2010 concert scheduled for December 2010. Sinfonia Newydd sets itself apart from other ensemble organisations because not only does its repertoire consist only of world première works but the organisation is completely student run. Everything from the performance, composition, orchestral and stage management, and direction is led by students from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and the Cardiff student population.

If you wish to get involved with Sinfonia Newydd then please contact the Orchestral Manager: toks.dada@rwcmd.

Opera’r Ddraig Opera’r Ddraig (Dragon Opera) is a nonprofit organisation committed to providing a professional platform for young opera enthusiasts in Cardiff. We work closely with both staff and students of The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and college rooms are kindly allocated to us for all production rehearsals. Currently run entirely by student volunteers Opera’r Ddraig has flourished since its creation in June 2009. In February 2010 we staged a full length production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute at The Gate Theatre in Cardiff to high critical acclaim. The company currently provides opportunities for young singers, directors, conductors, stage managers, costume and lighting designers, musicians and arts administrators to gain valuable experience in the world of staging a professional opera. We double cast all our productions so as to provide as many performing opportunities as possible for our singers.

Su Orchestra

The Student Union Orchestra was set up last year to provide more performance opportunities for students. Whether you’re on a 1st study instrument and want more orchestral experience, looking for a reason to dust off your 2nd study instrument, or perhaps interested in conducting; we’re keen to get as many people involved as possible! We’re a completely student run venture so the atmosphere is fun and light-hearted, though we still take rehearsals seriously. After a successful first year we’re aiming to fit in 3 concerts this year and as many socials as possible come join the fun!

Coming in the Spring Term: The Musical Society It’s going to be BIG Sign-up at Fresher’s to stay in the loop.

The streets can be walked 24hrs a day. The whole of the city centre is covered by C.C.T.V. as are most of the main roads. Every licensed premises in the city centre has radio contact with the police camera room, which is monitored 24/7 by a police officer. Fortunately crime on residential sites and campus is low. I will be giving a talk to every first year student about safety and crime prevention during Fresher’s’ Week. However crimes do occur where students are victims. Here is some precautionary advice:

Just a short note to introduce myself, I am Police Constable Tim Davies and I am the Student Liaison Officer for Cardiff. Cardiff has about 42,000 students attending annually. It is my role to make sure students’ time in the city is as safe and trouble free as possible. I am proud to say that Cardiff is one of the safest cities for students to attend in the country. Most of the amenities are within walking distance.

Pedal Cycles: Student areas are targeted for cycle thefts. I recommend students use a substantial D-lock as opposed to chain

locks a thieves carry bolt croppers which will cut through chains. I do not recommend bringing an expensive bike. D-locks are available at a heavily discounted rate, at the security office Cardiff University. Vehicles: As stated above most facilities are within walking distance so most students will not require a vehicle. Public Transport is provided between the sites. If you do bring a vehicle do not leave anything inside your vehicle. Use a ‘face off’ music system and if you use a Sat-Nav get an anti slip dashboard mat to mount it on. Using the screen holders will often leave a mark on the windscreen which makes thieves aware that the vehicle may contain a sat nav. Personal Attack Alarms: Alarms are available at all Student Unions at a heavily discounted rate. Please buy one and make sure you carry it at all times.

Phones/Laptops: Record all serial numbers. Always ‘back up’ any work stored on your computer. Thieves target licensed premises used by students with the intent of stealing phones and bags. Keep your phone on you at all times. There is a web site that enables you to record all serial numbers of valuable items. This can be accessed free of charge and enables you to retrieve serial numbers and in the case of mobile phones IMEI numbers, which means that if property is stolen or lost details can be passed to the police and the phone can be disabled. I can provide you with UV property marker pens which you can use to mark all your valuable personal property. Either mark your property with your University name and student number or your home house number and post code If you would like a free UV marker pen or have any issues or fears please feel free to contact me: Mobile 07976 277161 Email Tim Davies Police Constable 3466 Alternatively you can contact Emily, Brian or any member of the SU Executive if you have any questions or need any help. Please use the details below to do so: Phone: 029 2037 2700 Email:


Outreach Work: RWCMD has an enormously active outreach department headed by Katie Day. This department helps organise concerts/workshops/and basically anything else you can think in order to help students work with as diverse a demographic as possible in the community. The range of activities is staggering and students who get involved with this work always come back with a glow having used their talents to really help people, and had a great time whilst doing it. Be sure to get in touch with Katie about setting up outreach work of your own.

As a conservatoire, people sometime assume that we are not part of the bigger university populace, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As an SU we are encouraging groups like UNICEF to come into the college to see how we can do our bit to help, and we will be making provisions for the student demonstrations in London this November, co-ordinate by NUS. This demonstration will be highly attended by university students from across the country and we’re eager to represent RWCMD there also. “Staff and students in further and higher education are coming together to build an unprecedented coalition to fight against the cuts that have been imposed upon our communities, as well as to resist the prospect of higher fees and increasing privatisation in education” (NUS website). Be sure to look out for information on this event from your SU later in the year!


Degrees are demanding things, and as musicians, ctors, stage managers, theatre designers etc you will inevitably find yourself under a range of pressures and stresses you probably haven’t come across in your life before. Everyone finds their own of coping with these things but for when it all gets a bit much, or when you simply want a number for a good pizzeria RWCMD have a range of support, welfare and counselling services to help.


RWCMD is a small conservatoire, but far from letting this detract from student life, we’re proud of our closeknit community. The Union seeks to represent every student at the college and want them all to have their say on union matters, both big and small.

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Freshers' Booklet  

Freshers' booklet guide to the RWCMD Student Union and University

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