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Coeliac Disease

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Customized Clinical Research with Coeliac Disease Study Group With us, companies will have access to unique clinical research services in the field of coeliac disease, R&D collaboration with experts and clinical trial sites.   

FinnMedi Oy, together with the Coeliac Disease Study Group, works in close collaboration with international parties planning and conducting clinical trials in the field of coeliac disease. The aim is to achieve possible new treatments and diagnostic methods for coeliac disease.

Coeliac Disease Study Group is an interdisciplinary research group focusing on gluten-induced disease entities in clinical, translational and basic research. The main aim of the study programme is to understand the role of nutrition in health and well-being, sustaining health and preventing disease.

FinnMedi’s Clinical Services

FinnMedi Oy provides full range of services for conducting clinical trials with Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Nutraceutical companies as well as investigator-initiated trials. Clinical trials can be conducted in all phases. Our services cover project and protocol planning in close co-operation with the sponsor, study start-up activities and project management. Close collaboration with Tampere University Hospital and university research groups ensure the easy recruitment of dedicated investigators. The Clinical Trial Centre of FinnMedi Oy has been specifically designed for clinical trials. Our facilities, together with our experienced personnel, enable the flexible and smooth passage of the clinical trials. Our facilities are located on the university hospital campus, with immediate access to laboratory and imaging services.

Our Clinical Trial Centre offers the following services

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Highly experienced, professional and permanent study nursing staff Eight modern and comfortable practice rooms with state-of-theart equipment Controlled medicine and sample storage rooms A laboratory suitable for taking and pre-processing samples Comfortable and spacious social premises for staff and waiting rooms for the patients A great location close to our most important partner organisations

Coeliac Disease Study Group University of Tampere

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Diagnosis of coeliac disease, genetic gluten intolerance, gluteninduced disease entities with or without manifest mucosal lesion Gluten-induced extraintestinal manifestations True prevalence of the disease Non-invasive screening tests to detect even silent and early developing coeliac disease Gluten-induced disease mechanisms Humoral immunity aspect and the biological functions of coeliacspecific immunoglobulin A Identification of genetic susceptibility loci to coeliac disease Basis for development of new therapeutic strategies that are less burdensome on patients than a strict life-long gluten-free diet

Coeliac Disease Service Laboratory

Serological screening tests - IgA and IgG class deamidated gliadin peptide antibodies - tissue transglutaminase antibodies - endomysial antibody tests • Duodenal biopsy specimens    - morphometry of samples (villus height: crypt depth, intraepithelial lymphocyte density) • Frozen duodenal biopsy specimens - density of intraepithelial CD3 cells, alpha-beta T cells and gamma-delta T cells  - expression of mucosal DR and mucosal IgA deposits • Quality control of the tests - Labquality Oy, Finland and Neqas, UK

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Finnish Coeliac Society

National organisation of coeliac patients Improves the well-being of Finnish coeliac patients in their daily life • Has over 20,000 members and the number is growing rapidly • Works in close collaboration with FinnMedi and Coeliac Disease Study Group

With our comprehensive services and active participation in industry networks, the companies are guaranteed:

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contacts with Finnish and international investigator networks contacts with qualified investigators for coeliac disease easy and fast access to patients top recruitment rates - low drop-out rates effective site management contacts with co-operation networks and financiers the latest research knowledge and facilities access to the expertise of the universities and to the patients at university hospital districts across Finland the whole range of expert services related to business development, from acquiring funding to production initiation and marketing

Contact information

FinnMedi Oy

Coeliac Disease Study Group University of Tampere

Hanna Marttila Clinical Research Director Tel. +358 40 828 7074

Markku Mäki MD, PhD, Professor Tel. +358 3 3551 8400

FinnMedi is an internationally operating company providing services related to research commercialization, business development and clinical research in the Life Science sector.

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Coeliac Disease brochure  

Coeliac Disease brochure

Coeliac Disease brochure  

Coeliac Disease brochure