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Jade Scherger’s Portfolio

title: Martian Peas dimensions: collage: 5 15/16” x 4” painting: 9 5/8” x 8” media: acrylic paint on matboard date: 2012 process: I made a collage (near right) with contrast between shapes and colours in mind. Then I pasted it onto a piece of matboard and recreated it in acrylic paint (far right).

title: Nokia dimensions: 23 15/16� x 15 3/8� media: Sharpie marker on matboard date: 2012 process: I took elements of my old Nokia phone and enlarged them to different sizes, then rearranged and tilted them to create an interesting composition.

title: Fox Stamp dimensions: 18 5/16� x 18 5/16� media: digital, created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop date: 2013 process: To create this Canadian postage stamp I researched Canadian animals and eventually chose this picture for its pure cuteness. The text is Premier Lightline LET.

title: Superlative Adjectives dimensions: 57 7/16” x 40” media: digital, created with Adobe Illustrator date: 2013 process: To illustrate the idea of “different strokes for different folks” I used the superlative adjective ‘most unexpected.’ I used the elements of earth, wind, fire and ice for the figures’ colour schemes.

title: Christmas Envelope - Inside, Outside, and Christmas Stationary dimensions: Envelope: 8 13/16” x 13 11/16” Stationary: 10 11/16” x 8 1/4” media: digital year: 2013 process: The idea here was to create Christmas stationary depicting the two extreme views on the season: love and hate.

Jade Scherger's Portfolio  

A short compilation of some of my artistic works.

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