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Arctic Monkeys - Stereophonics - Lily Allen

Issue - 11 24.02.09 £2.75

It’s True! He’s Back!!

Find out why he’s returned after all this time!? FRONT COVER

Your gig guid e for 2009!!

Find out why Oasis’s tou ended in disaster ?

Get y free our p insi oster d pag e on e 14

Plus inter views with - Lily Allen - The Kooks rown



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In This Issue: 13. Its True He’s Back! Dave Clarke is back! With a bang!

26. Your Free Gig Guide For 2009 Find out whos playing where and when?!

36. Oasis Abandon Their Tour Half Way Around?!

Find out why the Manchester boys left their tour without an explanation in an exclusive interview with the Gallagher brothers!

43. The Kooks reveal all about their new album New tracks? New style? Luke Pritchard speaks out about how he thinks the new album will be a top seller!

48. Who are the hottest new bands in 2009?

A list of all the new upcoming bands that we think have a chance of making it big.


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New Bands! Old Bands! Signed! Unsigned! Who to hit hand who to miss!?!

very year there are many new artists that enter the music scene without anyone realy knowing about them, such bands include the now well known “Arctic Monkeys”. But the big question is will there be another success as big as that in 2009!? Well the answer is here at LIVE we think that there may be!

The band that we have been hearing alot about recently is a band called The Turnstyles could be just about to break into the music world, with their new album “Feel This Way”. The young threesome from Longbridge consists of Jack Byrne, Dan Finnemore and Phil Mckie. Their music has a livley acoustic sound to it, we managed to get The Turnstyles bassist Phil Mckie to tell us about the album and how he feels about the final priduct: “This is our first album that is realy going out into the shops, so i think we are all abit anxious to see how it will sell. After all of the time that we spent in the studio working on songs and recrding them, we hope that our fans will listen to it and decide that it is good enough for them to go out and buy. We tried to give this album a different sound to our previous one ““, we have turned down all the noise and gone for a acoustic/live sound”. Their new album “Feel This Way” is set to hit the shelves on the 8th April, there has been rumour that the bands fans have been sending them messages on their myspace page asking them for clues to what songs are going to be on the album. When we managed to catch up with the boys from longbridge we took the chance to ask them some questinos about how they feel their music is being recieved. To this question Dan answered: “At the beggining we didnt think that

songs. But after talking to our manager and looking at all of the different bands that were around around at the time of our albums release, we decided to stick with it and see how it goes”. From what we have heard off the new album so far, we can assure you that it is certainly worth paying the money for, the two main tracks on this album are “Wake me” and “This could be it”, both of these are going to be released as singles in the near future so be sure to keep an eye out for them. The boys are set to be playing with a number of other bands at this years Vans Warped Tour. This will be the bands first time playing at a major festival, Jack told us that “we are realy excited about being offered a spot to play on the tour, we went there a couple of years ago, and didnt expect to be on the stage in a couple of years” If you want to find out more about the tour, then go to

“We didnt think that many people would take an interest in our music” The boys are being noticed by many different labels, but they have told us hear at LIVE that “we dont feel the need to sign to a label, because it is alot easier to get your music out there these days, without having all of the cons of being signed to a label. So for the time we are going to produce and distribute our music

being signed to a label is good for some things but for the other it is a bad thing, when we asked them how they thought doing this, we got this: “Well we had been approached by a few labels who were interested in signing us and we had a few meetings, but then P brought up the fact that look at bands such as the Arctic Monkeys who have b come a well known band, they were abl to get to where they are today, by signin to a small independant label, so why do we do something like that”.

We sent our reporter to the studio with the boys, to see what kind of stuff they get up to when they spend a day in the studio recording. Before we sent her in, we had to ask Phil what they actualy did “It depends realy, sometimes we just go straight in and start to put ideas down, but other times we might go there, jam f abit and then start laying ideas down. It just depends on the feeling in the studio. We tend to spend a couple of hours working on getting a new melody down, and then it just flows from there.”

If you want to see The Turnstyles live, then here is a list of some of the venues they will be playing soon, but they have not anounced the dates yet:

- Birmingham Barfly - Sheffield - Manchester - Cardiff And they are also said to be playing in a few more festivals this year, so keep an eye out for any news.


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Just incase you arent sure about whether you want to see them live, we took it upon ourselves to send our gig reviewer Darren Hill, to go and see them in there live show at Liverpool Barfly.

going to be in the main music scene soon, but its just a matter of when. Their myspace has reached over a million plays and 10,000 downloads for their first single release.

“As soon as the boys stepped onto the stage, there was a sudden change in the attitude of the crowd. The three boys have a great stage presence, they used all of the stage and made sure that the crowd got to see enough of them. Frontman Jack Byrne gives the band that extra wow factor, due to his improvised riffs that give their music that blues sound. The set that the boys play is just the right time, its not too long so that people start to get bored, this time they played songs off their old album,and then treated the crowd to a couple of new songs off the new album, which seemed to go down very well with the crowd. The feeling that the band can achieve with there sound is unbelieveable considering they are only a acoustic band, if you are considering going to see them, then i suggest you get your ticket soon because this venue was packed, there was no room to move, and the amount of ticket touts outside the front of the venue was hilarious, so yeh, if your thinking about paying to go and see them, then i suggest you get straight to your bank.” For a further review please go to the live website: There is no denying that this band is

Before we had to get rid of them, we asked them if there are any ways that fans can come and see them other than gigs, we asked Dan and this is what he said:

“This time last year we were standing in the crowd, we never thought that in a couple of years we would be on the other side of the barrier”

be playing a few of our new songs.” If you are yet to hear any of The Turnstyles music, then you can visit their myspace and download their tracks for free, or find them on itunes. The bands myspace is:

If you want to ask the boys any question about any of their concerts, or just want to ask them a general question, then yo can email them to us here at LIVE and when they come in, in the next couple of weeks, we will ask them, and publish the questions that you have asked in a interview with them, we are also holding live session here at the LIVE headquate in Birmingham town centre, if you would like a chance to come and see the boys up close and personal then answer this simple question:

DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD “If they want to come and see us, then they can come and see us at a gig, but we are holding album signings in all HMV stores in the areas that we are playing. All that you have to do is turn up to your nearest HMV store on the date that we are there, which will be posted on our myspace as soon as we finalise our dates. Yeah, all you have to do is turn up, bring your copy of our new album, or anything that you want to get signed, and we will sign it, you can chat to us and get photos, and at some of the venues we will


What is the name of the first single off The Turnstyles new album: a) Forget b) Time goes by c) I can’t

Email your answer to with your name, age, address and telephone number. We will be publishing the winners name in next weeks issue on the first page.


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