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FinnAndEmma | Organic Gift Boxes Ideas for New Born Babies No gift can be perfect for new born babies and new parents other than an organic gift box. Needless to say, organic products are safe and healthy and also anti-allergic for babies. You would have seen that the babies have a habit of putting everything in their mouth and therefore it is essentially important that the gifts or toys you are choosing for a newborn should free from harmful dyes and chemicals. Organic Branson gift set is an ideal option when it comes to buying an organic gift box for baby. It boasts a pure organic cotton hat and onesie, a blanket and a soft and comfortable bib in different colors and patterns. If you want to make your own gift basket to show your love and affection towards the new born baby and new parents then you will find a variety of organic baby products to choose from. But make sure to check the stuff or material the gifts are produced of before purchasing.

Here are a few more organic products that you can add to your gift basket to make it more special. They are burp clothes, anti- allergic stuffed toys, socks, towel, organic teether to ease teething pain, baby

moisturizers, lotions, body wash, baby powder and hair oil. Believe it or not, but the newborn and his/her parents will be highly grateful to you after receiving this priceless gift of love and care.

Each and every parent wants his/her child to start learning right from the birth. You can help them make their dream come true with a wooden baby gym. There are many online stores prevailing over the Internet that deal in high quality wooden baby gyms made from 100% birch wood frame finished with non-toxic stains and lacquers. The wooden toys that are splendid from the arch stimulate a baby’s development of hand-eye coordination and also help improve various skills such as reaching and grasping. You can also buy organic toys and clothing accessories for your own kids to protect their sensitive skin from harmful chemicals. Your children will definitely love the idea and you will feel good knowing that your money went to a good use.

Finnandemma organic gift boxes ideas for new born babies  

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