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Liam Large of London’s JazzMan Records DJs at Flow Festival




Helsinki’s best record shops, as recommended by DJ Anna Cadia.

We Jazz DJs spin a new funk compilation at El Fant café.

2. Good Crates (Iso Roobertinkatu 16) is “a small, hard-to-find place in the basement of a sneaker store that sells mostly second-hand and DJ stuff, including techno, hip-hop, and electronic.”



  One of the fathers of

the local revival is Antti Eerikäinen, founder of the Ricky-Tick and Grotto labels. In 2003, he and Flow Festival founder Tuomas Kallio released a 10” by the jazz band Five Corners Quintet – named after the Viiskulma neighbourhood where many record shops are clustered. “There’s a certain mysticism of the black wax with the etched grooves,” says Eerikäinen. “And there are excellent reissues, so you can get your hands on rare LPs transferred from original master tapes with love and care.” That’s a relief for those who want to own vintage Finnish LPs without going broke – as collectors from Japan and elsewhere are paying up to 1,000 euros for late ’60s classics.

1. Digelius (Laivurinrinne 2) is the city’s premier shop, especially for world music and jazz. Founder Emu Laitinen, who died recently, has been hailed by many local musicians for shaping their own styles through his recommendations.

DEEP SOUNDS   While streaming has largely replaced

the CD, music lovers are rediscovering the timeless joys of dropping a needle onto wax and soaking in warm analogue sound. “The sound is so much deeper, especially on the ’60s or ’70s stuff. Once you buy your first LPs, there’s no turning back! People get addicted to the sound, the way the covers look and even smell,” says Jyri Lipponen, founder of the Äx (Record Shop X) chain. Lipponen reports rapid growth in vinyl, rising to half of sales in 2017 from 40 per cent the previous year. 

3. Redhill Records (Albertinkatu 5) has “a super collection of old funk, soul, Asian, Turkish, and whatever,” says Cadia. “Apparently, Kanye West’s producer went there when Kanye was at Flow Festival, and almost missed his plane because he got so into listening to Iranian jazz or something.”



Blue Wings Functional issue January 2018  
Blue Wings Functional issue January 2018